Once There Was A Princess

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Chapter 5. Plans


Oh my god! Why is he staring at me? I quickly turned back and he was nowhere to be found. What is he some ninja?

“You know, that guy did it well even though he was protecting some nerdy weakling, he had put up a big fight.”

“Awww still he is hot.”

After Mayank and Jazz were commenting I was not able to stop myself from rolling my eyes. Really? What is there about him that is so awesome? I really think that he is stupid to accept my dad’s offer. Or maybe he is too greedy for money. Yeah! That could be it. I will make him learn some lesson which will make him understand that he should never have greed for money and be slave for anything.

“Guys, lets talk about something else, so who all are up for tonight’s plan?”

And I was the first person to raise a hand with a smile and everyone started to stare.

“Why does your smile scaring me?”

I chuckled and shook my head as a plan started to cook up in my mind. Hmm... Mr. Body guard, you will have one hell of a first day at your work that you want to quit instantly and if that doesn’t happen then you are going to face hell created by one and only Mrinalini Jai Singh. All you have to do is wait and watch- sorry react.

“Well, whatever it is please don’t ruin our night.”

Mohak, one of the guy from our group said like I have always been brewing up troubles.

“Yeah, whatever”

By saying that I left that spot and made my way towards my car.



As I made my way back to the mansion, I went straight to shower as the temperature was too high outside resulting me getting drenched with sweat. The bathroom in the servant quarters is very huge there are different cubicles for bathing and toilet purpose separately. In that guest room in which I am living is jammed at the moment. But the bathroom was alright when I took a shower in the morning. But why should I mind? Either way I must not get used to royalty anyway.

As I came out of the shower, I saw three men around their mid 20s were staring at me. Now, what do they want from me? Perhaps are they gay? I averted my gaze from them and I was about to leave when I felt something hard hit me on my back. When I turned I saw a bar of soap lying next to my ankle. I lifted my and saw the same men glaring at me. Really? This is what they could pull off? So childish!

“I didn’t know that there are nursery kids over here. It’s so funny that people hit me with a stupid soap.”

All three men growled at my comment and then they took huge steps towards me. I knew what is going to come so I stood straight and dodged the first blow. Then someone held my arms from behind so that I could not budge but as I kicked the man who was in front of me, the other two loosened their grip and hence I turned with a good force that they fell down. Then within seconds more men appeared by surrounding me with mop sticks and broom sticks.

“F*cking newbie, what have you served to Maharaj that you got such a promotion, huh?”

Ugh! Such a filmy scene right now. I twisted one’s arm by turning their mop stick and as his grip loosened I pulled the stick towards me and started to dodge the hits from other men and attacked from the same stick. One of them was holding a shaving knife with him so I held the broom stick as my shield and pushed it towards him with a force that he stumbled. Then there were a couple of men who were about to hit me with a bucket and I braced myself-


Pin drop silence occurred as Raja Vikram Jai Singh entered bathrooms. Woah! Who know he will be entering servant’s quarters too.

“What is wrong with my young guards here? Why do you men always want to show off your high testosterone level?”

And that made me laugh but I suppressed myself as the king glared at me.

“Kabir, out of here.”

I gave a silent nod towards him as I started to walk I exactly knew that my former life is going to knock my door again. And all those tortures will start again and for such misery, while I was dreaming a good life which is oceans apart. I heaved a sigh and I went inside the palace where a servant instructed me to go to the library where I should wait for the Maharaja. I nodded affirmatively and went to my room to get dressed as I was still in a towel.

When he entered the library I was busy studying the whole room which was so vast that it could fit a whole cricket stadium. Uhh… okay exaggeration, but it was really huge. He had an expression which says I will be out of the room within seconds but as he sat down on his beautifully sculpted rosewood chair with a vast rosewood well-carved desk placed together, he had a knowing smirk.

“I knew that you were capable of this sort of combat. In a way it was good that I got a demo of what you could do. Rajkumari is with safe hands now. And the other guards at the quarters are jealous of your role at the moment as they were here earlier than you, they felt threatened. But I made them understand what your mission is and why it is needed, so now things are a bit clear. So how was today’s day? Manageable?”

Before I could explain, we heard a roar of an engine of a sports car. Maharaj stood up from his place and went towards a window which was an arm length away from him. I followed him and we could look a red Porsche making way out of the palace gates.

“Kabir, leave and follow her. Give me the report after she is home safe and sound.”

I understood and I hurried to follow her while Maharaj’s assistant, Jagdeep stopped me and handed me a key which looked like it was of a vehicle.

“Maharaj has assigned a for you. It’s a sports vehicle so it will be of good use for you. It’s right outside the front door.”

I thanked him for that and I rushed outside only to find a sleek black sports bike with its glossy surface. I quickly hoped on it and revved the engine while I sped out of the palace to follow the princess.

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