Once There Was A Princess

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Sometimes, royalty is not everything we need. There will be a lot of things to sacrifice to get one certain thing to ourselves. Let's say that we need royal treatment in our life or to be the ones who is treated like a king or a princess. But to reach that we need to give away a certain kind of freedom and the lifestyle of our choice. Are we ready to give that back? So this is a story of the royal princess who sacrifices many things to reach her happiness. People would think she is just a spoilt brat but there is much more than eyes meet. This is also a story about him who stood with her and fight all her wars just to make her happy, make her feel secure. Then again people judged him that he is a mere servant for her. ********************************************************** So let us watch how they fight with this world and how they sacrifice their everything to be with each other. The royal love story here is not just a simple fairy tale you would always expect. It's a tale of being strong, believing in oneself and trusting someone.

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"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


As he was searching for something in his draw, he sensed someone’s presence in his back. When he turned, all he saw was a knife and the owner of that weapon making its way, even though he felt hurt, his reflex made him get hold of her wrist and twist it by turning her at 180° he held her hand tightly on her back.

“Are you out of your mind?”

Controlling his anger and hurt He asked dripping with sadness. She kept on huffing and was struggling to get free from his hold while not caring about his feelings or whatsoever.

“What did I do which made you so furious? This is a bloody weapon you are toying with. Stop this madness right away.”

The depths of his emotions while he gritted his teeth sent shivers down to her spine. But she didn’t want to reveal her emotions to him so with a static face she gritted her teeth together and pushed him away with all her might which made both of them stumbled opposite ways and she was about to fall. He secured her in his arms again she started to struggle with all her strength.

“Lini, go home and come back when you have a f*cking sane mind.”

She threw a menacing glare so that he would loosen his grip on her at least but that didn’t happen and instead of that, he came closer in such a way that they were only a few centimeters apart. She closed her eyes in anticipation of the kiss but what she felt was a sweet butterfly kiss on her forehead. And when she opened her eyes, the molten brown pools held her captive. The way he was staring at her, she felt like she should hug him tight and never leave him. But where would that take her? Holding him means abandoning her mission on getting revenge on him. And she would never do that no matter what.

“You have to tell me whether you like it or not. What has been going in that thick skull of yours? Why don't you just talk to me like a sane person?”

Like a small child, she didn’t answer him and then she stomped her foot over his shiny leather shoe and ran outside of his cabin and hid herself near the storeroom of that office. Even though her behavior was childish, she felt it served him right. But deep inside her heart, she was feeling a sting that caused her to sob like a baby immediately. The way she broke down pained him in such a way that he collapsed into his knees and hugged her from sideways. Her sobs muffled in his arms and she held him closer to herself so that he wouldn’t disappear. As they sought their long-lost comfort in each other’s arms, but as the usual reality of his sins crashed on her causing her to push him with all her might.

“Don’t you dare to touch me.”

Hurt was evident in his face yet he masks it with anger which made him hold her shoulders and pin her to the wall and held her tight while she struggled with all her strength. He glared at her fiercely to bring out an answer but vulnerability in those auburn pools made him soften he lowered his head further and mustered the strength to enquire her while having eye to eye contact.

“Please tell me what’s bothering you Lini, I know you never intended to do such things.”

Her soul irked as she realized that nickname he chose to use for her. The same nickname he kept for her when they were dating back then. He never called her that because she taught he never knew her Identity. She thought that he will figure out her disguise. He would think that she is long gone, dead and he acted to care towards her while screaming a vile plan to trap her when they were together.

But what she never knew that he was also burning in his own inferno of guilt. He was dying every day due to guilt. She now also can't understand why she is finding hurt swimming through the darkness which consumed his dark brown pools. Both of them were grieving in their own way and were craving for each other for a very long time that it hurt them and made them an empty living shell outside. And that feeling which was buried deep inside their heart is now erupting like a volcano and creating huge turmoil as the walls outside their battered heart became very thick.

She chuckled sarcastically and clapped her hands together and started to laugh while he kept on staring at her with a curious gaze. Even though he could figure out why she has so much hate-filled within her towards him, why she is so enraged towards him, he wants to completely ignore and get her away from this terrible reality.

“Wow! I didn’t know that you were such a good actor. I mean how could you cover yourself so well and have no remorse or guilt when you looked at me first. You knew who I am still you behaved as if I am a stranger. You knew that I am here to avange my father's death and get justice for my sake but here you are, trying to court me and act all unaffected. What kind of thick skin are you made of? Killing my dad and expect me to embrace you with your filthy body coated with his blood?”

Even though her eyes turned glassy and blurry, she could make out that the person right in front of her stood up and was about to leave.

“You can’t show your back just like that before giving a proper answer.”

The amount of hurt he felt was so immense that it will put all his nightmares to shame. He never expected that she would ever consider him her father's killer.
"What did my dada do to you? Huh? I was your culprit, right? Then why did you kill him?"
His eyes were scrunched at yet another lashing he received from her. Enough is enough! He thought she was finally at the same page as him and was undercover to help him out secretly. hence he was doing everything in his effort to keep her away from the fire which he was playing with. Away from the black hole which will diminish him from this mankind

“Yo-you think that I-I killed hi- how could you even think that? How dare you even accuse me such way? DO you even know what happened that night? Do you even know what he meant to me? I sold my soul to a devil to save you. To keep you away from the harm. But here you are accusing that I have killed Vikram Jai Singh. Do you really think... how could you think that I killed him?

She averted her gaze from him and he took large steps towards her and pinned her to the wall behind her.


The rage in him made her shudder and she again averted her gaze from him because she didn’t want him to know that how she feels about him. Yet as stubborn as he could be, he held her chin with another hand and lifted her to meet his eyes.

“Ye-yes... of course, you are a criminal. I-I... believe what I sa-saw.”

Even though she would have lashed him out further, she wasn’t able to do it her lips started to tremble again. She took advantage of him being stunned at that revelation and pushed him she took her belongings and left his cabin without glancing back even once.

The pain which she inflicted on him was way too unbearable. Tears streamed down his eyes and he collapsed on the floor like a rice sack and wept loudly while throwing things that came in front of him. This whole thing is taking a toll on him causing him to surrender to that emotionless abyss and this time he went to the point of no return.
A/N: While reading you may be clueless about what is happening but you will come to know soon.

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