Circle Of Love

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She was a photographer with a modeling agency and dating one of the top models but she catches the eye of a mafia king and the MC king. Who wins?

Brianna Breckenridge
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Chapter 1

Amy sat in her office looking through the pictures she took from the last photoshoot the agency held. She felt arms wrap around her and lips on her neck. She smiled.

“Hey babe,” Amy said.

“Hello my love,” Matthew said.

“Finished for the day?” Amy asked.

“Yes, how about you?” Matthew asked.

“Almost done,” Amy said.

“How about Chinese for dinner,” Matthew said.

“Sounds amazing,” Amy said.

“I’ll call it in, and we can pick it up on the way home,” Matthew said.

“All right, don’t forget my faves,” Amy said.

“I know, I won’t,” Matthew said. He kissed her and went out the door. She heard footsteps and looked up and saw her father.

“Hi Dad,” Amy said.

“Hi sweetheart, how they look?” Jack asked.

“You should know the answer to that,” Amy said.

“Of course, I do,” Jack said.

“What’s your plans for the night?” Amy asked.

“I’ve got a date,” Jack said.

“Oh?” Amy said.

“Yeah, her name is Rachel, she’s friends with Jamie,” Jack said.

“So, she’s young,” Amy said.

“Only by seven years, honey,” Jack said.

“Okay, if you need to be rescued...” Amy said.

“Text our code word and you come find me using our family locator,” Jack said.

“Yep,” Amy said.

“Hey,” JJ said.

“Hey bro,” Amy said.

“What’s up,” Sam said.

“Dad has a date,” Amy said.

“With whom, pops?” Sam asked.

“A friend of Jamie’s,” Jack said.

“Her name is Rachel and she’s seven years younger than Dad,” Amy said.

“Wow, call us if you need help,” JJ said.

“Or to be rescued,” Sam said.

“He already said he would text the code word,” Amy said.

“Okay so sis, what do you have planned?” Sam asked.

“Matt is ordering Chinese to pick up on the way home,” Amy said.

“For all of us?” Sam asked.

“Just me and him,” Amy said.

“Aww come on, don’t you want to spend time with your favorite brother,” JJ said.

“Excuse me, I’m the favorite,” Sam said.

“No, I am, because I’m the youngest,” JJ said.

“So, I’m the oldest and I helped take care of you after Mom left,” Sam said.

“So, she loves me more than you,” JJ said.

“Boys,” Jack said.

“I love you both the same, I’m not picking a favorite brother, it wouldn’t be fair, besides, I live with Matt,” Amy said.

“Food should be ready for pick up when we get there, hey guys,” Matt said.

“Matthew,” Jack said.

“Sir,” Matthew said.

“I want you to be ready in case I need you guys,” Jack said.

“Date?” Matthew asked.

“Yes,” Jack said.

“I’ll tell you on the way home,” Amy said.

“Matt, how much food did you order?” Sam asked.

“Just enough for me and my girl,” Matthew said.

“She’s our sister,” JJ said.

“I know but she’s my girlfriend,” Matthew said.

“I’m ready to go, babe,” Amy said.

“I’ll call you guys later,” Jack said.

“Have a good night, sir, call or text if you need us,” Matthew said.

“I will,” Jack said.

“Bye pops,” Sam said.

“Bye Dad,” JJ said. Jack left the room followed by Sam and JJ. Amy got her stuff together and held Matthew’s hand and they walked out the door locking up the building behind them. They got into his car and picked up dinner and went home to their condo.

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