Rain and Storms

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Chapter 2

As Range drove along the highway memory after memory flooded his mind. He wanted the sadness to end but the dreary weather kept everything fresh. Today the sun was shining and he hoped to get away from the house.

The green pastures over the rolling hills was breathtaking. He never grew tired of this and the specs of a cattle grazing made his heart glad.

He thought of Caroline’s parents again and hoped they made it safely home. They had to leave after the funeral to be aback to work since they had been here during her end time. Caroline was their only child. Her Pops was still living and was doing pretty well for a man of 80. He attended the funeral but they had to nearly carry him from the place.

He wished he still had his parents however they were killed in an automobile accident nearly twenty years ago. Ice had began to fall as they made their way home and another vehicle slid into them head on. Another memory he wished he could somehow forget.

Range pulled into the grocery store and went in dreading the concerning looks and comments he would get. However the store was more empty than usual. He picked up a few vegetables and milk, sandwich items he grabbed some cleaning items then went to check out. He lucked out with a teenage girl that didn’t know him. He loaded his truck then headed back home.

Scarlet seen the man leave in his truck. She hated stealing from him but had no choice. She was surprised to find the house unlocked. She grabbed essentials sugar butter, milk, flour, salt pepper. She used baggies so the man wouldn’t know. She did find some tuna and chicken in a can and took them. She found a pack of crackers and bread. She seen mail on the table that said Range Hollister. Well now she knew his name. She hurried so she could go back to hiding. she had lucked out the Mr. Hollister. His barn was equipped with everything the could possibly need. Kitchen, bathroom, laundry even. This was a great addition for farm hands. Scarlet could tell no one had been there in months but she knew she had to be careful. She hated running. Lucas was 4 and knew he would need school soon. She was 42 she had Lucas with Bart. He was fine until after Lucas but began to be abused by him. She tried to leave so many times but he would beat her worse, and now in front of Lucas. Lucas thought we were super hero’s on missions he had no ideal our real danger. She had now crossed three states to keep away from him. Scary had no close relatives which is why she had no one to turn to. She doubted that Bart would ever find her here especially when she didn’t use a phone now or use anything but cash. Scarlet had a friend she was keeping in touch with but hadn’t heard anything in a while. The biggest issue would be when Lucas needed school. Scarlet hurried to check her tracks. She rushed back to the barn as not to be caught. Her and Lucas would find things to explore during the day and would come back before it was too dark. The would wait til lights were out before they would turn lights on and live as normal as possible. She knew she needed a job but wasn’t sure how to handle Lucas.
Range pulled in the garage to unload his things . Loneliness was creeping in. He put his things away and got in his usual spot this time he let sleep come. Range dreamed of Caroline and times that meant the most . When he woke up he was going to make dinner but had no desire. He walked to the porch swing and rocked. His tears came again. “ God why didn’t you take me? She was so full of life!” he sobbed. What am I supposed to do now?” He got up and moseyed to the barn one of Caroline’s favorite places. He noticed one of the horses close by it was Dandy. She was an American quarter horse. She whinnied when he walked over. He reached out to pet her. Dandy was as sad as he was. He then thought of Caroline’s duck family. Daisy, Huey, duey and luey. He wondered if there was bread in the apartment. He walked in and found a half loaf. Caroline must have left it for the ducks. He went out to the pond and tossed some pieces. The ducks didn’t respond as quickly as he thought the would have. Maybe they were just as sad. He walked back to Dandy ,” well girl it’s me and you now.” He once again let tears slide from his eyes.” Lord , please help me with my grief.” He walked back to his house closed the door and went to bed..

Scarlet knew that was close . She and Lucas had hid in the shower she prayed for no sneezing or any body noise to escape. Stress hit her of what she would do next.

Rain began to fall and from what she could tell there were no lights on at the house. She had heard Mr. Hollister cry and his prayer. Poor man was grieving fierce. Maybe she could develop a plan.

She prayed that God would comfort this man and help his grief . She also prayed that God would end her running and give her and Lucas a home. She had fed Lucas and played with him until time for bed.

Days went by and Scarlet needed a plan. She prayed for what to do next. Then it hit her. She thought out the plan. The only thing she hoped for that Mr. Range Hollister attended church.

The next day was Sunday and they were going to church. For her plan to work she must leave at the right time.
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