The Enemy's Mistress

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Akshat Malhotra is a cold hearted billionaire and the CEO of the Malhotra Enterprises.He has lost his father in a ruthless murder when he was only 16 years old. Since then he has lived a very tough and loveless life. For the sake of taking Vageance from his father's murderers, he marries an ordinary girl Aranya Agrawal whose family was somewhat involved in the murder case of Akshat's Father. But what happens when he breaks his walls of sanity and shows up his demonic Avatar to the innocent soul. Will she be able to resist his inhuman behaviour or will he lose his heart in the process? What happens when he makes his own wife his Mistress of pleasure?

Romance / Erotica
Muskan prakash
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"Bitch wake up! I'm getting late. I have an important meeting today. My boss will surely fry me up and eat me alive if I'll not reach the company on time. Aranya!!!"kavya shouted at her friend who was having a sound sleep without any care of the world.

"What the hell kavya! Why're you shouting like a mad woman? Don't hurt my damn ears and let me sleep some more",she groaned pulling the comforter over her head."Enough You lazy ass! Leave the bed now!!"kavya shouted snatching the comforter away from her body."You're such a pain in the Ass bae! Fine, I'm getting up. Don't glare! It won't even make your small eyes look bigger", saying this she bursted out laughing at kavya who was sulking in anger clenching her fists to control herself from punching her silly friend."Okay kavvu! Stop sulking. I'm getting ready for my University. You also leave! Your extremely sexy and hot boss might be dying waiting for his beautiful Assistant to arrive for the so called meeting",she playfully winked dodging the pillow thrown towards her by kavya.

"Silly Girl!",she muttered lowly under her breath while watching her friend who was too busy in disentangling her strands from the brush, cursing her hair each time it got stuck in the hair brush while brushing."Why don't you use conditioner when you have frizzy hair like wild bushes,huh? You purposely do this to irritate me and waste my time bitch!!!",kavya yelled at her to which she threw up a middle finger in the air and started running downstairs wildly laughing holding the brush in her hand with kavya chasing behind her like an angry bull."Aranya stop!!",she shouted running behind her when all of a sudden,she missed two steps and fell on the floor with a loud thud."Ah! You broke my spine bitch",she started groaning in pain holding her stomach."I-I'm so sorry kavya. Aren't you hurt n? I'm really sorry yaar. It's all my fault. Here hold my hand and try to stand",she said forwarding her hand towards her to which instead of taking, she pulled it towards herself with a force that Aranya fell on the floor with kavya sitting on top of her knees grinning at her victoriously...

"You little witch! You were acting all the time and I was getting hell worried thinking that you got hurt because of me. Get off from me now!!!",she shouted pushing kavya off her knees and straightening her back,she rushed herself upstairs ignoring kavya who was running behind her, apologising all the way till she reached her room."Enough of your drama! I'm getting late for the meeting. If you don't wish to talk. It's fine. I'm also not dying to talk to you",she snickered grabbing her hair and securing it in a neat ponytail. Pulling over a white ruffled blouse and knee length blue pencil skirt and pairing it with black stilettoes, she headed downstairs to leave the house. As she reached near the gate, someone tapped on her shoulders. As she turned to look at that person, her friend Aranya was standing there smiling apologetically at her.

"Here, you forgot your lunchbox",she said forwarding the lunchbox towards her, pinching her ear pinna lightly making a sorry face."I purposely forgot for you to bring it back to me walking on your lazy feet all the way till here; you moron!",she said pulling out a serious face than passing her a cheeky smile, she grabbed the lunchbox from her hand and left for her tiring job as the PA at the Malhotra Enterprises.


"Where is the file of the Tanexa corporation Miss Shukla? I've told you to keep it on my desk before 9. Haven't I??

"Y-yes sir! Actually it's",she was about to speak further but her words got stuck in her throat seeing her cold hearted CEO glaring at her as if he would strangle her if she would fail to give a proper reason for not bringing the file along with her."It's what Miss Shukla! You will have a straight 10 percent deduction in your salary this month for being unpunctual and irresponsible. If you'll continue with this childish behaviour of yours then sadly I'll have to fire you from your post and I'll have to replace you with a new Assistant. Got my point?",he said coldly while sipping on his black coffee and typing on his ipad without even throwing a glance at her direction.She didn't said anything further and nodded at his words, silently walking out of his cabin with a heavy heart.

"Again he shouted at you? I don't understand what's the problem with him. He always shouts at his employees for no reason! Such a cold hearted and obnoxious Bastard!",Tanya cursed scrunching her face in irritation."Yeah babe! But now I'm habitual to this. Don't worry",kavya replied passing her a weak smile."Oh...Perks of being a Malhotra's personal Assistant,huh! Well, If I would have been in your shoes babe then I would have been in any rehab centre by now",she said bursting into fits of laughter but her laughter died the moment her eyes landed on the figure standing behind kavya."S-sorry mam!"she instantly apologized bowing slightly in front of the figure standing beside kavya and immediately hurried herself towards the elevator."Where is Akshat?",the lady asked kavya in an authorative tone."Might be in his cabin but mam wait!! You cannot go like this without permission",she tried blocking her way but failed as the lady passed her a death glare and abruptly barged inside his cabin."Baby, your new PA is really irritating. She kept blocking my way till I finally reached your cabin",the girl dramatically rolled her eyes while adjusting her back on the couch."What do you want Nina? Why're you here? Can't you see that I'm working and I'm hell busy right now!"he said furiously typing on his keypad.

"Relax baby! I just came here to meet you. To lighten your sour mood a bit",she said biting her lips playfully and walked all the way upto his place, consciously swaying her hips seductively while walking. Without wasting a second, he grabbed her by her wrists and made her kneel down in front of him.

"Ah! Fuck!!!"he groaned while leaning further against his chair, drowning in the pool of ecstasy and lust while she was busy in doing her job for which he has hired her personally.
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