Rain and Storms

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Chapter 18

Instead of pulling in the garage he pulled into a gate Scarlet was sure wasn’t there before.Scarlet was amazed at the new road and she knew it led to the cabin. She was extremely quiet because she knew what this night held for them and she had not been passionate for such a long t in me.

Range worried what tonight would be like . He knew he still loved Caroline but she was gone. He hadn’t been with Caroline even because of her sickness for more than two years. But he knew he wanted tonight to be most special because he was lucky enough to have married the woman God meant for him to spend forever with.

The cabin came into view and Range parked the truck. He went around to open Scarlet’s door. He took her hand and led her to the door. He lifted her up and carried her through the door. She smiled at him as he let her down.

Range went to turn the lights on. He had friends set the cabin with led light candles and music before the wedding. He turned on a lamp to let them see the way through the house. Scarlet went to the bathroom and made sure she still looked her best as Range got her bag.
“ This has been more than I could ever ask for Range.” Scarlet broke the silence.
“You deserve this and more.” He said as he closed the distance between them. He brushed the hair from her cheek. He looked at her with live she had never experienced. He let his fingers slide into the back of her soft hair and softly kissed her. He moved away from her to let her process the feeling of being alone with a man. He sensed her need to go slow.

Scarlet had bought a soft silk night gown that was short but she could dare change into that yet. She decided to wait to change and went to the sofa. She was thankful it was soft. She stretched her legs out and rested. Range came out of the bathroom wearing shorts and a white tee shirt. He lifted her feet and laid them on his lap. He propped his feet on the coffee table.
“ The church sure three is a grand wedding and reception.” He said as he rubbed her bare feet.
“ They sure did! It was more than I have ever had in my life. They were all so friendly too and they don’t even know me.” She told him.
“They really are good people. They have been so good to me all through Caroline’s sickness.” He cringed by bringing up Caroline.
He looked at her and said.” I’m sorry I….”
“ Do t think a thing about it Range. I’m glad you had such a loving relationship. It beats what I had.”
“ Yeah I’m sorry that you had such a terrible marriage. Hopefully you will have a better experience with me. “ he laughed.
“ Yeah you’re hard to take sometimes.” And nudged him on his arm.
“ Scarlet, you and Lucas are safe with me forever, and if tonight is too hard for you we can go as slow as you need to find trust.” He rubbed her leg and he could tell she had relaxed more since they talked.
“ Thank you. I do trust you. I am nervous but I just want us both to be comfortable. “
“Let’s watch a movie I mean we have a lifetime of anything we want. “ Range turned on the tv. He turned until a familiar comedy came on. Scarlet got up and got them some popcorn and soda. This time she sat with her side against him and put her feet back up on the couch. He had his arm around her and they enjoyed the movie. They laughed and enjoyed their time alone. Then a drama movie came up next and they began to watch it. The girl in the movie had moved into a man home to help with his kids after his wife had been in a car accident. She was trying to help him grieve but he was shut off. But about halfway through the movie Scarlet heard the faint sound of Range breathing deeper. She knew he had fallen to sleep. She snuggled deeper into his embrace and wrapped her arms around his. She finished the movie by herself but all the while she held her husband she didn’t want to let go of this moment. Her love for him grew just knowing he was giving up the acts of marriage night just to make her feel comfortable. She ever so slightly moved into his arms and laid her head against his chest she was now facing his body she had laid his hand on her waist. She embraced him as she listened to his heart beat and the feel of his body against hers she began to feel love that she had shut herself off from. She wanted to kiss him but she was afraid that she would be hurt once again. Scarlet wrestled with the abuse from Bart and her new found love of her warm husband.
Scarlet knew this was unfair to both her and Range. She decided to let the guard fall. She reached up and kissed his cheek. He was still asleep. She kissed him again on his neck then agin and then let her lips touch his. This was enough to wake him. He tightened his hold on her gently and looked at her. Her eyes had a desire that wasn’t there before. She stood up and took his hand. “Let’s go to bed.” She whispered. He got up and let her lead him. He pulled the blankets down then went to her and she let him unbutton the back of her dress once he did. He kissed her neck and her back as she surrendered herself to him and he surrendered to her. They knew a love now that bound them as one. He made sure to let her know how loved she was. He hoped she would never have to feel the way she did with her ex husband. He fell deeper in love with Scarlet than he ever knew way possible.

Scarlet lost the feeling of being nervous with this beautiful man. He was so loving and made sure she was cherished. She never knew love could be like this.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms and didn’t wake until almost 9:00 am the next morning.
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