Rain and Storms

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Chapter 19

Range hadn’t slept this late in years and was shocked. He stretched and then looked over at his new bride. He watched her and wondered how she could have ever found him at such a perfect time. He reached over to hold her hand she moved around enough to realize it was morning.
“Oh my. I was supposed to wake up before you and doll myself up and have fresh breath.” She laughed.
He laughed. “ This is real life even though it feels like a dream. “He grabbed her and pulled her close. The fact that they were skin to skin made Range even more aware that he was newly married. This made him feel ten years younger. He was happy. Really happy. He had been in mourning so long that it felt good to just be happy.
Scarlet was self conscious of her morning breath and the fact she was not wearing clothes. She worried that she looked like a crazy person this morning. However she allowed herself to relish in the fact she was laying next to her husband.
They were in no hurry to start their day out of the bedroom. So for now they talked as husband and wife and enjoyed the time of privacy they had.

Scarlet was the first out of bed. She went to the shower and washed her hair. She brush her teeth and fixed her hair. Range had come in right before she was finished and proceeded to get in the shower. Scarlet giggled to herself at the fact she had just watched her husband get in the shower. She was giddy. She really felt much younger today. She k ew she had to enjoy these next two days Because she would go back her son and responsibilities. Not that she minded but she had for so many months ran with Lucas that life was tense and she had to be on her A game all the time. A break from that responsibility was just what she needed.
“You know Range as soon as harvest is over let’s go somewhere. I’ve never traveled and I would like to one day.” She said.
“ I agree. Haven’t been anywhere much past St. Louis or Kansas City. I’ll take you anywhere.” He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek. “ I love you, Scarlet. “
She turned to face him ,” I love you too. “ she kissed him passionately.
They decided to go for a walk, luckily the weather was nice a good breeze blew and made it comfortable. Range showed her more of the property and they walked around his lake. Scarlet love the property. “ Do you have a 4 wheeler?” She asked him.
“I actually do it’s in the barn. I’m sure Lucas would love a ride out here sometime.
“ He would love that!”
“ I sure hope my plants are fairing well. I am getting cucumbers and zucchini, squash, onions, tomatoes. I can’t wait to can some okra and tomatoes too.”
“ You amaze me that you know so much about plants. You really need a green house. “ he said
“ That would be amazing.” She could only hope for something like that.
“Rachel is amazing and it looks like her and Troy hit it off .” She tracked through some weeds.
“Troy is a great guy. He deserves happiness for sure. “ Range was enjoying this walk but he was beginning to sweat.
“ Well it would be great to have Rachel here. She would definitely miss her mom and aunt. They are the only ones that stayed in Utah. Most of her family is from California. Well unless they would come here too. “
“ Loks like me and Troy need to build homes. “ they both laughed. They were finally back at the cabin and both were winded. They went in for a drink and sat at the kitchen table.
“ I guess I need to cook you lunch. Scarlet said. She was definitely not used to walking on that kind of trail. But she loved it. She definitely needed to put on some weight and that kind of walking may make her lose more.
“ Let’s have something but I have dinner being brought to us. “ Range said.
“ oooh that sounds mysterious.” Scarlet joked.
She pulled out chicken salad and grabbed the buns and a pop. She and range ate and then cleaned up. One thing both Range and Scarlet enjoyed is they were great even when neither said anything.
They retreated to the couch. They rested snuggled together as they flipped through the channels. Finally a classic Abbott and Costello came on and Range explained it a bit to Scarlet as she had never seen it. He just pulled her back and told her to watch.
She laughed more than she thought she would and Range enjoyed her laughter. Her rubbed her arm that he held on to. She was aware of how small she had got and knew she had to put on more weight. She went to the freezer and got ice cream she and Range shared it between laughing. Before long Range had stretched out on the sofa and Scarlet laid against him in front. His heartbeat could be felt. The heat from his body was so relaxing. She cuddled deeply into him and before she knew it had fallen to sleep. Range held Scarlet he never wanted to let go of her. He heard thunder in the distance and wondered how bad the storm would be.
He knew dinner would be there at six. He had catered in steaks and the works. Buy for now he would hold his wife and let her sleep. For the next hour he watched tv while Scarlet slept. Eventually she turned in her sleep and was now facing him. She slid her hand up into his shirt touch his skin. He became more aware of her laying next to him and he joined her in the embrace. He kissed her with more passion than he thought he could ever have again. He got up from the sofa and picked her small body up and took her to their room.
Range felt like a teenager he never thought at 55 he could be this in love. He held Scarlet so close he worried he would smother her.
“ I love you Scarlet Rose Hollister. “
“ I love you Mr. Hollister.” She smiled hoping he would never let go. Range and Scarlet talked until around five then Range got up and showered. He could still hear thunder So he knew there would. Be a storm he just didn’t know when. Scarlet surprised him by joking him in the shower.
“ This is an added bonus.” He smiled.
“ It definitely has its perks. “ she winked.
He dressed and got the candles on the table and started some music. Just before six the caterer brought the food in and set it up. Range tipped her and she left.
Scary came from the bedroom and was wowed by his efforts. “ This is amazing! It smells so good.” She sat when he held her chair.
He gave thanks then they ate.
“Range is good is so good. You once again have out done yourself.”
“ You deserve it. It is very good though. “
“ I will have to call and let them know.” Scarlet made mental notes to send thank you cards.
In the middle of their meal the rain came it pounded the metal roof. Lightening and thunder threatened to bring them down. When they were finished they put leftovers away and went to the sun room. They had all the lights out except a candle. The light for the hot tub made it more enchanting. The rain pelted against the glass. Range undressed and got in the tub. Scarlet followed. For the next hour they watched the storm and talked and learned more about each other. When they felt water logged they got out and just sit and talked until after midnight. Range yawned and Scarlet suggested they turn in. Tomorrow would be another day she needn’t worry about anything but she would call Sofia and check on Lucas.
Getting in bed with a man would take some getting used to. Scarlet thought as she snuggled under the blanket. She felt the heat from Range and she knew she never wanted to be alone again. She let him hold her until they were both asleep.
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