Rain and Storms

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Chapter 23

Scarlet and Rachel went first to pick out the ship lap , then she found a cabinet for her Personel items to put beside a chair and then she found a perfect chair. It was a white rocking recliner with canvas material.
Curtains were a bit harder to find but she finally found the ones she wanted she found some that would allow the light to filter through yet enough to close out some. She picked a white down set for the bed and extra pillows that she adored. A accent rug for the bathroom and shower curtain.
She also found some cream and black accents to finish her look.
Rachel picked out a few items she needed as well then they had lunch.
“ Thank you for helping me Rachel.” Scarlet said.
“ My pleasure!” Rachel replied. “Besides hopefully you will be helping me with a wedding soon.” Rachel said with a wink.
“ Really!?” Scarlet was excited for her friend.
“ Troy seems to be headed in that direction when we are together. “ Rachel seemed confident.
“ I’m so happy for you.” Scarlet told her genuinely.
After they ate the girls headed back to the house. The guys were waiting to get started. Everything was unloaded from the truck and carried in. The beds had been traded out but not assembled yet. The guys had the shiplap hung and trimmed. They worked to put the bed together. Rachel and Scarlet reorganized the bathroom to remove any of Caroline’s things and added her own. Not much was left but a few items were open that she was sure Range probably never used. So she took the liberty to toss some things. She was so grateful that Range understood. She and Rachel took the new sheets and comforter and made the bed. They added the accent pillows along with the new bedding that she bought. The guys placed her cabinet next to her chair. Scarlet added her Bible to it and put the cream throw on the back of the chair. Scarlet placed what clothes she owned into the closet and her drawers. She then took her favorite perfume and sprinted it over the bed and chair to add the “ her” to the room. The bedroom looked amazing. What more it was her and her husband’s. Scarlet thanked Caroline quietly for keeping up with the home and for how she adored Range.

They all left the room and realized it was past supper time. Troy spoke up,” don’t worry food is on the way!”

They all high fived him and thanked him. Lucas had been playing with his toys and had joined the group.

“ Mommy is you’re room done? can I go see it now? “Lucas had been asked to play while things were getting done.
" You sure can!" she smiled and rocked him in a sing song way.
“Mommy it’s so pretty!” Lucas ran around and explored everything. “ I won’t make it dirty Mommy ok” he said to Scarlet
“ Well that is great Lucas! At you hungry?”
“ I’m so hungry my belly is rumbling.” He said
“ Well let’s go eat some pizza!!! She picked him up and tickled him. They both laughed as they went to the kitchen.
Pizza was being served and her friends stopped to pray over the food. Then they all ate and laughed and talked about how life had changed for all of them.
Scarlet spoke up. “ and imagine this was made possible through rain and storms.” Each of them silently nodded and rais d their sodas in a cheer. Range first,” to Rain and storms” they all tipped each other’s glasses.
The End
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