Rain and Storms

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Chapter 20

When Range woke up the next day a drizzle was still coming down. He looked over and Scarlet was sound asleep. He had an idea for them today. He knew of an Amish market with tons of plants and vegetables. He knew that Scarlet would love this and there was a cafe on the same property. He would surprise her today.
He rolled over and wrapped his arms around his wife and for the next hour he just rested.

Range thought about his life and how blessed he was. He thought about all his wealth and his life with Caroline and how God had always been with him and blessed. He now thought about Scarlet and how again God blessed him. He could wait to become the best dad to Lucas. He wanted to get him a horse of his own eventually and teach him to work and ride. His thought were halted when Scarlet said” Good Morning.”
“Good morning beautiful.” Range said back smiling. “I have a plan for today but it’s a surprise.” He teased.
“ This sounds interesting. “ she bantered.
They eventually got up and got ready to go. Today Scarlet chose a simple maxi dress and sandals she put her hair in a cute loose messy bun and sprayed some perfume.

They both had gotten coffee and a bagel before they left. Scarlet decided to call Sofia to check on Lucas.
“Hey! How’s it going?” She asked when Sofia answered.
“Great! He has been so good. Maverick has made all kinds of tents and car garages with him. They have played outside and just really having a great time.” Sofia told her. “Hold on and I’ll tell him you’re on the phone”
“Hi mommy! Where is Daddy?”
“He’s right here.” She put the phone on speaker so they both hear.
“ Hi Daddy! What you doing?” Lucas asked.
“I’m driving buddy, I’m taking your mom somewhere special. Are you having fun?” Range asked.
“Yes! We made a tent in his room and we made a garage and we worked on his toy cars and he had s’mores and everything!” Lucas was excited.
“I’m glad you’re having a good time Lucas, I miss you.” Scarlet said.
“I miss you guys too but can I go play?”
“Yes you can. I love you.” Scarlet said
“ I love you too .” Range said.
“ I love you too! Here’s Mrs Sofia.”
“You guys have fun.” Sofia said.
“ Thank you so much for keeping him. Scarlet said.
“ He’s a great kid. No problem.” Sofia said.
They said goodbyes and Scarlet hung up. She thought about how Lucas had taken to Range so quickly as a father. It felt weird but so did having a new husband. She knew she was blessed.

Range drive about 45 minutes until he reached the paved road that led him to Yoder’s farm. You couldn’t tell this was Amish country until the General Store appeared. Buggies with horses lined the front of the shop. Plants of all kinds lined the lot and flowers. Scarlet set taller. “ You got to be kidding me! This is amazing!” She leaned forward to see what she could and finally he had parked. She didn’t wait for him to open the door she got out and come around to him. Her eyes were as big as quarters and she wanted clap or yell or something. She was experiencing this for the first time and what her new husband didn’t know, was how this had been a huge dream day for her for as long as she could remember.
“Range you don’t understand, my dream has always been to visit the Amish community and buy and eat and enjoy…” Scarlet hugged her husband.” Thank you! “ she squeezed him so hard he could only smile back. “ You are welcome my love.” He kissed her nose.

The walked hand in hand over to the flowers and down each isle. He got a wooden wagon and he pushed it along as she picked out ferns for the porch a few spices and herbs. She got a few flowers and then they went into the large store and found apple butter and pickled okra. She added some homemade bread. Range picked up some variety of cheeses then got Whoopie pies. When they had paid for their items they placed them in the truck then went inside the cafe. Range and Scarlet shared a bowl of corn soup. Scarlet had the turkey platter and Range had the open face beef. The food was wonderful but the atmosphere was the true draw of the day. Range and Scarlet took their time to enjoy the experience. They finished up their lunch and walked around a bit more then got in their truck and left. Range drove up the way a bit and seen a sign for an antique shop and pulled in. “ Do you like antiques?” Range asked Scarlet.
“ Yes! I love antiques!” They got out and went in.
Each cubby was filled with different themes almost some favored rummage sales. But they walked through each with their own set of memories attached to certain items. They laughed and reminisced. Range found old lunch boxes he had owned and Scarlet found old tea sets that she had remembered getting for Christmas. For the next hour and a half they wondered through the store. They hadn’t even purchased anything and finally left. The drive home was quiet and Scarlet was really missing Lucas. And as if Range had read her mind he spoke up.” I bet you are missing Lucas.”
“ So very much. Not that I’m not enjoying every minute with you.” She said.
“ I understand and we can go get him and go home if you want.” He assured her.
“ No this is good for him to have friends. He hasn’t been around anyone but me in two years. I am looking forward to another night with you alone.” She reached over and took his hand.
He smiled at her and tightened his hold on her hand.
He was amazed at how much he loved her.
“ I truly love you Scarlet.” His stomach had butterflies and he felt the love between them growing.
“ I love you too Range, thank you for not judging my situation.” She replied.
“ Scarlet my house, my life, my everything is now yours as well and I want you to make it your own. If you need to change curtains or towels, please do it. I want you to make your mark in our home. “
“ I’m pretty simple. I’m not much for decor or anything. I just love to grow things!”
“ Please do as much of that as you want.” Range chuckled.
They bantered on about the garden and harvest which was coming up soon. Winter and Christmas would also be coming as well. She hey finally made it back to the cabin and had started to get dark. They had taken the flowers and spices to the main house and the ferns were hung, which took up some of their evening. But now they were relaxing on the couch with a movie and they both fell asleep snuggled together.

Range woke up to the sound to wind howling. He was a bit concerned and turned he tv to the local channel. He had been so caught up in his honeymoon he hadn’t paid as much attention to the weather as he usually did. Storms would be prevalent tonight and if fact was favorable of a tornado. The pending storm was to be in their area in about 30 minutes. He woke Scarlet to let her know. She look at her phone and she had missed a few texts from Sofia.
Storms are pretty bad, Lucas is nervous but not crying. He is worried about you guys. Feel free to call to talk to him we are awake and ready to go to the basement if necessary. “
“I have to call Sofia.” She let Range see the text.
“Sofia? She said as soon as she heard someone answer. “ Is he ok? He has always been nervous in storms. Yes let me talk to him. Thanks.” She whispered to Range. “I think we should go get him. “
“ We can for sure.” Range had already started putting his shoes on.
“ Hey buddy. You okay? I know you are trying to be brave. You want me to come get you? Yes it’s ok. We can be there in 15-20 minutes. Yes buddy Daddy will drive me. Yes we will be careful from the lightening. Okay let me talk to Mrs Sofia. I’m leaving now buddy. It’s okay. “
“ Hey Sofia, he’s pretty nervous so if it’s okay with you we will head over for him. Yeah he seemed to be holding back. We are leaving now. See you in a few. We will.”
Scarlet hung up the home.” Let’s go.” She got in the truck she noticed the atmosphere seemed a bit different. She was more concerned than ever in this weather. She was sure it was because of the last accident.
The wind whipped his truck pretty hard but she was thankful that lightening was minimal. By the time they reached the Pastors house Rain had started. They parked the truck and ran inside. Joel met them in the doorway and motioned to the basement.
He pulled Range aside and said they had spotted a tornado on the ground a few towns away and for everyone in the path to seek shelter. “ we are playing camp out in the basement. “ Joel and Range joined the party of kids and wives.
Sofia took the flash light and started singing songs. As the storm got louder outside she did too and she looked at the men in a hint to help sing louder. Joel began to sing as loud as he could over the storm. Range check the local weather station and had learned that a tornado had been spotted in the next town moving their direction. Range quietly told Joel and they knew they needed to transition to safety mode. Sirens began to wail and the kids looked more anxious.
“Kids let’s get in our safe mode just in case but we are going to pray the storm goes away. “ Joel spoke softly. Each child was given a pillow to place over their head and Scarlet hunkered over Lucas. He held to the pillow. She heard him praying “Jesus make the storm go away.” He said it over and over. Scarlet prayed herself and she never made a sound but her insides her in nervous knots. The sirens had stopped and they heard wind but nothing horrible. They could hear stuff most likely being blown about but never heard much. Range was able to listen to the weather station that said it had moved to the next town so he and Joel went upstairs to look around. When they got to the front door they were amazed that the street was untouched. Well as much as they could see in the dark. Range could hear fire truck sirens across the way and seen lights in the distance. They retreated back down stairs to the kids and Ladies.
“I think me and Joel need to go see if we can be of help.” Range said. “ You all should be fine upstairs now. We are lucky we have electricity.”
“ Yes. Scarlet you and Lucas can have Savanna’s room if y’all want to spend the night.” Joel said.
“I can sleep in the den.” Savanna said.
“ Than you Savanna. “ Scarlet said.
“ Mommy can I sleep with Maverick?” Lucas asked.
“ As long as Mrs Sofia don’t care.” Scarlet added.
“ I think it will be fine.” Sofia said. The boys ran off and the ladies hollered to them to brush their teeth.
Scarlet and Sofia went to the living room with coffee and sat down.
“You we are blessed that our house was untouched.” Sofia said.
“ I don’t think I have ever been in weather thus severe.” Scarlet shivered.
“I hope there was no damaged homes.” Sofia added.
Just as she said it the guys came in. Their faces was mere shock. Scarlet and Sofia sat up.
“We can’t get through any where. There are trees down. “ Joel started.
“ We can’t see anything due to powe lines down. I’m gonna call the sheriffs to see if we are needed. “ Range said. He walked into the kitchen.
“You really can’t tell what is out there due to all the trees. “ Joel was saying. His phone rang and Sofia’s rang, for the next couple hours they took calls from church members updating them on their homes. No one so far had damage other than trees. They were thankful.
Range had been told to stay put the the morning would bring light on the situation and would probably be needed. With that the four of them went to bed.
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