Once There Was A Princess

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Chapter 2 Hospital

“I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care.” -- Lou Holtz



The grim white walls of the hospital brought me back to unwanted memories but I got myself to be as emotionless as I could as these guards will forget about that injured person and would start to tend me. And that is the thing I don’t want to do right now. Hence, after that mysterious person got admitted to the operation room I heaved a sigh and sat over the plush couch which was behind me and rested my head in my palms as I was experiencing a headache.


I pulled myself up and opened my eyes and sighed as I could see the worried expression on my father which is always present whether I am fine or not especially when I am in the hospital. I am seriously bored with this expression. He walked towards me and sat next to me and then he hugged me. But as soon as he did, familiar fear crept into me causing my eyes to water right away.

“H-he will be fine right? Da-da... I... it was so scary and I-”

I felt a kiss over my forehead and then I heard him mutter that everything will be fine while all I could think was how can I feel at ease when all these things are happenings are making me feel guilty. I don’t know what I could do to ease such anxiety. Is it because I am at the hospital or is it because of that guy who was pushed to operation theatre? As I closed my eyes for a second, haunted fearful dark brown pools flashed in front of me causing me to open my eyes immediately and for some reason, a shiver ran down my spine.

We waited for like two hours and I felt myself getting weak and sleepy. Dada asked me to go home and I obliged as I needed good rest while I got escorted by those ‘Bulky men’ who were my guards and I left the hospital without any protest as I was shaken by that incident.



As I heard the news that my daughter is in hospital, my heart nearly stopped beating. Rajkumari will be the reason if I ever get a heart attack and die at some point. As I came to know properly about what happened, I asked a few of my guards who used to serve the army to collect details regarding this refugee who entered the premises of the ranch which was the backside of the palace. It took a whole night for them to research him. As I got the report, I didn’t know whether I should thank my lucky stars or curse my fate that I found Kabir. I never knew what exactly to do. On the way to the hospital, I contacted my trustworthy friend and explained everything. After few arguments, we both concluded that for his and my daughter’s safety I must make them stick together and have maximum security for them. Now my daughter will be obviously displeased about the fact.

When I entered in his room I could see his eyes widened in alert and he tried to sit up but groaned in pain as it was strenuous to him. I took a good look at him with an unfazed expression and this kid looked pretty much battered with pale skin and disheveled hair while dark bags were evident under his eyes.

I took the stool which was next to his bed and sat over it. He too tried to sit up from the while flinching as the pain inflicted from his wounds. I signaled him to stop and then I asked one of my servants to bring a file which has his records, his name, blood group, where he studied, where he lives, what he is currently pursuing and his age.

“Listen kid, you have to forget what all occurred in your past and focus on your survival. I am Maharaj Vikram Jai Singh and the ranch where you barged in is my property. I am sliding that off and I have an offer for you.”



When I noticed my father’s absence in the morning last night’s incident rushed into my mind causing me to rush to the hospital. As soon as I opened the door of Kabir’s ward, I saw both my father and him staring at each other like they know each other very well. What the hell happened while I was gone?

“Come inside Rajkumari, we were expecting you.”

My gaze fell over the man who was lying on the bed who looked nothing less than a fallen angel. As I saw his mysterious chocolate brown pools, I felt dragged towards him more. His wheatish skin had a certain glow like some vampire. His nose and lips were sculpted in such a way that it felt like some god has created him by his own hands very leisur- Ugh! Why am I being so poetic? Damnit Mrinal, stop having a crush on a stranger.

“Umm... Hi, it’s, good to see you alive, I mean as you are in good condition, you look good and healthy- Oh god! I should stop blabbering-”

“Rajkumari, he is not running away so take a deep breath.”

My dada instructed and I had to admit this is the most embarrassing movement of my life. I have never been like this in front of any male. Men used to drool over me within a flip of my hair and now just because of this man in front of me, I am a messed up version of DeDe in Dexter’s laboratory. Ugh! What is this guy doing to me?

“- Are you listening?”

When I heard my Dada asking that I kept on looking at him clueless. He rolled his eyes and he started to speak.

“Beta, this person,”

Dada pointed at that angel and continued.

“will be with you all the time when you are out as your personal bodyguard but in disguise. He will be always at your side but as a college student like you. So from now on, you could have your freedom as you like and you will be safe too as I wanted.”

Protective dady of the year says what? Am I hearing right? I mean is he really giving me what I deserve? Yay! I started to jump in joy not minding what people around me think. I didn’t get the whole thing but I heard one word and that is ‘freedom’ and that is what matters to me. I hugged my dada and exited from the hospital while calling Jasmine and Veer for the celebration. Yay!



As I woke up from my haze all I could feel was pain and when my senses decided to work, I saw a man around his 50s giving a warm smile explaining what happened. First, he seemed threatening but then, he explained that he would be giving me protection and in return, I am supposed to work for him.

He started explaining about my employment and clauses, I came to know that he will provide me work, shelter, food, allowance and education and my only job is to be a bodyguard 24/7 and various other points which were required for the job.

Even though my skills suit this job how did this person found out my potential? I didn’t inform anything to him. But still, instead of carrying huge debt on my shoulders and preparing myself to be a free punch bag, this feels better.

He handed over some papers finally saying it’s a sort of contract and I must submit after reading and signing it. I took the file and then, I saw an illusionary beauty whom I saw before I went unconscious. I blinked my eyes several times thinking it’s a dream, but she is still in the room. Uhh... how hard did I hit my head?

“Umm... Hi, its, good to see you alive, I mean as you are in good condition, you look good and healthy perhaps- Oh god! I should stop blabbering-”

The voice, it felt like a sweet clattering of raindrops, continuous, non-stop yet soothing to my senses all over. What happened to me? Why is my heart beating so fast that my whole body seems uncontrollable? Why am I feeling like I am having some sort of sugar rush? Ugh! control yourself, Kabir!

“Rajkumari, he is not running away so take a deep breath.”

As she turned towards us, the elder guy started to explain to her that I am going to be her bodyguard and I couldn’t help but stare at that old man. Really? How can I guard this butterfly who is very eager to fly far away? Ugh! I should stop being so poetic now.

“- are you listening?”

I think we both snapped out together and we fetched all of our attention to that elder guy.

“Beta, this person-”

He then pointed over me and she turned her gaze towards me.

“-will be with you all the time when you are out as your personal bodyguard but in disguise. He will be always at your side but as a college student like you. So from now on, you could have your freedom as you like and you will be safe too as I wanted.”

When she heard that she jumped in the joy which confused me but her happiness was one of the things which I could adore for a long time- snap out of it. To make sure I have actually snapped out of it, that old guy came in front of me and blocked my view. Well! Karma I guess.

“Read the documents carefully and don't plan to back out.”

I gave a nod in affirmation and he patted my back and started to give me instructions

“1. Whatever happens, you will report me and you will stay in touch with me always even in your sleep.

2. You will do the same course that my daughter is doing in her college and then you could take the course of your choice in correspondence.

3. You will follow her where ever she goes, but not in restrooms or her private room. if any problem occurs in places where Rajkumari needs privacy, You will have a female guard as back up or you could call me. But don't invade her personal space and maintain distance.

4. You are not allowed to have any sort of feelings towards her. You should remember that your work is first than anything even food or feelings.”

I again gave a nod to convey that I agree with everything and finally he made his way towards the entrance. I sighed and rested my head over the white pillow.

“And yeah, rest well. Your work starts from the day after tomorrow.”

I sighed and gave a thumbs up to him and he left me alone while I stared at the white ceiling of the hospital. What has my life turned into? Moreover, why did she saved me? She should have left me to die as I don’t deserve life. Ah! I have no idea what to do.



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