Rain and Storms

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Chapter 17

Morning came late due the late night planning. Scarlet smelled coffee and knee Range must be awake. However she only found a note that said he would meet her at the pavilion later that he had something he needed to do.

Scarlet prepared her an overnight bag because she knew she would be at the cabin for a few days. She heard Rachel coming down the hallway.”I’m in the bedroom Rachel.” Scarlet yelled to her.
“ Good morning!” Rachel greeted.
“ Morning! There is coffee in the kitchen and there are things to eat, help yourself. Scarlet worked as she talked.
“Scarlet do you believe in love at first site?” Rachel asked as she sat down on Scarlets bed.
“Sure, why” she asked.
“I think I’m in love with Troy.” Rachel waited for a response.
“He is an amazing guy. Range speaks highly of him. “ Scarlet told her.
The day passed quickly and the girls got ready and Scarlet finally dressed Lucas. He looked too cute in his jeans and white shirt with is cowboy hat and boots. Rachel looked beautiful as always. Her blue eyed friend was taller by a few inches but she was not as slender as Scarlet but she had the right sizes in the right places. Her blond hair was always perfect today it was up with whisps of her hair in the back by her neck and a few in the front. She had dimples that made her super cute.

Rachel gasped as she seen scarlet. “Scarlet you are beautiful! “
Scarlet beamed but waved her hand as if to say stop.
Her hair was dark brown and laid in soft curls except for the loose braid on the front top which she had clipped it in a pearl clip in the back. The dress she wore was cream prairie/bohemian that had multiple tiers that hung down her body. Scarlet was thin but this dress added just the perfect amount flow that enhanced her. She had applied just mascara to her eyelashes that enhanced soft green eyes, her perfect tan skin needed nothing else.
Rachel took out her phone and took a picture of the two of them. Then took a picture of Lucas and Scarlet. They then gathered their bags and headed out the door.
The plan was to meet at the pavilion and they had a place for Scarlet until the wedding started.

Joel and Sofia met Scarlet at the door. They told her how beautiful she looked. Never had Scarlet heard such compliments. She blushed. Light music was playing and more people was coming in. Scarlet was tucked behind a make shift room with curtains to give her privacy. Sofia came to let her know it was starting.

Scarlet heard a familiar song playing she knew this was the part where Range and Lucas would be walking up with the Pastor leading the way. Rachel was cued to meet with Troy to walk up. She wished her uncle was here to give her away but he hadn’t got back with her so she was disappointed but not so much that it would ruin her day. The song finished and she heard the bridal March and came out of the room and she walked over to the middle isle and out stepped her uncle Wayne. Scarlet grew huge tears in her eyes and he held his elbow out to her. She kissed his cheek and took his arm.
“I couldn’t miss your day, I love you kid.” Wayne said to her.
“I’m so glad you are here. “ Scarlet said the words but it was a deeper meaning than she may could have expressed. Her life had been so lonely these last 3 years that she now needed family.

She walked up the isle her eyes not leaving Range. This was the man she would spend forever with. This man who undoubtedly took care of her and Lucas. He was the perfect gentleman.. He smiled the smile she had grown to love.

“Who gives this woman to be with man.” Pastor Joel began.

“ I do.” Her uncle Wayne replied. He reached up and cupped her face. “ I love you doll, You’re safe now. He kissed her forehead and placed her hand in Range’s.

Range engulfed Scarlet’s hand and finished leading her to the alter.

Pastor Joel read the verse :Genesis 2:23
And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

Ecclesiastes 4:9: "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?"

Ephesians 5:25: "For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her."

“Today Range and Scarlet have joined together to spend an eternity together according to Gods plan. They have chosen to share their lives and Lucas. Today they will become a family locked in loved for each other. ..”

They played music while they branded a rug, and they went through the ceremony with ease.

Thunder sounded in the distance. A breeze wafted through the pavilion.

Pastor Joel shared a vision of marriage and the Live for Jesus Christ to be prevalent in their marriage. “Range Hollister do you take Scarlet James to be you lawful wedded wife?”

“I do” Range smiled at her.

“Scarlet James, do you Range to e your lawful wedded husband?”

“ I do” Scarlet smiled back at Range. She couldn’t wait to show her love to him.

“There is something that Range wants to present to Scarlet. “ Pastor Joel handed Range the microphone.

“ A few weeks ago I was a very lonesome man. I have suffered a loss a never thought I could live with. I prayed that God would help me because I wasn’t sure I could take much more. Then he placed Scarlet and Lucas in my life. Long story short, here we are. Not only to be married but to become a true family. So today I am not just marrying Scarlet but I’m asking if I can adopt Lucas to be my son today as well. I have the papers ready to be signed if it’s ok with you and Lucas.” Tears ran down her face and she turned to Lucas.
“ Lucas do you take Range Hollister to be your loving Daddy?” She choked out.
“Really?” They nodded.”Yes!” He hugged Range’s leg.
The three hugged.
Pastor Joel wiped the tears he had and started again” So , by power vested in me in the state of Missouri, I pronounce you husband and wife..and a new family.Range you may kiss your Bride. “ Range didn’t hesitate he took Scarlet in his arms and kissed her with passion.

A storm blew up and Rain pelted on the roof that was very loud. The breeze blew in and Scarlet shivered.

“Mr. and Mrs. Range Hollister!” The congregation cheered for them.

They one by one left the alter and walked to the back of the dining area where a table had been set for the five people of the bridal party with the pastors family next to them. Servers brought plates of food to them. Many members of the church introduced themselves to Scarlet some with stories of Range as a boy. Range looked up and it was his sister. “ Sis! I didn’t know you was here!” He said. He stood and went to hug her.
“Well I wasn’t sure I’d make it but I hurried.” Abby Gail said.
“Abby, this is Scarlet. Scarlet this is Abby, my sister. “ Range felt awkward around Abby mostly because she stayed too busy. He hadn’t seen much of her since her husband left her about six years ago.
Abby reached for Scarlet’s hand to shake it. Scarlet shook her hand. “So nice to meet you Abby!” Scarlet tried to be as kind as she could. “ This is Lucas, my…our son. Range adopted him.”
“Hello. “ Lucas said shyly.
“Lucas, this is our aunt Abby now. “ Range said.
“ oh my.” Abby said as it dawned on her this would be the first child in the family. Also she was now an aunt.
“You can set my me aunt Abby.” Lucas said. He gave his seat. Range quickly grabbed an extra chair. He whispered to a lady server to add a place setting.
“ Can you come see my new bedroom?” Lucas asked Abby.
“I’m sure I can sometime. “ Abby always wanted kids but Wes was always gone and then one day never cam back. She received divorce papers in the mail. They were only married one year. Abby still didn’t want to think about it.

Food was served and everyone chatted. Range asked Abby how work was going.
“Well I cut my hours now. I just am getting burnt out. I don’t have time for anything. I am working days now as well. “ Abby explained.
“ Abby that is great. I really miss you and want you to get to know my new family. “ Range told her.

Justice, Range’s farm hand came to the table, “ Congratulations!” They shook hands. Justice and Range had a bond between them that made them more like brothers.
“Man, you have got to come around more and not work so much!” Range said laughing.
“ Yeah well my boss won’t let up! He has me so busy these days!” He laughed.
“ Ahhhhhh you got me.” Range bantered “this is Scarlet and Lucas, and you remember Abby right?”
He nodded at Scarlet and Lucas. “ Nice to finally meet you too. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of you. Abby it is nice to see you again. Justice was blushing as well as Abby but they didn’t say much more. She only nodded and shifted in her seat.

The storm continued on through the event.

The DJ was the youth pastor , Ronnie. He was a cool guy and fun to be around. He announced the first dance for Range and Scarlet. Range took Scarlets hand and led her to the dance floor. They danced for the song then Ronnie called for single ladies and guys to come to the floor. Other than teenagers and some older folks there were Troy, Rachel, Abby, Justice and a few others who obviously came together. So the song played and the guys chose their partners. Troy grabbed Rachel’s hand and twirled her. Dance after dance Range and Scarlet enjoyed. They shared cake and punch, they took so many pictures. Now was the time for gifts. Scarlet was amazed at the thoughtfulness of each gift they opened. Her favorite was a quilt from an elderly woman she barely knew but the quilt was signed. Picture frames and albums. When this was done scarlet was exhausted. Lucas was having an amazing time playing and dancing around with other kids.

Range looked at her and asked,” Are you ready Mrs. Hollister?”
“Yes just let me tell Lucas Goodnight.” Range kissed her head.

Scarlet found Lucas and told him she was leaving and to make sure he was good for Pastor Joel and Mrs. Dofia.
“ Yes Mommy. I will. I’m gonna miss you Mommy.” He pouted a bit.
“Hey buddy,” Range stepped up. “ I need you to be a big boy for just a few days. Aunt Rachel is going to do some things with you too while we are away. “
“And we are just going to be at the farm We are a phone call away. When we pick you up we are going to have a family!” Scarlet said. She hugged him tightly. Range hugged him too.
“ I love you Mommy and Daddy.” Lucas said.
“We love you too.” Range and Scarlet said in unison. He took off running with Maverick then.

Scarlet found Sofia and told her she was leaving. The music stopped and Scarlet prepared to throw the bouquet. Ronnie played some fun music and she tossed the bouquet it fell between Abby and Rachel but Rachel swooped for it and caught it before it hit tbe ground. She teased Abby that it was meant for her. Abby blushed and let Rachel keep it. Laughter filled the room.
Range had a mock garter he tossed to the single men. A older man caught it and handed it to Troy. The room laughed and teased .
As the crowd cheered Range and Scarlet got into the truck and they headed to the farm.

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