Rain and Storms

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Chapter 8

Morning came with excitement for Scarlet she got dressed in her old leggings and a white tank and put a flannel on over it. She put on her tennis shoes and put her hair in a messy bun. She left sprigs of hair around her face. She called this hairstyle “it’ll do.” She laid out Lucas some play clothes and headed to the kitchen.
Today would be ham egg and cheese biscuit. With fruit.
Coffee was brewing and smells filled the house. Range came in dressed as always.
“Smells good.” He brushed her arm as he got their coffee. She smiled.
“ Thank you. “ she attempted to flirt.
He smiled back. “I think someone is eager to get her hands dirty.” Lucas came in the room rubbing his eyes. Range picked him up and sat him on his lap. Lucas turned into Range as if he wanted cuddling. Range wrapped him into his arms and laid his head on top of Lucas’ head.
Scarlet was thankful. She wished she had a camera or phone.

Range’s phone rang, “ Hello, ok. Give me a few and I’ll come down. Thanks Walt.”

“I have to go back to the dealership today.” Range said.
“Ok sounds good.”
Breakfast was cleaned up and Lucas was dressed they loaded up the car and left.

At the dealership Walt had all the papers ready to sign. He got him to 18,500 but would give him $1000 rebate. So Range told him to have the truck delivered to his house. He was able to get tags at the dealership which made one less stop.

The next stop was the post office he sent a letter to Scarlet.
“ What’s your last name? sorry I never asked before now. “ Range said.
“ James. Scarlet Rose James .” She replied.
He was in and out of the post office quickly. Now they were off to the green house.

When they arrived Range got caught talking to some friends and that was Scarlets moment. She found a worker and asked what they did with all the dead thing. The boy said they were found at the back of the building. “ Can I have them? And any old pallets?” Scarlet asked.

Let me check. He called his manager and they approved it. “ He said you can have what’s in or by the dumpster.

“ Thanks!” Scarlet was getting excited. “ She went to the back and she found all kinds of tomato and pepper plants. She found 4 pallets that were perfect for her boxes, and she found some unrecognizable plants that she took for the soil.

She came back around and found Range, “ Do you know anything about ferns I need 6 for the house. Caroline always done this so I’m lost. “ Range explained.
Scarlet helped pick them out and he asked her what all she needed, she told him and he gathered everything on a cart.
When they got to the front it was clearly more than they could fit in the car.
“ Can you deliver to my house today Steve? “ Range asked.
“Sure , Dylan is on a delivery and will be back in a jiffy and we can. “ Steve told them.
“ Can he bring the things from around back?” Scarlet asked.
“Steve, meet Scarlet James, her and Lucas here is my house guest for a while.” Range introduced them.
“ Hi Steve.” Scarlet replied.
Steve gave looks that wanted an explanation but Range gave him none.
After everything was paid for and delivery instructions given Range and Scarlet decided on pizza for lunch.
She was setting in the window when a business across the street caught her eye. “ what was that business there Range?”
“ That was an old lumber company and plant nursery. Don and Earl Hudson owned it. They were brothers that ran it together neither of them ever married and wen Don had a heart attack Earl couldn’t keep it up. They sold everything out of it and closed the doors. “ Range explained.
“ Where is Earl now? Scarlet asked.
“ Last I heard he was in the nursing home up the street. Range said.
Their pizza came and they all ate their fill.
“ Mommy you want a greenhouse again?” Lucas asked.
“ One day bud.” Scarlet answered.
Range heard Lucas but didn’t ask questions.

When Range and Scarlet got to the house everything had been delivered and Scarlet set out for tools from the barn. She went to work and cut and made boxes that would separate certain vegetables, she worked until she had things planted just the way she needed them to be. The tomatoes would grow up but until she had her green house to hang them this would do. Most of the veggies she would use but there hopefully would be a vast supply to sell.
Range was amazed at her skill of making planters and they way she planted things in special places. This was her skill. She was amazing. “ Scarlet this is beautiful.” Range told her.” I have never seen a garden look this put together before.

“ Thank you” she said with a smile. She was proud of herself, she knew exactly how to grow things. She only wished she could grow more.

It was almost 8:00pm when they finished and darkness was setting in. They put all the tools up and headed inside. Scarlet put Lucas into the bath and laid his pjs out. Range had went to his room for a shower. When the phone rang. Scarlet answered. “Hello?” She said.
“ Scarlet ? It’s Rachel.”
“ Hey Rachel!”Scarlet said.
“ Scarlet, I’ve been trying to reach you all day! You got trouble headed your way. “Rachel cried.
“ What do you mean?” Scarlet asked.
“Barbara, Barts mom is trying to fight you for right to Lucas. Rachel said. “ She came by with official looking papers and said how she would be a better fit since you didn’t have a home and job. She’s pretty serious”. Rachel told her. “ She wanted to know where you was. She said if you didn’t respond to her she would fight. I’m not sure what do say or do, but I didn’t tell her anything. “
“ Thank you Rachel, I will do some checking. You have been such a great friend.” Scarlet hung up not sure what to do next.
Range stepped in the kitchen for a drink and seen Scarlet’s face. She wAs white as a ghost.
“Scarlet? What’s wrong?” Range went to her and sat in front of her. Tears were about to spill over.
“ Bart’s mother is going to sue me for custody of Lucas , she said since I don’t have a home or job her home would be more stable. “ Scarlet put her head in her hands. “ I thought I was free when he died, his mom has only seen Lucas 3 times and that was at his birth his first birthday and his second. She never was sober long enough to be in his life. I heard she had gotten sober over the years but she never attempted to see Lucas. “ Scarlet cried. Range pulled her into his chest and let her cry. When she had calmed he said,” Scarlet tomorrow we can call an attorney. William Eastern, is a family friend we can call him. Everything is going to be fine.” He reassured her.
Lucas was in need of a bath so Scarlet got him his toothbrush then got him in the tub and washed his hair. She got his pjs ready and Range came in and played with him a bit in the tub. When it was time to get out Range grabbed the towel and held it open. “ Come on buddy.” He picked him up and wrapped the towel around him and sat him on the bed. Scarlet dressed him and Range pulled the covers back and together they tucked him in.
“ Goodnight Buddy.” Range tousled his hair.
“Goodnight Mr. Range, I love you.” Lucas said.
“Love you too buddy.” Range was shocked that Lucas had said that.
“ Goodnight Mommy, I love you !” Lucas told Scarlet.
“ Goodnight buddy, Mommy loves you the most.” His little arms stretched around her neck.
Scarlet worried so much about. She looked at his frail body. She would run again if she had to until she had to.
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