Rain and Storms

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Chapter 9

Range woke early and placed a call to his friend William. He had been in family law for as long as Range could remember.
“ William this is Range . I have a few questions for you. Can we meet with you today?” Range set up a meeting at 9:00. He then went to Scarlet”s room and woke her up. She got up and showered and got Lucas ready. She gave him a muffin and some milk while she finished getting ready. They left before coffee or anything.
The drive to town was rather quiet he could tell she was sick with worry and he seen the look that she may run again. He wanted her to feel safe.
“ If we can’t figure this out , the cabin is always there for you.” Range said quietly.
She look at Range her eyes had fear in them.
“ Gid hath not give the spirit of fear Scarlet but of love and power and a sound mind. He is looking out for you.” Range said with confidence.
“ Thank you.” She said.
He reached over and patted her hand but he held it gently for assurance.
Scarlet calmed a little when Range held her hand. This time she didn’t feel the usual butterflies, but this time it was peace and calm. She didn’t move for fear of him letting go.
They reached the attorney office and walked him. Range told the receptionist who he was and then sat next to Scarlet. He had taken his hat off and sat it on his knee that he had crossed. After about 5-10 minutes William came through the door and shook Range’s hand and asked for them to come in. He asked the receptionist to let Lucas color while they talked. Lucas was happy with that. She turned on some cartoon ms for him as well and Lucas was good as gold.
“What can I do for you Range?” William asked.
“ Well , this is Scarlet. She came to me as one of Caroline’s girls. She had a dire situation and ended up in my barn. Since then the ex husband was killed in an automobile accident and now his mom is seeking custody of the boy on grounds of her being homeless and not married. So the issue is how much do we need to worry and what do we do.” Range explained.
“ So is grandma married?” William asked.
“ As far as I know she has a husband, they don’t get along much that was over 3 years ago. They drank much of the time.” Scarlet said.
“ So she hasn’t seen your child in over 3 years?” William asked.
“ Actually longer, she seen him when he was born and when he was a year old, then when he turned 2 possibly a couple other times but no real relationship. Bart Lucas’ dad was in and out of the home and hitting me and beginning to be rough with Lucas, until Lucas was almost 3. He hit me a lot and would in front of Lucas. Until one night July 4th, he got so drunk and Lucas was in the room and tried to stop him from hitting me and he pushed Lucas so hard he fell against the wall. It was then he told me that if I left him he would hunt me and Lucas down and kill us. When he passed out we went into hiding. For the last 2 and a half years we have been on the run. Then we just found out that Bart was killed and didn’t need to run anymore until this.” Scarlet poured her heart out.

“ I can’t imagine running from someone for over two years. That must have been tough.” William said. “ So I don’t think she has anything to go on. She has no relationship with the child and she doesn’t have a stable home life. However, she could comeback with neither do you. I would say that more so than ever you need a job and a good home for Lucas. What are your living arrangements now?” William asked.
“Um..” she darted her eyes to Range. “ Range has given us shelter since his accident in the rain. I was injured. He has an apartment in his barn he was going to let me work for him to pay for things we need. “ Scarlet knew this was not enough.
“ My suggestion is get a real job. Find an apartment in town and establish a stable environment for him. I can file on your behalf to see if we can get it thrown out. And in the state of Missouri we do not have grandparents rights. Let me have my receptionist get some more information and I will check into what she has filed. In the meantime find a job. Find an apartment. William stood to walk them out, I’ll give you a call in a few days. It was good seeing ya Range.”

“ Good seeping you too William.” Range shook his hand and the three left.

“ Scarlet, it’s going to be ok.” Rage pulled Scarlet in a side hug but today she couldn’t respond.

Get a real job, get an apartment. With what , walking to town was not feasible. Her thought was causing a headache. She knew Range meant well but she just couldn’t think straight.

Range didn’t go home he traveled towards the city. Scarlet hadn’t much noticed until Lucas said he had to use the restroom. Range pulled into a gas station and took Lucas in. Scarlet grabbed a coffee and when Range appeared she asked if he wanted one. He said yea so she made him a cup then grabbed Lucas a juice. She pulled money from her pocket and paid before Range could stop her.

“ Thank you.” Range said softly. “ By the way you look lovely.” He said to her.

Scarlet blushed as the compliment took her off gaurd. “ Thank you.” She smiled despite her anxiety. Her hand held a coffee and her little boy’s hand in the other. Right now she was thankful for both.

Range helped Lucas back in the car and got into the driver’s seat and he turned to Scarlet,” Do you trust me?”

Scarlet was shocked at his seriousness.” Yes, I trust you.”

“Do you trust God?” He asked.
“ Yes, why are you asking?” She said.
“ Because I need you to trust that between God and me, you and Lucas are safe and I need you to smile again.” He reached over and took her hand and he felt so in love he wasn’t sure what to do. “ He hated leaving the memory of Caroline behind but right now all he could think about was this lovely brunette that sat beside him. He slid his fingers between hers and his desire for her rise to a new level. He knew he had to fix things soon.

Scarlet’s heart was racing, he just held her hand not the caring way but the “ I love you” way. She was sure her hand was sweaty and her love for Range was there but she knew how recently he lost his wife and knew not to try anything. Besides this man was letting her and her son stay in his house!
She did the only thing she really knew to do and used her other hand to seal this. She wrapped his hand in both hers and leaned her head on his shoulder .

Not daring to let go , he used his left hand to shift into reverse and pulled out of the parking lot. He didn’t say much until he pulled in to a restaurant it was 12:15 and his stomach was growling.
He hated to let go of Scarlets hand but gave it a gentle squeeze before he got out and walked around and opened the door for her then Lucas had already unbuckled and was opening the door.
Lucas held Scarlet’s hand , and Range put his hand on Scarlet’s back and made sure she knew he was there.

When they were seated he and Scarlet sat across from each other and smiled at each other like wreck less teenagers. Lucas for once was talkative and talked about his trucks and the horses and just about everything. Range allowed his leg to rest against Scarlet’s under the table. Both of them knew the desire they felt.

Scarlet and Range both got steaks and baked potatoes. It was funny how they liked similar things but also had other interests separately.

Range told Scarlet that there was a great mall in the city and he wanted her to go shopping.

“ Ladies love to shop.” Range teased.

“ For me, shopping is stressful trying to decide what’s more important the bologna or the bread because there is not enough for both. “ Scarlet told .him.

“Not today. Today you will buy you clothes and girly things. I’m sure you don’t want to keep wearing my wife’s old things.” He said.

“ I appreciate that she kept things in great condition!!” Scarlet said. “It was truly a blessing.”

“ Nevertheless you deserve a good day. “ Range said. “ Besides one day I may not want you to go shopping so much. He laughed as he teased her. Lucas laughed too.

“ oh so you plan to have me around for a long time.” She teased back.

“ It depends on how good this garden turns out.” He laughed, and he hoped that her troubles could just go away for a day.

After they ate they drove to the mall. He told her to go do whatever she needed and he would take Lucas to play.

Scarlet took his card, she was uncomfortable at best but sat out to find the cheapest things she could.

She needed under garments and pjs, she needed so much but would do what she could. So off she went to stores she was more familiar with.

Range took Lucas to get ice cream and they sat at a table and he looked at Lucas seriously. “ Lucas?”
“ Yes Mr. Range.” He managed between licks.

“ Can you keep a big secret? Range asked.

“ Only if it protects me and my Mom.” He said with confidence .

Range almost laughed due to his seriousness.

“ Well, this secret is more like a surprise.” Range singsonged.

“ Like Christmas presents?” He asked.

“Those secrets are okay.” Lucas said.

“ This is one of those secrets buddy.” Range told him.
“ But there is more. I have to ask you an even more serious question okay?” He asked.

“ What is that Mr. Range?” Lucas asked.
“ Lucas, do you love me? Range asked.
“ That’s no secret Mr Range! I have always loved you.” Lucas said.
“ Lucas how would you feel if I married your mom?” Range tried not to distracting.

“Would you be my dad?” Lucas reasoned.
“ Yes Lucas if you want me to be.” Range said.
“ Do I have your permission then to Marry your Mom and be your Dad?” He asked.
“ YES!! He said with excitement. “ When are you going to marry my mom?” Lucas asked.
“ Well, that why you have to keep a secret ok ? I going to get a ring and ask her in a special place. Ok?” He wanted to be sure Lucas would keep his secret.
“Yes Mr Range, I will keep your secret. But can I help you surprise her?” Lucas was so excited.
“ I would love for you to help.” He picked up Lucas and hugged him.

Off they went to a jeweler and together picked out a ring. They called it a halo and he knew it was perfect for the angel that was sent to him. He knew he needed to visit Caroline and let her know. But he had some special plans for her.
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