Could A Baddie Love??

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Malaika Pov:

I was at home still trying to decide what to wear because apparently, this guy called Chris who works for me has been telling my information to other people. One major thing I don’t like about people is dishonesty. I hate it most when people act like they’re loyal. I borrowed a sexy dress from Natalie to put on. And found a beautiful burgundy Satin Wrap Dress. I looked at myself in the and approved of my outfit because they hugged my curves. When I got to the living room. Natalie gave me the approval of using her dress. ” I’m going to the club. To kill the piece of shit that kept selling my information”

“Cool...let me know if you find any useful info.”


When I got to the entrance of the club. You can hear the music booming out of the club. And the inside smells like sex, alcohol, and drugs/smoke. I ordered myself a cocktail. I found the man I was looking for. My eyes slowly drifted apart from him and to a sexy man. He was wearing a business suit and talking to other people. You could still see his neck tattoo pecking out of his business shirt. He caught me staring at him and gave me a smirk. I bit the inside of my cheeks to stop myself from smiling. I almost forgot why I came to the club in the first. I walked over to Chris. Swang my hips and acting like I’m drunk.

“Do you want a drink?” I asked in a slur. I could tell that he was looking at me with lust in his eyes. He was twice his age. He had two other women by his side.

“Sure..why not? I’m quite a lucky man to be able to drink with someone as gorgeous as you”

As I turned around I could feel him looking at my legs. I remembered to pour the drug into his drink. I had to walk like I was drunk. When I passed him his drink. I sat on his lap to make sure he drank his drink. When I saw him finishing the drink. “Do you want to go somewhere a little private?” I could feel his disgusting bulge in between my thighs. I don’t think he realizes that I’m his boss. He gave me a slight nod. And I dragged him over to a dark alley that led to a private room. He stumbled into the room and tried to pull down my dress. I pulled my knife from my upper thigh and held it against his neck. He was a bit weak because of the drug. I used a bit more force on the knife as his face became pale. I knocked him out for a few minutes so I could tie him to the chair. It took him a while to gain consciousness again.

“....ugh where am I?? ? What is this??”

“You’re in hell and this is your worst nightmare.”

“What are you doing? I have kids at home and a wife...“He said as I began to sharpen my knife and fling them over his head.

“It’s a shame that I honestly don’t give a fuck...Now, who were you telling my info to??” His eyes widened in fear and I loved every part of it.

“...I can’t tell you...I’m gonna get killed” I could tell that tears were soon to fall out.

“Well if you tell me then maybe I will keep you alive for your family.” I knew damm well that he had no wife and that he forced a 15-year-old to have an abortion. And there was no way in hell I would let him leave this place alive.

“You promise you won’t kill me if I tell you?”

" No dumbass but I said maybe but if you don’t fuckin tell me who you told my info to then I will.”

“Your father.” My brain went blank for a second but I found out everything I needed to know. And as I was making my way to the door I threw my knife already knowing that I got him in the heart. I turned on my phone and texted Natalie to send people to clean up the mess. As I made my way back to the club I noticed a guy. Not the same sexy guy I saw before a different guy who was openly staring at me. His eyes were grayish-green and were wearing a hoodie that covered his hair. I batted my eyelash at him trying to signal him to turn the fuck around. And he continued to stare like he did not realize that staring is mad, uncomfortable and rude. I turned towards the exit of the club. And made my way to my black Tesla. I continued driving while listening to the song “Dick” and man that song is catchy and good. I stopped at a red light and all of suddenly four large black SUV cars were on all sides of my car. One of the SUV cars’ doors opened and...

Hey, bish...Ik it has been a long time since I have uploaded but it was because I had to take state testing and tons of work started to pile on. imma try very hard to at least upload once or twice a week. Anyway, let me know if you enjoyed this chapter? so I’ll start uploading Aesthetics/mood boards for my characters on my wall!! so please go check that out!! and also who do you think was stepping out of the SUV car door!!

Till next time!!

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