Once There Was A Princess

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Chapter 1 Aurangazeb

“Every villain is a hero in his own mind.”

- Tom Hiddleston


Vikram Jai Singh:

“Maharaj, Rajkumari has come back from her college and is resting in her room.”

As my assistant informed me about my daughter’s whereabouts I heaved a contented sigh. What shall I do with this girl? Yesterday was her first day at her college and she went to a bar to “have fun” with her friends. My guards kept on searching for her for 3 hours straight. That literally gave me a heart attack for my life hence I have got her grounded and now she is ignoring me like I am some stranger pestering her for free stuff.

Ugh! The joy of being a parent. That is the reason, I have asked my servants to keep a tab on her. They also do have a good share of laughter as she acts as queen of this palace, even though someday she will be, but what else can I do? She is my daughter and she is one hell - excuse my language, so yeah, she is one hell of a rebel. She doesn’t understand that I have only her as my family in this whole world and I need to protect her at all cost. I sighed and made my way towards her room to ask her forgiveness even though she is the one who is supposed to ask forgiveness.

The smell of jasmine coming throughher room calmed all my senses. Ugh! She already knows her mother’s tricks now what will I do with her?As I opened the thick wooden door after entering the digital code to unlock, The room looked empty even though the round bed was a bit messy, The drapes were tied sideways and the bathroom door was fully open.The chair of the study table was pushed far from the table and then finally his gaze landed over the princess who was in front of mirror seated over the plush stool, checking up on the perfumes.

“You were not supposed to come here Aurangzeb. This is my personal space and you are invading it.”

My daughter commanded to me indirectly asking me to get out of her room while she was examining herself in the mirror leaving the perfumes and facing her back towards me. I sighed and I knew that I don’t have any other option than surrendering myself to her. Because I knew if I will be strict with her right now, she will continue being further difficult. I swear her stubbornness is from her mother’s genes.

“I am sorry Mrinalini, Please forgive me, my Rani?”



I couldn’t help but smirk at my father’s expression now. Hmm.... serves him right for being so overprotective now. I strolled over the vast room and finally landed over the unmade bed casually while facing him with a smirk gracing over my lips.

“You treat your rani as your prisoner so why bother even speak to her?”

I glared at him directly as I said that. Huh! What does he think? I am some 5-year-old kid who would give away when he offers me a candy? Ugh! I couldn't help but roll my eyes as his presence was irritating.

“You are not supposed to speak to your father like this.”

I could sense his anger even if I would be thousands of miles apart here he is still a couple of feet away from me. But right now, I don’t care as he needs a kind of punishment for keeping me imprisioned.

“And you are not supposed to keep your daughter in a prison.”

This got his mouth shut for good.

“What can I offer you to keep you happy my Rajkumari?”

The triumph smirk escaped my lips as he asked me that. Now he came to the point.

“Horse ride! This night after 11 in our race track, with no one around.”

He glared at me and he started to shake his head furiously. But I am also his daughter as stubborn as him and I shrugged my shoulders indicating that the deal was off and he could leave. This made him hold the temples of his forehead and rub them.

“You can leave my room Aurangazeb.”

I answered him coldly and that is when he held my hands and came down to his knees. Hmm... now this is what I need.

“Let's make a deal my sweet baby. I will grant your wish... but on my own terms, so come with me and have dinner.”

I clapped in excitement and hugged him tight while I ran downstairs to have delicious food done by our maharajji and yelled ‘Dada you are awesome’. Our maharajji or the head chef of the house is actually good with whatever recepie you give, he will do it with perfection and who could work and own thousands of five-star hotels in India but he politely stays with us with his family and satisfies our stomachs.

After I had my supper with my father, I was full so I went to the garden and there was my dada strolling around his lush garden. I sneaked in and hugged him from the back. I could feel him smile and he kissed my wrist.

“Thank you so much, Dada.”

“You will not call me Aurangzeb right?”

I nodded briefly and slowly muttered ‘maybe’ for which he sighed as if I am blaming him for something. We then went inside after we had a brief chat about things like how I should be aware of my surroundings and all stuff which was way too boring and recurring words of my dada. I then hurried to my room to get changed for the horseriding.

It was like every fiber of my body was excited about this activity. I have been riding since the age of 10 and I have been crazy from the first time I rode it. It's like a kind of love I feel towards it and I could never get bored of this sport. As I finished wearing my rugged denim and white top I paired them with the cowboy boots. Time for some fun! I excitedly hopped my steps and reached downstairs.

That bloody Aurangzeb knows really well how to cheat me. He sent me to the race track with 5 bloody bodyguards. Ugh! Even though I was surrounded by 5 bulky-looking men, I rode my ‘Genie’ with such an amount of adrenaline rush that I feel like flying. Aaahhh! I love my life. Well, her name as in my horse’s name is Genie because, when I started riding her mom, she was attached to me and when she grew up I started to ride her, she listened to every single command of mine and used to be my side every time she found me.That feels like I am her parent sometimes. No matter what I can never forget how adorable this creature is.

As I was about to finish my last lap I heard some gunshots and soon the bodyguards around me surrounded me each one having their own horse and then we heard a couple of shouts. The hell! How come there is a brawl occurring in the palace premises? with such tight security all the time? As I heard few more gun shots it worried me and my gut feeling came out strong that something worst is going to happen.

“Rajkumari, we need to go NOW!”

I gave a nod obediently I turned ‘Genie’ and that is when I saw him. A fallen angel who is covered with wounds, drenched with blood horribly swaying as he dropped... like landed right in front of Genie. I quickly got down from her and ran towards him. I held his head on my lap and started to pat him as I tried to keep him awake.

“Hey-hey come on, you should wake up.... listen to me, wake up...”

“Rajkumari, stay away from him, he might harm you-”

“Call the ambulance ASAP! Or get a car or jeep or van for him. He is injured God damnit! He needs help now.”

I didn’t hear even a single word from them causing me to scream at them again. And knowing them, they will follow my order. Gosh! Hopefully, this angel will not die on me.




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