Once There Was A Princess

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Chapter 3.Tantrums

“Silence speaks so much louder than screaming tantrums. Never give anyone an excuse to say that you’re crazy.”

- Taylor Swift



I called Jazz as in Jasmine Bhalla my best friend to have a party inside my room as I have got my new freedom, I don’t want to irk my Dada now. As I heard a knock on my door, I got up to open and I was welcomed by a warm hug by my best friend.

“Awe I am so happy for you. Now we could go to parties, shopping and clubbing together with no worries about curfew and Cinderella kind of rules. I am so happy that I can’t even explain.”

I giggled at her statement asks we then went in all together and the party started will full swing as Ranveer, Mayank Ella and Maya came. I took Vodka for myself and Jazz took a martini while Ranveer, Mayank, Ella and Maya settled with their favorite beer. Our group has a policy that no matter what we will not go more than one small or quarter bottle. Music started to play Loud and we all started to dance. This is it! My next destination will be freedom! No more bulky babysitters, no more boundaries and messed up rules. Wait… why do I feel there is a catch and I was way too excited to hear those clauses? I shrugged those thoughts off as I have better things to do like enjoying my party. I made my way to the vast veranda which is built next to the French windows of my room.



“Do you need anything?”

I flinched as I heard a feminine voice from my back as I felt like I got caught. Well obviously Kabir, you will get caught like a thief when you start acting like one when you try to be a ninja in the early morning. Today it has been exactly three days since that incident. I was discharged from hospital last night and a couple of guards lent me a few clothes and a couple of toiletries and adjusted with minimal supplies in this huge royal palace. Why am I here again? Oh yes, I am the Princess’ personal bodyguard. I usually never attempt to sleep unless I take pills to doze off. As they weren’t with me, I just didn’t sleep at all. I felt hungry, so I made my way downstairs and found a vast kitchen. Slowly I made my way to grab something silently, but I was caught. When I turned I saw a lady who was around her early fifties with a lively smile wearing a cotton saree on which she was looking as motherly as possible questioned me. This is one of the movements where I feel unlucky in my life.

“Beta, if you need anything, you could just tell me and I will make it for you.”

I think she is thinking like I am some kind of guest. Ugh! Why am I in this kind of situation?

“Umm... Aunty-”


She corrected me with the same kind of smile. I swear her kids are very lucky to have her.

“Uh... Kaaki, I am not any guest here I also work here.”

She laughed and went over to the kitchen. Okay maybe she is mistaken, but I think the boss will confirm it afterward. I shrugged my shoulders and turned only to witness the boss himself.

“So how are your bruises? Almost healed?”

I gave a nod formally as I don’t care about those bruises as I am used to various wounds that pain became next to nothing in my life. As I made my way towards the kitchen kaaki stopped me while I got a good round of scoldings and she asked me to sit at the dining table which again made me feel weird. Where is the good old self-service here?

“Don’t worry much. Sharada has been like that with everyone. It’s like it’s her mission is to feed every single person in this world. And if you refuse she will be furious like ‘Maa Kali’.”

I chuckled and kept myself at ease and the maharaj was seated at the end of the dining table just then one of the servants came with a glass of water and she went back to the kitchen while he asked for his tea as he went through the newspaper.

“Why don’t you sit?”

“Umm... I am supposed to be a servant here right? So how can I sit with you?”

With an amusing smile, he gestured me to come closer when I did he too leaned in as if he is going to tell a secret.

“Well, one person is not enough to tame our spoiled Rajkumari you know...”

I frowned and tried to process what he said while he started laughing.

“This palace is very huge to consider my home alone. So I thought why don’t I share with people who work so loyally to me.”

The warmth radiating from that man had made way through my heart in such a way that my eyes almost watered. There is so much difference between someone who made my life hell and this person. Why did I become a child of that being who pushed me to darkness when there are such good people in this world?

I was served a hot cup of tea with morning breakfast which was given by some other servant. I gobbled down whole food and then I saw a few more people who were taking their seats and having their tea and breakfasts while having small conversations with Maharaj. I quickly finished my meal and informed sir that I will freshen up and come back while he permitted me to do so.

This royal palace has way too much warmth to offer. All I have to do is be unfazed and do my work well. Or else I might get succumbed to this warmth which might burn the people who are offering and turn my last hope of survival into ashes. I sighed and dragged myself to my room which is surprisingly next to the princess. Maharaj said that it will be easier for me to protect her if any situation arises and he too has his guards’ room right next to his. As I was about to make my way to my room I saw the princess stepping out of her room. With a look from top to bottom, she gave a thumbs up and headed downstairs. Uh... why did she do that?



His disheveled hair and crumpled old mismatched dress looking like a night suit looked somewhat hilarious as it was really baggy for him and looked like not his at all. Perfect clown material- wait, why is he here? Well why do I care now? Mrinalini how much ever handsome this guy is, you have way better things to do. You can’t let your image go down. Huh! Just for this stupid practicals class I am supposed to go early! With a long yawn I strode towards my father and hugged him from the side.

“Morning dada!”

“Morning Rajkumari, how come you are up early?”

I rolled my eyes at his comment obviously I couldn’t miss that sly smile making appearance on his face.

“Dada, stop enjoying my misery at the moment now. I have practical class which is in early morning these days. I hate it.”

I couldn’t help but lay my head over the marble slab of the dinning table. Few servants entered the dinning room and greeted me and Dada while I waved off and I heard Dada greeting them back. Then I remembered one thing, being in the palace for the weekend I forgot about the freedom thing.

“Dada you told me that you will be setting me free and will be letting me do whatever I want right? What happened to that promise?”

I saw dada shifting nervously while kaaki brought a plate full of poha with a bowl of raita, I dug in to my food while waiting for an answer. Why do I feel like he is not up with keeping his promise?

“Rajkumari, what did you hear in the hospital when I was explaining?”

Umm… why do I have a bad feeling about this?

“Something about my freedom...”

“Yeah, about that, I am taking off your curfews and timing part from your restriction as you will be having Kabir as your bodyguard.”

Huh! When did this happen?

“Kabir will be your personal bodyguard and there will be no more multiple guards for you, so this will be more comfortable for you-”

“I don’t want it! I don’t want a babysitter roaming around me 24/7 Aurangzeb! I have explained my displeasure about this a million times, yet you go ahead and do such arrangements. It’s a 21st century alright? I swear people don’t even get bothered that I am a princess, or I am some dance star. And there is no one to take away your so-called throne. And no one is going to kidnap me in broad daylight. So have some chill and let me live my own life. It’s been a year since I have been in college and I have been to a club for once. Only once! Several people are calling me that I am some lame ass old lady. So please leave me alone.”

All this while dada’s mouth kept on opening and closing while trying to interrupt me. Huh! As if I will ever let him win an argument with me. Without letting him to speak I went to the key stand and took my keys of my bike and left the palace. To the hell with breakfast. He has already ruined my mood for anything good.



This girl is just like her mother who always have temper on the tip of her nose. Why can’t she just understand me for once? Danger is lurking around us and I am trying to protect my only family here, while she is taking everything for granted and not even understanding the seriousness of the situation. I sighed and ordered Sharada to get me my breakfast while Jagdeep my assistant chuckled at my misery.

“Stop laughing, I am trying to find a solution here.”

“Maharaj but you appointed that guard, it’s his first day by the way… as he is fit enough to be a college student, he can just be a student instead of bodyguard.”

At the same moment Kabir entered the dinning room as well. Well hopefully this will work and I will not hear more of complaints from Rajkumari.

“Now Kabir, as it's first day, you need to be Rajkumari’s shadow. As you are assigned to the same classes as her, it will be easy for you to do your job. If there are any problems with your task, let Jagdeep know. Today one of the chauffeur will drop you and your study materials are ready with the backpack over there.”

I pointed towards the bag which was placed over the sofa with necessary study material for him. While my servants packed little stuff for his and Rajkumari’s protection. Kabir gave a slight nod and exited the palace with the backpack provided.

“Did you get what I asked for?”

I asked Jagdeep when I was sure Kabir was earshot.

“Uh… sir he just came yesterday, so it’s a bit difficult. And he is also really sharp so-”

“Ask servants to check his bathroom… It’s really important for me to find out if my assumptions are right is not.”

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