Once There Was A Princess

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Chapter 4. Mission

“Greatness is a life mission, being the best is not about being better than anyone else but striving to be the best that you can and bringing out the best in others.”

-Dominick Cruz



“You just be with her like a shadow and don’t leave no matter what. I know she will be angry and will give you too much of trouble, but don’t let her go out of your sight.”

I said understood and ended the call with Maharaj while the Bluetooth was still intact in my ear. Now All I need to do is search for the princess and go ahead with my mission. I felt like someone is burning holes in my back. So when I turned, few guards at the gate were glaring at me. Ugh! Why should I even bother? I rolled my eyes and made my way to culinary arts.

And as I entered the campus, it’s a different story as all I could see the ocean of people but not the angel- I mean the stubborn princess is nowhere to be found. And this bloody university is nothing but a huge maze Why do they have so many departments? I took my backpack and started to check if there is a sort of map of this university, but a hard cold object brushed my hand. When I grabbed it, dread filled my nerves. I couldn’t believe that I have a gun in my bag at this moment… wait, it might be due to the princess’ protection. Speaking of which, I don’t even know where to find her. Ugh! This princess is getting on my nerves. She has a family and hell lot of people to take care of and she is tossing them around as if they are tissue papers. I feel like such people should get a good wipe out of reality.

As I was making my way out of the department which princess is in after a long lecture, I made my way to few areas where I saw majority of kids hung out expecting her to be there. Obviously it went on vain. Instead of departments or the open spaces near them, I started to think about the possibilities of where I could find her. Usually, these students who have every thing served in a silver platter, loves to skip their classes. So if she has done that, then my main target must be cafeterias. So as I was about to leave, I was pushed down while three bulky men surrounded me.

“Hey fresher, won’t you greet your seniors?”



Thank god I bunked my class as soon as I saw that stupid guard entering my lecture hall. He handed over a bunch of papers to the professor while the professor asked him to take a seat. Ugh! Bless the French windows which are long enough for me to hop out of the lecture halls. As I came out of lecture hall, I cursed that because of this body guard, my princess persona went into dumps and made me a spy.

I quickly made my way to my favorite canteen, the rooftop one with huge umbrellas, giving out some beach shack vibes. Well I knew obviously will find my gang here. I took out my shades from my bag and wore it on while with poise I made my way towards my people.

“Guys... how come you all are here?”

Rehan came and hugged me while I returned the gesture while I made my way to the table and ordered my usual as I came out of the palace without completing my meal. Jazz came and sat right next to me while I hugged her in excitement.

“Thank god you too bunked the class. I really wanted to take a break. God those professors summon sleep as if I haven’t been asleep for ages.”

I couldn’t help but laugh while I saw Mayank who was opposite to me was wearing headphones and cursing loudly. That itself was understandable that he is in his game. So one kick from me and Jazz made him to stand up while pausing and taking off his headphones and yell at us while we both laughed heartily at his outrage.

“When all of us are here planning out something, why are you buried your nose deep into your freaking game?”

Mayank threw a fierce glare at both of us.

“Hey, we have seen a new punk over here. He had been wandering around your department Mrinal.”

Rehan from management department retorted to which I rolled my eyes at him. All these idiots other than Jazz and Mayan are just with me to show off that they know me and they are fantastic friends of mine while my true and loyal friends are Jazz and Mayank. Their parents sent them here to Jaipur for the same school where I was studying since I was 10. As their parents used to be busy with their work and travel, they used to be in a residential program while I used to return to my home. Ahh! Sweet school memories emerged my mind immediately and along with that the pranks I used to throw at the guards with both of their help brings a smile on my face. But soon it disappeared at the mention of my bodyguard again.

“And people were saying he is a transfer student. You met him?”

Rehan asked me with concern laced in his tone. Rehan these days is acting in a weird way. He attempts to come closer to me sometimes and sometimes he gives weird Bollywood references which I really detest.

“Oooo... Is he hot?”

Barbie doll or Ella asked Rehan. Ugh! Why is this barbie is interested in my bodyguard?

“I saw him today, that guy was so hot with Dark gray tee and light blue faded jeans. He was like literally looking like one of those male leads of those series we watch aww...”

Ugh! Here comes another barbie doll who I really don’t remember actually. Then I heard the awes on the chorus from some more girls even Jazz was one of them. What has the world has gotten into? I don’t understand why they want to drool over that guy when this university have hell lot of people who are gorgeous. And not to mention that good for nothing bodyguard is not even handsome.

“Oh please that new guy won’t be more handsome than me. ”

The player of our group Ranveer gloated. Right... As if that would ever happen. The girls also didn’t give much heed towards him so that serves him right. But every one’s attention diverted as we heard heavy footsteps and someone huffing harshly. As we turned, it was Ryan the guy in the counter yelled while hunching over and taking deep breaths.

“Yo-you guys... Should come and watch this.”

His words itself made everyone curious and we followed him. As we reached our department I witnessed some seniors from sociology and political science were in the floor and that bodyguard was showing off his muscles. Damn it! Does he want to make an announcement that he has muscles?



They wanted me to fight with someone who was looking like he was about to die. Their concept of showing power on the weaker person angered me and hence I started to fight them first with words then they started to push me and started to hit me as I was not taking their orders. These people are the ones who take no for an answer hence I think it serves them right.

I clapped my hands off the dust while I looked here and there in search of that princess while I saw few people aiming their phone towards me.

“Stop recording or taking pictures.”

I glared at each person who were busy taking pictures as well as yelled at them. I hope they won’t post anything on social media. Then I gradually turned the other side and there she was. The princess and few students with her were staring at me from a rooftop. So as I spotted her, I was about to make my way towards her but a firm hand on my shoulder stopped me.

“Mr. Kabir, the vice chancellor is calling you.”

As the person informed, more like ordered, I didn’t have any other option to leave with him. At the vice chancellor’s office, I was told that I should keep it low and I must not break the rules in the premises of this institute and all others stupid stuff. I couldn’t help but ignore all those things while thinking how to track that princess.

I kept on waiting for her to leave by hiding behind some random pillars of History Department and I kept n eye on her friends, companions and other people around her. I simply took pictures of them so that I could extract some information and know how to work through them. Even though she has a good amount of allies with her, I can’t easily say whom I can trust and whom I can’t. I made my way back to that cafeteria where she was busily chatting some stuff.



While having lunch with my gang we were discussing where we should hang out today and what all we could do. They are planning to go to a club called ‘Chalk and Cheese’ tonight and I think I can use this bodyguard=freedom thing in an excellent way. But what will I do when he will be around me and these people ask me about him?

Hmm... I should tell them the truth. Which rich person or a celebrity doesn’t have a body guard?

Argh! No, I should tell them he is my distant cousin who came to study here. But girls will drool more over him. Ugh! Why do I mind about it now?

Okay, this cousin thingy is ok, but how will I convince my friends?

Wait, Jazz knows and Mayank doesn’t have a brain of a nosey detective hence he can’t see through my lies-

“.... Ok?”

Jazz made me snap out of my daze and I turned to her.

“Huh, what?”

She rolled her eyes and hit me on my shoulder.

“We are going to get to dress up in our homes and you are going to meet me in my home at 8 alright?”

I said yes and turned to look at my phone where I saw the reflection of that stupid body guard. What the hell? What is he doing here? Is he stalking me? Ugh! This Aurangzeb and his bloody yes boss type bodyguard doesn’t know their limits.

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