Once There Was A Princess

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Chapter 6. Bodyguard pranked


Thank god I successfully sunk out from that jail and I am waiting here at a small shack in front of our university for Mayank and Jazz. As a silver car made an appearance in front of me, I excitedly opened the door and sat on the back seat. I checked if my lace off shoulder dress doesn’t have any crease. I just bought it today itself from my favorite designer Pia who usually is my official designer for traditional dresses but she also does help me out with occasions like this on a short notice.

“Someone is looking hot.”

As Mayank commented Jazz hit him on his shoulder and asked him to drive and all I did was laugh at his comments while Jazz was throwing profanities on the whole ride. Obviously the girl is way too jealous.

As we entered the club we met other people from the group and ordered our drinks. All the girls in the group ordered Tequila and only Maya from our group was having single malt. Even though she acts like an extrovert in our group, once you approach her, she is friendly. So I went towards her and sat next to her chair. She glanced at me and had a small polite smile.

“Are you up to something new?”

And that’s what I was looking for.

“That is the reason I gulped down my shots fast...”

She grinned and told me that she will order a cocktail for us. And as we started to enjoy our drinks Jazz came and dragged me to the dance floor and we started to dance like crazy as we got all the songs which we like. I think someone has asked DJ to put up mine and Jazz’s playlist. And I swear no one can do that other than Mayank. Speaking of whom, I tried to search for that guy and I found him in my diagonal corner, talking with a random chic. I really have to drag-

“Oh sh*t! Babe, that bodyguard of yours is here.”

And that was the biggest party spoiler ever.

“Ugh! This guy, I have made sure that this guy will be fired from his job but he is still here. This means war and I will make sure this guy will voluntarily resign.”

“Aww come on, he is just doing his job now. Don’t be harsh on that poor guy. But how come he is here I mean how did he come to know about your location?”

This got me confused too but I chose not to think about it as I want to concentrate on further important stuff and we started to plot the pranks.

“I am going to make him resign by himself so that my father would never do such stupid stunts ever again. And I will make sure that bodyguard will never get any sort of job ever.”

I think looking at Jazz’s expression Mayank got irritated hence he was the first one to approach me.

“Whatever prank you are going to do, add me to that first.”

With a chuckled I started to plot and said no to him but to make him calm I told I have kept him the best one. So ‘Torture stupid bodyguard starts now!’.

Prank #1: I asked Suhani the geek of our class who is too clumsy for her own good to take two glasses of beer and approach him. And viola! Two whole glasses of beer fell over him. His irritated expressions were fantastic and my first prank really succeeded as Suhani tried to wipe the wet spots with tissue papers Mayank went behind and applied some pepper powder on them and when she took and unfolded it with a slight stretch and the pepper powder went to his nose and nonstop sneezing started. Huh! Now take that bodyguard.

Prank #2: Then we tipped a waiter a 2k and he took a plate full of spicy Kebabs which was even more spicy as we mixed chilly flakes and vinegar on top out of it. That waiter fed him those kebabs saying it’s complimentary and he started to run for water. That was an epic scene as I could imagine smoke coming out of his ears like in those cartoons. This is what I wanted.

Prank #3: Boys asked a few stranger girls to tease him and basically assault him over and there were three women went over the spot where the body guard was and they started to talk to him, touch him seductively and I started to feel very uneasy and irritated that why did I plan this pa- Ugh! Focus girl, then fun thing came as they started to touch him inappropriately and he started running away from them. And it was very hilarious.

Prank #4: I went next to him to distract him for this prank.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

And as planned his undivided attention was on me.

“Princess, I am doing my duty.”

With that he turned and then I held his arm and that was the time when sparks shot through my body and also it happened to him that is when our eyes connected with each other. As my eyes connected with his, I couldn’t help but dive deep into those brown pools and seek out depths of secrets hidden behind- wait, what am I doing? And as I snapped out of it I cleared my throat awkwardly and I left hoping that the waiter we have tipped has spilled the gravy on his way.

As expected as he took a step forward he slipped but I don’t know how he balanced himself yet he stood straight. Ugh! Why is this one not working. But right before I lose my hope, some random guy barfed everything on my bodyguard’s shirt. And even though it was unexpected that really was cherry on the top and I couldn’t hold my laughter. He went to clean himself and we all were bursting out with laughter.

Prank #5: This last prank will be done by Mayank again. As I explained to him, he understood and gave a slight nod and went towards the place where that body guard was standing. As that body guard entered, I was stunned to see him only with his vest and no shirt on. I never thought he would be so muscular. I mean I can feel his well chiseled six-pack from afar- what the hell is up with me? Concentrate Mrinal.



That bodyguard guy had been testing my patience. From the time he laid his foot on the campus, all the girls I know except for annoyed Mrinal. So now I am seeking revenge while I help Mrinal with her prank. So I went near where he was standing, I made sure I am further near to him, I started bobbing my head according to the music to not look suspicious. I observed him and he was like a stone not moving any part of his body at all. So I leaned towards a girl who was dancing along with her friends, I simply pulled her hair while I stood almost in Kabir’s place. She looked back and gave an annoyed look at Kabir and the very next time, I went on to grab her a** but a firm hold on my wrist stopped me and it was Kabir. And the expression he bore was enough to let me know that I am doomed.



I left that guy’s arm and pushed my way to the princess. I held her wrist and dragged her towards the exit. As we were walking out she kept on screaming but her screaming increased as those bouncers of that club appeared.

“You guys should help me, this guy is going to rape me. Please help!”

As those bouncers approached I showed my ID card.

“I am the body guard of Princess Mrinalini Jai Singh here, I am appointed by Maharaja Vikram Jai Singh. I am taking her home safely, within twenty minutes and you could confirm it with maharaja and you could take picture of my face, bike and number plate.”

They did as I asked for and left us. When we reached the parking space I fetched a helmet for the princess and I took a helmet for myself and that is when I found the princess running away this time. It was easy to catch her as she was wearing those high heels. I dragged her back to my bike with great difficulty and rode to the palace.

When we reached I dragged her to the living room and her complaints were never ending she kept on tugging and trying to loosen my wrist but I didn’t leave and held her even tighter.

“Maharaj, the princess is home, I brought her back safe as you asked.”

Maharaj was sitting on the plush royal couch with a calm expression and watching TV. As I informed him he grinned and tanked me.

“Aurangzeb, this is not done. I bloody hate you.”

Her scream could be heard by the whole city now.

“Rajkumari, its 1 am already, you must go to bed as you have classes tomorrow.”

She then stomped her feet and stormed to her room. I couldn’t help but think of what will be her next move tomorrow.

“Well done, I am impressed already Kabir, keep up the good work.”

I gave a nod and reported what occurred today in detail while leaving those embarrassing situations which happened at the club.

“Hmm... So far, things went better than what I have expected, I thought she would throw tantrums more than this. By the look of you and the absence of your shirt, I could say she has been a troublemaker, so I am sorry for that. And I have a feeling that an actual danger will be approaching her soon so be careful.”

I gave a nod and he dismissed me and it’s not a genius discovery that I am embarrassed of today’s events occurred at the club. But one brain frying question running through my mind is what happened to us within those seconds or minutes as our eyes connected? Why did I felt like her eyes held some kind of illusion from which there was no escape?

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