Rain and Storms

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Chapter 21

Light began to shine through the window and Range whispered to Scarlet that he needed to get out and see if he was needed. She kissed him and told him to be safe.
He went to the kitchen for a glass of water and met Joel.
“ Coffee?” Joel offered.
“ Yes please. I was fixing to go see how I can help. “ Range said in between drinks.
“ Ya that’s why I got up early too.” He put a plate of muffins on the table. “ Help yourself, it will give us some energy. “ They both had a muffin and finished their coffee.
“Let’s grab my chainsaw and some rope from the shed.” Joel headed out.
Range grabbed gas and oil and the rope and chain. Joel grabbed the chainsaw and some trimmers and a sledgehammer.
When the truck was loaded they headed back towards town, There were already many men out working on trees that blocked the road . A police car directed traffic Joel opened his window,” Where can we help, I have a chainsaw.”
“ Right here actually, let’s chop it then stack on the side of the road then we can get the street clear. “ the officer instructed. Range grabbed the trimmers and started to clip off the limbs while Joel started sawing the truck k of the tree. Within twenty minutes they had the majority cleared from the street. The two of them pulled on an awkward part of the tree and was able to clear it from the road. The officer thanked them and called the officials and let them know it was clear. They kicked the debris as best as they could to the side of the road. They asked where to go next. The officer directed them to another street with a tree down and Range and Joel were off. They couldn’t believe how much destruction was in a certain area but other parts untouched.
Range’s phone rang it was Troy and he agreed to come help them out. He met him at a gas station with his chainsaw. The three set out and helped the city clean trees and debris from roads and then once the city said all roads were passable they turned to the houses on the row of houses that had been more devastated. No o e had been hurt and the damage was minimal compared to what could have been. A few houses were missing parts of their roofs and some had damage to vehicles. Range ,Troy and Joel focused on moving trees from driveways and yards. Joel seen a woman standing outside with a baby and a son who looked to be about 13. She had a tree across her drive and looked like she was about to panic.
“ Hello Ma’am we are out trying to help clean up, do you mind if we cut up your tree and moved it to the sidewalk?”
“ Tears slid down her cheek. “ I can’t find my husband. He went out to look at the weather and told us to get in the bathroom and he never came back. I had no service to call 911 so we have been out looking for him.” Her baby girl was about 3 months old and thankfully asleep.
The guys kind of looked at each other.
“ Why don’t you take your children in the house and get something to eat. We can get a picture of him and see if we can find him.” Pastor Joel assured her. “ What’s your name?”
“ Wendy. My husband is Matt.” She answered trying not to cry. “Come on Ryker.” She called to her son. He dropped his head but followed.
“ I’m praying we are wrong. “ Range looked at the guys.
They all went to the tree and tried to see if anyone was under it. However, the limbs did not allow them to be able to really tell. But Troy felt they needed to call the police just in case. The officer came by about 5 minutes later and allowed them to cut back limbs.
The officer went to talk to Wendy for more information. Troy, Range, and Joel took their time to take limbs off carefully. Joel noticed an article of clothing and stopped Troy and Range. He went in to the officer and tried not to alert Wendy.
“ We just have a few questions about some of the trees in the neighborhood can we talk to you about them?” Joel asked.
“ Sure can, I’ll be right back Wendy. The officer followed Joel outside and alerted him that he felt that Matt probably was crushed by the tree. They decided to take Wendy away from the children to let her know but wanted to see if she had any family near.
Officer Cook called her to the door.
“ Wendy does any of you or Matt’s family live near?” He asked.
“ My Dad lives on Smith street it’s a few blocks over. My aunt lives across the street from him. “ Wendy said. “ Matt’s family all live out of town. “
“ I’m gonna have Joel run to get your family in case they can help.” Officer Cook suggested.
“ That’s a good idea. My dad and Matt are very close.” Wendy said.
Officer Cook got in his car and went for the family while the guys pretended to continue to cut up the tree. When Officer Cook returned with Wendy’s dad and aunt he had already instructed them to keep the children inside and away from windows. He had already called the victim unit and had called their team to finish up. Officer Cook pulled Wendy aside and told her their assumption and told her that he did not want the children present. Now he let her cry.
“ Wendy, If in fact it is Matt then I don’t think you will want to see him. Ok?” He stood in between the tree and Wendy.
Officer cook seen a lifeless body as they lifted the tree, as things progressed he heard a command,” 911 Now! We have a pulse!”
“ Dont move Matt! Help is on the way!”
Wendy ran to his side, Matt! I’m here! I’m here!” She sobbed wanting to touch him but knew better. She leaned in quickly and kissed his head. “ I love you Matt!”
“ I love you” he whispered. But then blacked out again
The sound of a helicopter was approaching. “ Stay will h us Matt!” Paramedics yelled as the were preparing him to fly out. An open lot on the corner allied for a landing which was a miracle in itself. Wendy heard on if the paramedics say he was almost sure every bone was broke and worried about his lungs.
“ Ma’am, we can’t allow you to fly but please meet him at the hospital.” A flight crew said.
Wendy ran to her house and got her dad. They jumped in her car and left. Joel went to the house and left his card and took the aunts information. He promised to check in and for her to call if they needed anything. They finished putting all the wood to the road and cleared things as best as could be done. The three of them got into the truck and for a few minutes didn’t say anything. “ Father please heal Matt , give them a miracle. Be with their family in your name. Amen. “ Joel ended the prayer as each of the men said “ Amen”
After a few more trees they dropped Troy off and invited him to dinner.
“ Well to be honest, Rachel will be back in tow tomorrow and I am helping house hunt with her.” Troy said.
“ That’s great, Scarlet speakers highly of her. “ Range said. “ Where is she planning to stay?”
“ I’m guessing a hotel. She mentioned that. “ Troy answered.
“ She can stay at the house. We have plenty of room.” Range told him. “ I’ll have Scarlet call her.” They said goodbye and they left.
They got back to the house and told the girls about their day and had supper. Range and Scarlet was calling for Lucas when Joel got a call. He held up a finger to say wait a minute. “ You got to be kidding! Really? That is the best news if the day! We really would love for you to come share your testimony at church. Yes I will text you the address. Thank you Jesus! Anytime! Ok Goodnight.” Joel was excited but had tears in his eyes.
“You guys are not going to believe this. But Matt, has nothing wrong with him! He only has bruises and scratches! They checked his bones and his lungs and there is nothing at all wrong! They are keeping him overnight just in case and to watch over him but if all goes well he comes home tomorrow! I ha r never seen a man be crushed under a tree for 12 or more hours and live through it well enough no injuries! God did a mighty miracle!!! “
They all cheered for the goodness of God. They all were so amazed at what God could do.

Scarlet and Range headed out the door with Lucas.
“So much has happened I feel like It’s been a week.” Scarlet said.
“ Yes and there is more.” Range looked at her. “ Rachel is coming to town tomorrow and I told Troy she could stay with us. I hope you don’t mind. “
“ She didn’t even tell me! And mind? Oh Range thank you! “ Scarlet was extra excited.
“ While you and Lucas move you into my room. Our room, I will run to the cabin for our things.” Range was happy she would be in his room from now on.
“ That will give me time to get a room ready for Rachel and I will call her too. Scarlet wasn’t sure where she would want to be.
They were back on the farm in no time and some limbs were on the lawn but so far no damage was seen.
It had already started getting dark.
Scarlet got Lucas out of the car and they went in. Immediately she called Rachel.
“ Hey! I hear a certain someone is moving to town. “ Scarlet teased.
“Well I miss my BFF.” Rachel teased back.
“ Somehow I think I’m only a small part of the equation. She chuckled. “But you are staying with us. We won’t have you staying in a hotel.”
“ Scarlet, you just got married..”
“ It’s already decided. I just need to know where you want to stay. There is a bedroom down stairs that I was staying. Or there are 3 other bedrooms upstairs and one is a master that has its own bathroom. The down stairs has its own bath too.”
“I’d rather be upstairs to give you all privacy. “ Rachel relented.
“I can’t wait! I will have it ready for you. See you tomorrow okay. “
“ Thanks Scarlet. See you tomorrow. “ Rachel said.
“ Your welcome. Bye. “ Scarlet hung up the phone and her and Lucas got busy moving clothes. She explained she would be farther from his room but Aunt Rachel would be close to him too.
They worked until everything was put up. When Range got back he got extra towels for Rachel’s bathroom and clean sheets. Thankfully there had always been a bed in the room. After about an hour they had everything put away and Range and Scarlet tucked their sweet boy to bed. Range found his recliner and remote while Scarlet showed for bed. For Scarlet it felt weird being in Caroline’s room. Nothing in the room was hers necessarily except the bed she had shared with Range. She would talk to him about changing things to create her own space now. But for tonight she would deal with it and pray she would be able to sleep.

Range come to the room as she was brushing her hair and said,” Feel free to do with this room what you want
To make it ours”
“Thank you my sweet man. It like you just know. “ Scarlet wrapped her arms around him he swept her up and carried her to the room down the hall to the room she had been using. He laid her on the bed. “ You are my wife and I want you to feel at home in OUR home. “ he kissed her to confirm his words and claimed his wife.
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