The Closet

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chapter 8

Elliot ate when his food came, he read as he ate since Michael was still sleeping and he didn’t want to disturb him. The food wasn’t very good but it was to be expected, it was hospital food. He was glad that Michael had brought him books to read. It gave him something to do when he wanted some down time or when his head hurt from looking at his laptop screen for too long.

He was starting to get antsy though having to sit in the bed for so long. He had only been up a couple of times since being there and that was just to use the bathroom and take one walk with Wilbur. Even with this being so he would wait for Michael to wake up before even trying to plan getting up. As if reading Elliot’s mind Michael woke up not too long after. He blinked groggly and looked over at Elliot with a soft smile “your awake...” he murmured sitting up a bit before stretching. “I’m glad...” he smiled softly. Elliot couldn’t help but smile at the sight of his sleepy state. He found it adorable, but of course he said nothing about it. He didn’t even realize he was staring till Michael said something “you ok? You’re staring at me and look like you’re zoning out” Elliot quickly snapped out of it and blushed lightly in embarrassment.

“Sorry sorry I was just focusing is all.” Elliot said quickly, looking away from Michael now. Michael chuckled softly and smiled a bit, he thought Elliot cute when he blushed and he found himself wanting to make him blush more often.

The two sat there talking about nothing for a while till they finally decided to try and get some school work done so that Michael could turn it in tomorrow and not have it end up with them getting bad grades for turning it in late. Doing the actual work didn’t last long though, they finished only a few assignments before they were back to talking again. All while this was happening Michael was doing and saying anything that could possibly get Elliot to blush again. It was the most amazing sight to him.

Even the nurses walking by could see that there was some kind of connection between the two teens laughing away in room 203.

When things had settled down more Michael and Elliot were just reading. They would sneak secret glances at each other once in a while as they did, blushing whenever they locked eyes. Yet neither of them understood this feeling that built in their chest the more time they spent together.

Elliot had butterflies in his stomach every time he felt Michael’s eyes on him. He had a soft smile on his lips from the feeling. He wanted so badly to express it but he still wasn’t quite sure what it was just yet.

Michael was starting to get an understanding for the feeling, he had felt it for years before now. He snuck another secret glance at Elliot and blushed lightly when they locked eyes. This time though he didn’t look away, instead he smiled softly at him. It was a comfortable silence as they stared at each other, neither one noticing how close they were getting to each other.

Their faces were mere inches apart when they froze. Their eyes locked on each other, the connection between them felt electric. If a feeling could be seen there would be sparks all around them. Everything around them disappeared, the clean smell of the hospital fading, the sounds of the beeping machines synching with the beat of both of their hearts. It was as if nothing could stop them now.

Michael’s lips parted as he readied himself to speak, but before he could get any words out Wilbur knocked on the door. The two jumped away from each other and averted their eyes as if they were doing something they shouldn’t have been.

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