The Closet

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chapter 9

Wilbur looked between the two of them with a raised brow “Did I interrupt something?” he asked. He had a bit of a hunch that something had been going on but he wasn’t for sure. He took a step into the room and waited for the answer from one of the two blushing teenagers. He was starting to think he did interrupt something. When neither of them said anything he sighed “well I’m here to take Elliot to physical therapy.” he said and made his way over to the bedside, pulling the wheelchair away from the wall as he did. “Michael you are welcome to come down as well”

Michael finally snapped out of the haze and cleared his throat “uh yeah, yeah I will come down, for some moral support and cheer you on.” he said smiling a bit at Elliot.

Elliot smiled back and got himself, with Wilburs help, into the wheelchair “did the prosthetic come in yet?” he asked, looking up at his doctor. “Because I’m looking forward to seeing what the nurses picked as a design.” he chuckled a bit. The tension in the room had eased, the whole situation being mostly pushed aside.

“Yes Elliot the prosthetic has come in and it looks very nice” Wilbur nodded a bit. “I think it’s quite an excellent plan on how to come out to your dad and everyone else honestly, not that most of us in the hospital don’t already know.” he chuckled softly and shook his head a bit.

“Can I push the wheelchair doc?” Michael asked as he got up and put his shoes on.

“Yeah sure go right one ahead less work for me” Wilbur smiled and made his way to the door. “This will be a bit of a longer session today but I think you will be able to manage, we will be also working with a DPT today so that should be fun, there younger and recently were hired so we want them to get some practice in” he explained, “I hope that’s alright with you.”

Elliot nodded “It’s no problem at all, I don’t mind it.” he smiled softly. He really didn’t mind who helped him; he just wanted to be up and walking well again as soon as possible.

As he was pushed down the hall he greeted all the nurses and some of the other patients he had met at physical therapy. Elliot wasn’t hating the hospital as much as he thought he would have, it would make it a bit harder to get school work done because he wouldn’t always understand lessons but he was sure he could manage. It also gave him time to help him figure out what he was going to do about Lily. Whenever he thought about her though it always brought tears to his eyes and made his heart ache. Her words swirled in his head at a rate where his head would hurt till he felt as though he wanted to cry.

Elliot was trying not to think about her currently as he sat silent in the elevator while Michael and Wilbur spoke quietly. He felt tears sting his eyes and he quickly wiped at his eyes before the tears could fall. He had loved her but now he didn’t know how to feel about her. It was all so confusing and painful. He didn’t want to ask for help either, especially not from Michael, because there was something that made him think it would end badly in the long run.

They entered the therapy room and he looked around and saw someone familiar. He grabbed the wheels of the chair to stop it and Michael looked at him “what’s the matter?” he asked quietly.

Elliot motioned toward the male standing near the station he usually was at for his therapy and Michael looked over towards him and frowned “isn’t that Lily’s brother?” he whispered softly as he leaned down by the others ear.

“Yeah that’s him..I didn’t know he was in medical school..I thought he had gone to school for law” Elliot whispered back as he glanced at Michael trying not to blush from being this close to him. “I think he might be the newbie Wilbur was talking about..” he mumbled after looking back at Lily’s brother.

“What was his name again?” Michael asked to shift a bit so he was leaning on the back of the wheelchair. “I don’t remember all I know is his last name is Baxter.”

Elliot took a moment to try and remember his name saying “Josh, his name is Josh i’m pretty sure..” he nodded a bit and squinted his eyes trying to see his name tag. “I guess we will find out soon enough, we should probably head over there. I can feel Wilbur staring at us.” he whispered and laughed a bit.

Michael laughed and stood back up straight and started pushing Elliots wheelchair towards who they were pretty positive was Josh Baxter, older brother of Lily Baxter. “You’re going to do amazing today. I can feel it. I think you will be able to walk more than a couple steps without the rails or help today.” Michael said with a supportive grin. Honestly Michael wanted to see Elliot succeed, it gave him so much joy.

When they got closer to the station Elliot could see Josh’s name tag and nodded smiling a bit at the fact that he remembered the correct name “I was right” he said looking up at Michael.

“You were right about what?” Josh said as he walked up to the chair, crossing his arms over his chest as he came to a stop. “Well if it isn’t little Rosey and Mikey, I remember when you two were just tiny little things.” he chuckled. Josh’s laugh was like flowing caramel sweet and soft; it was something you wouldn’t expect from a man of his size. He was a giant even compared to Michael’s 6’3 frame and had lightly tanned skin and the deepest brown eyes. His eyes crinkled at the edges when he laughed or smiled. He was the spitting image of his father.

Elliot cringed a bit at hearing the name Rose but he shook it off and looked at Josh with a confident grin “I was right about how you were going to fail law school, Harvard law didn’t work out huh?” he joked with a soft chuckle.

Josh seemed a bit caught off guard at the comment and he frowned a bit “you know since i’m in charge of you today I think we’re going to see if you can do some sprints on that new leg of yours” he smirked softly and challenge sparked in his eyes.

Elliot and Josh had always been ones to challenge each other to things whether it be a race, wrestling match, even grades were somewhat of a competition to them. Even if Josh was older. So none of this was any new to them.

Elliot lit up at the question “Elliot my name is Elliot.” he said happily. He glanced towards Michael and gave him a grin.

Michael’s heart sped up at the sight of Elliots smile, he hadn’t seen him smile like in a long time and he was happy to see it again. Michael had always been around despite being older he was still in the same grade as Elliot so he had known him since they were little kids. Elliots smile hadn’t changed much except for the fact that he didn’t have any more missing teeth. That smile had always been contagious and proving so now, a large smile spread across Michaels lips “I’m proud of you Elliot″ he said with a nod, his smile never faltering.

“Elliot, alright, shall we get to work then man?” Josh asked as he walked over and grabbed Elliots prosthetic from where it was sitting on the counter. “Also this is a pretty sick design, honestly I love it.”

Elliots prosthetic at first glance looked like colors with words written on it but upon closer inspection you could actually read the words written out on it. Those words were ‘ I am finally becoming the person I should have been a long time ago’. It was a quote by Manoj Nitchenametla. Elliot had always loved quotes and this was one of his favorite ones. He felt as though the quote helped represent who he was as a person. The colors that lay behind the words were those of the Trans flag. It wasn’t super obvious but still quite easy to tell if you put the pieces together. He figured it would make coming out to his dad a little easier.

They got his prosthetic on, Josh showing him how to put it on properly before he stood himself up with the bars. Elliot steadied himself with using the bars and took a couple steps, using the bars as support to start out. He wasn’t quite comfortable not using them yet. Michael kept a close eye and gave compliments and praise for good things and encouragement when Elliot needed it. He had a good feeling about today’s therapy session and he wanted to spread that feeling to Elliot.

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