Rain and Storms

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Chapter 13

Range and Lucas left the furniture store but Range knew he needed bedding and of course toys for his toy box. So they were off to the department store. Inside Range got a cart and said let’s go look for you a blanket.
Lucas looked hard, then he stopped in front of a cowboy theme blanket and he rubbed his hand over it.
“ You like this one?” Range asked.
“ Yes sir! Can I have this one?” Lucas asked.
“ Yes you can buddy.” Range picked up the set that was a full size then picked up the matching sheets and went to get him some pillows. He walked through the bath section and seen some matching towels and toothbrush holder that he got as well. He loved to this for his boy. Range stopped. His boy? He truly loved Lucas and he never had a son and he wanted to shop for him. His boy! “ Come on Son, we are getting you some toys.” Range looked at Lucas and he was excited.
“Can I get some horses? Maybe a horse trailer to haul him in? Lucas asked.
“ For you Lucas, anything. “ Range said.
Range found him some toys and he grabbed him his own bath stuff, men’s shampoo and toothbrush and toothpaste. He would let Scarlet finish things up but right now he wanted to surprise Scarlet with the room.
Range called his friend Troy to help get the bed in. Range pulled in the yard and Troy was waiting.
Troy was a handsome 40 year old who was still single too. He didn’t like the party life but loved the farm and rodeo. Troy was a bronco rider and was fairly popular in the rodeo crowd. Range had went to see him ride before. Troy also had lots of horses and had a stable business. He was a very kind man.
“Let’s get this unloaded before the storm hits. “ Troy said.
Lucas watched Troy’s every move.
Lucas held doors for the guys and helped with the tools for the bed when finally Lucas couldn’t hold it in anymore,” are you a real cowboy?”
Troy chuckled,” Well I’m not sure about that.”
“ You look like a real cowboy.” Lucas said. “ Do you have a horse?”
“Yes sir I do.” Troy said.
“ Then your a real cowboy.” Lucas told him.
“ well I guess so buddy. Troy told him.
When the bed was put together they moved the dresser to the empty side of the room. He put the night stand in and unloaded the bedding. Range and Troy made the bed and sat up the bathroom for him. “Well the last things to put away are the toys. “ Range said to Lucas.
“Yes!!! I have never had this many toys oh Thank you Dad!” Lucas jumped in to Ranges’s arms.
Range mouthed to Troy”He wants me to be his dad.” Range squeezed him tight. Then Lucas ran to the truck.
“So are you falling for his mom?” Troy asked.
“ I already did. First day I met her. “ Range replied with a smile.
Range took a minute to text Scarlet. “ I’m missing you.❤️“ he typed.
He waited…the chime went off and he looked at his phone”wow! Miss you too.😉” Scarlet texted back. Butterflies danced in his stomach.
Range and Troy finished the room and went to grab a drink. Lucas stayed in his room playing.
Troy quizzed Range.”Whrn you going to ask her? “ he asked with a chuckle.
“Tomorrow.” Range smiled. “ It’s been two years Troy..”
“ I know man. “ Troy agreed. “ You deserve happiness. “
Range hung his head in humbleness.
“ I’m gonna head out, please let’s get together soon.” Troy said.
“ Yes, I’m hoping there will be festivities soon.” Range shook Troy’s hand and they both laughed.

Scarlet got her nails done and while she sat there she realized how long ago it had been. All the women that had come out kept her laughing. Each had great personalities that either clashed or tied each other together. Sophia had really stuck close to her which she was thankful of. While they were having nails done Sofia asked if things were going well at the barn. Scarlet wasn’t sure how to reply.
“ Well to be honest we haven’t had time to get it up and ready. Me and Lucas have been in the spare room. “ Scarlet blushed at the thought of someone thinking that she was not being moral. It wasn’t her fault though.
“ Well y’all have been through so much with the accident and truck. It takes time to get things done. “ Sofia replied without judgement. Scarlet was thankful.

After everyone’s nails and feet were done they decided to have lunch. They decided on a small tea shop in the same strip mall. Scarlet chose the chicken salad, others chose tuna and cucumber salad. Scarlet was happy to eat and she loved the tea room. However she found herself missing her little boy and her new companion. She wasn’t sure of many things lately but she was sure of this, she loved Range. She knew he cared for them too. She was wondering how she could steal a date with him. This thinking made her giddy she almost laughed out loud. Sofia looked at her and said,” I don’t think your mind is on lunch.” They both laughed.

During the shopping trip they went in and out of several stores and bought many things. Scarlet didn’t buy anything due to the fact it wasn’t her money but also she didn’t need anything. Scarlet seen a sale on pajamas and hot Lucas a pair. She had fun watching the other ladies shop and loved the banter the girls shared. It was nearing 4:00 pm when the girls started saying goodbye. Each of them hugged her and Scarlet loved having this group of women. Sofia and Scarlet were alone and she drove Scarlet back to her car. “ Let’s have dinner soon!” Sofia said. “The kids will love playing together.”
“ That’s a great idea.” Scarlet replied. They said goodbye and Scarlet got in Ranges car. She put the GPS back to his house then called him.
She got is voicemail. “Heading back. See you soon.” She hung up.
Part of her was calm but a part of her started to fear that Lucas was in trouble. Her heart raced and she drove the maximum speed limit. Tears formed in her eyes. The thought of losing Lucas was more than she could bear. She began to pray and beg God to let everything be ok. To bring her to her sweet boy. She was getting more angry with Range for not answering the phone. She felt like she was going 35 trying to get back but her speedometer said 65. She was about 10 minutes out when her cell went of and she quickly answered. Hello?!”
“I’m sorry I missed your call, I was outside and had laid my phone on the table.” Range explained.
“ Where’s Lucas?!” She was in full panic.
“ He’s here with me. Is everything ok?” Range asked.
“ Can I talk to him?!” She tried to to let him here her panic.
“ Lucas , Mom wants to talk to you. “ She could here him trying to get the phone.
“ Hi Mom! “ he said in his usual cheerful self. “ Yes Mom I’m fine. Da..I mean Mr. Range is here with me. Yes, mom I’m fine. Love you too. “ Lucas handed the phone back to Range. The dial tone said that she had hung up. He looked in the drive as Scarlet pulled in. He stepped out to the garage with Lucas. He was worried about her. She jumped out of the car and ran to Lucas and fell on her knees and hugged him so tight. “ I love you Lucas so much.” Scarlet cried.
“I love you too Mom.” He told her. “ Why are you crying Mommy? “ he asked.
“ I just haven’t been away from you in such a long time I just really missed you.” She told him.
“Ahh Mommy , I’m ok I was here with Da…I mean Mr Range. He likes me being here. “ Lucas said innocently.
“ Well Lucas my love you belong with Mommy.” She looked at him as if to make sure he understood.
“ Always and forever Mommy!” He hugged her real big.
Scarlet stood and ran her hand on Lucas’ head as a protective move.
“ Scarlet I’m sorry I laid my phone down . Truly.” He looked at her tears sliding down her face. He took her arm and pulled her into his arms. Scarlet sobbed and sobbed. He held her so tight. Lucas wrapped himself around the both of them.
“I love you Mommy and Daddy. “ he said it so low but Scarlet heard. She lowered one hand to him as did Range.
Scarlet, I had bigger plans but I need to ask you something. He took her hand and lowered himself to one knee and asked her,” will you please marry me and be my wife and make Lucas my son? “ he has grabbed the ring box from his pocket. He took the ring and waited. “ Well?”
“ Range, you just lost your wife. You can’t use us for a rebound of that hurt.”
“ Scarlet, I have already talked this over with Caroline and she approves. Please be my wife!”
“ She looked worried but finally said “yes. YES!” He stood up and kissed her like he had wanted to from the first day he met her. When he finished they looked at Lucas and he was doing a dance that Scarlet was sure she had never seen him do. They all busted out laughing. Range looked back at Scarlet How does this Sunday work for you?”
“This Sunday?!” She giggled. “Um sure!” He grabbed her and twirled her!
“ We will go tomorrow for marriage license. We can also let Pastor Joel know you said yes.” Range winked.
“ Pastor Joel knows?!” Scarlet blushed.
“Yes and William. He will help with the adoption if you will let me.” Rand searched her face.
Scarlet was in shock, she brought her hands to her face and tears pooled in her eyes. “ Does Lucas know?”
“ Well , I asked for his permission to marry you and he asked if I would be his Dad. Of course I told him yes , but first I had to ask you.” Range explained.
Scarlet sat down and pulled Lucas to her. “ Do you want Range to be your Daddy?”
“ He already is mommy.” He said matter of faculty.
They all laughed. “ Well there you have it!” Scarlet declared.
“ Now can we show her?” Lucas asked Range.
“ Show me what?” She looked at Range.
“Yes we can Buddy.” He reached for Scarlet’s hand and lifted her up.
Lucas led the way through the rooms to the stairs. He went up to the room on the left. He stopped and said,” Close your eyes Mommy.” So Scarlet shut her eyes and let Lucas lead her. “ Ok open. “ he giggled. When she opened her eyes and seen the room he had just finished for Lucas. She couldn’t believe he did this all today! She went through the room and seen all that Range had done and went into the bathroom that was attached.
“ You can do all the female touches but his essentials are all here. “ Range had propped himself against the door frame.
“ Mommy, what do you think? Isn’t it so cool?” Lucas asked.
“It’s great buddy!” Scarlet was in awe of being treated like something special and Lucas had someone to love him and take care of him. She sat on the bed and Lucas played with his new toys. Range wasn’t sure what to do next so he decided to set against the wall between Scarlet and Lucas. They both watched in silence. Lucas rolled some trucks closer to Range and pushed them by his legs. Range stretched his legs out andv began to roll the trucks back and forth Lucas began making truck sounds then Range made sounds too. He then laid on the floor and played with Lucas. Lucas played intently with Range and looked up at him and said” I’m hungry. “
“ We got busy playing and forgot to eat.” Range bantered with him. “ Let’s go eat!”
They all went down stairs and decided to run for burgers.
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