Could A Baddie Love??

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Malaika Pov:

(Malaika’s nightmare/past)

I slammed the door to my Mom’s car. With a scowl on my face. I asked my mom if I could go to this late-night party that’s happening at a non-close friend. And again she said “NO!“saying it’s dangerous and how boys don’t know how to keep pants tucked in. I get that she’s worried about me, but can’t she let me live as a teen?

“Get back into the car Malaika!! I will not say it again...I understand that you’re upset but don’t make me drag you by the ass and put you into this car” She says in one breath. We were in the middle of the road and cars started to honk. My mom’s eyes were filled with anger but I simply rolled my eyes. My mom and I had a lot of things in common. One of the things we had in common was our stubbornness and our personality.

“I’m taking a taxi home.” As I turned my back around and continued to start walking I heard a boom. And I immediately turned around. And my eyes grew in horror to see my mom’s car flipped over. With a large truck on the side. I immediately run over and notice that people are panicking and pulling out their phones. My body freezes and the world slowly becomes silent to my ears. I watched as red blood dripped out of the car and I immediately started to scream begging her to stay awake.

“Malaika!!Malaika!!Malaika!!”Natalie screams into my face. As my eyes were trying to adjust the light.“You were screaming for half an were scaring the living soul out of me...Why were you screaming?? Were you having one of your nightmares??”

“I was getting better...I haven’t had a nightmare in two weeks...but this time I saw blood coming out and-” Tears started to run down my cheeks. I haven’t cried in a long time and if I do only Natalie sees me do it.

“It’s don’t have to tell me. I will always be here for you. You can cry it all out.” When I finished all my tear work. She turned off the light and hopped in bed with me.


“hmm?” I could tell she was half asleep by her response.

“Could you make cafe con pan?“ I know this was a stupid request but she makes the best coffee.

“Are you for-real?? fine?” I was halfway sleeping by the time she gave me a reply.

I woke up to the smell of coffee and eggs. As my eyes tried to adjust to the light. I was about to go back to sleep when Natalie started to scream. I immediately ran down the stairs without shoes. And the shit that felt weird. “What!! are you okay??” I saw her holding a slipper. And searching around the room like a manic she is.

“I saw a cockroach and I’m about to kill that piece of shit”

“Are you fucking kidding me?? I woke up from my dammm sleep for you!!” I said in a non-serious voice. I grabbed one of the pairs of slippers. And walked into our open white kitchen. Natalie set my breakfast on the table.

“Well damn you too!!” She said as I ran back upstairs to brush my teeth and take a quick shower. I ended up taking a long time. I came out of the bathroom and took care of my hair. I changed into a black crop top hoodie with booty shorts. And made my way downstairs to eat my breakfast. Natalie slid my plate across to me.

“Your welcome perra!!″Natalie said in her thick sexy Spanish accent. She always said that she wanted to get rid of her accent but I told her that her accent was such a fucking turn on.

“Thanks, perra!!″ My Spanish was okay because after my mom died her best friend’s family took me in at the age of 15. I knew Natalie since I was 3 and when I found out that we would be kind of sisters. We fucking flipped until her mom threatens to whip our ass.

“Sooooo...I got an invite to this illegal street race at night...which you don’t have to come to...of course-

“I will go...I think it’s time for me to start driving illegally anyway. Plus I’m totally fine.”

Natalie looked me dead in the eye and said” You don’t need to lie to’re obviously not okay because if you were you wouldn’t be screaming about some nightmare you had. It’s okay to not be fine...but you don’t have to fake it.”

I simply looked into my half-empty cup of coffee. “I wanna do the race. I want to be in the race. Kick does fuckers ass so hard.″ She simply looked at me with a smirk. “How’s the plan going?” I knew that I was switching the topic to something more serious. And Natalie did not fail to notice.

“About that, we might have a problem growing into a mess.”

A/N: Hey bishes...this took a while to write but hope you enjoyed it. Again if you ever see any grammar errors or spelling errors please point them out!! Maybe the next chapter will be talking about this “plan”? Also to see pictures of the characters go check out my wall!!!!


cafe con pan-Coffee with bread

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