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Ch. 41: Behave!

"Oh, my God! Sit down, or else we're gonna end up in the water!"

Martina was slightly hysterical, and yelled at me for even the tiniest move, and I laughed pretty much the whole time we were out paddling.

"It's not funny!" she whined, but laughed a bit anyway.
"I'm gonna get my revenge somehow. Mark my words."

I poked her shoulder to make her turn and look at me, then smirked mischievously.

"Can't wait," I murmured. Then she huffed and tried to keep the canoe in the direction we were supposed to go. It was only partially successful, so I helped her a bit.

"You won't say the same when you're tied up in bed, helpless and needy," she mumbled, probably not wanting me to hear it.

"Damn. I'm in on that," I snickered.
"Only, you're the one who gets tied up. I'm not the submissive kind."

"Oh yeah? Too bad for you, because you have no saying in that."

Fuck, that's actually hot, Aaron, although the idea of her being in control is kind of scary.

I couldn't help it when my dick grew harder by the moment, and I felt relieved that at least something was back to normal. But having sex in a canoe in the middle of San Francisco Bay wasn't exactly very child friendly.

"Hey! Stop splashing water at me!"

Martina yelled at me again, but I just couldn't stop teasing her. Besides, the t-shirt she'd put on looked much better when it was glued to her body. But then I realized that I wasn't the only one who could see that and stopped immediately. Nobody was allowed to see her nipples poking against the cotton but me.

Ahh, her nipples...

"What do you have in mind for dinner later?" I asked randomly, and tried to get my mind elsewhere. But I noticed that she hesitated before she answered.

"I haven't really thought about that," she said, so I suggested a few of the meals I knew she'd made before.

"Chili con Carne? Pasta carbonara? Chicken salsa?"

"Uhm... Can you please talk about something else?"

I raised my eyebrows. But just as I was about to ask why, she explained.

"I'm getting sea sick."

I tried not to laugh. I honestly did.

"You're such a land crab," I teased.

"A what?" she exclaimed, and turned to face me with the most startled expression.

"Land crab. You know, the ones who..."

"...lives on land. Yeah, obviously. But why?"

I looked around and made her do the same.

"There are no waves here. The weather is great and we've only been out for thirty minutes."

She mumbled something and pouted, but I could actually see it. She did look a bit pale.

"Wanna do something else instead, then?" I suggested.


"How about a walk through Mission Bay?" I suggested, and hoped she remembered that it was a park. I didn't take it for granted though, since the sightseeing we had last summer was almost a year ago. But somehow it felt like decades.

"That'll be nice," she said and smiled over her shoulder. And after more laughing, yelling and squealing, we were back at Sea Trek and walked off.

"Hey, Aaron?" Martina said, and gave me a glance that told me to look at her hand. It reached out for mine.

"I have certain criteria for my boyfriend," she smirked, and it felt like a giant bubble burst inside of me and spread tingles all over my body, when she emphasized that one word. Then I took her hand and entangled our fingers in a perfect zip lock, that made us both smile like goof heads.

"That's what I'm talking about," she smirked and walked even closer to me, and I was proud as a peacock by the fact that she wanted to be seen with me. It wasn't PDA or anything, but to me it was a huge deal. Until it suddenly became PDA after all, when she pulled me into a more secluded area, and took things further than just holding hands.

I'd done many crazy things in my life, but I'd never made out in a park before. But this wasn't the wild kind that made me ready for more. This was the soft, affectionate kind, mostly consisting of a series of short kisses that made us laugh when we lost our rhythm. In the end we pulled back on purpose just to tease each other, before she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me properly. But of course we had to get interrupted by a voice I immediately recognized.

"Aaron? Is that you?"

I could hear the shock in Allison's voice and rolled my eyes. When I finally had a good time...

Yeah, but your balls kind of hurt now.


"Making out with my girlfriend, yes," I said dryly, well aware that she knew I didn't usually kiss anyone. I kept Martina's hand in mine just to state the fact, and it felt fucking amazing to show that she couldn't ruin everything in my life.

She's still carrying your child, though.

"I didn't know... Uhm..."

"Good. It's none of your concern anyway. When's your next appointment?" I asked quite business-like, because that was kind of what it was. She'd used me to get what she wanted, and now we had to deal with it like civilized people. Then I started to wonder how Bambi would deal with being a stepmom.

I turned to her and noticed that she looked extremely uncomfortable. She kept staring at Allison's huge belly and scratched her arm.

Seriously. How much larger can she get without popping?

"Uhm. Wednesday. Are you coming?"


Martina gave me a glare. She obviously wanted me to go.

"Are you sure?" Allison tried, but I rolled my eyes.


Then Martina pulled me aside and scolded me with her eyes.

"That was rude, Aaron!" she whisper-yelled.
"She obviously wants you there, and your baby will only be born once. You'll regret not going later."

Then she noticed that Allison was about to leave and called out to her.

"He'll be there! What time?"


Martina gave her a thumbs up, and even I could see how relieved Allison was. Maybe I was a bit too arrogant towards her, but I didn't really care. Okay, maybe a little bit.

"I'm sorry," I muttered when Martina didn't say anything for a while.
"I know I'm an ass sometimes, and..."

"An ass? Do you know how mean that was?" she exclaimed.
"Even I was hurt, and I wasn't the one you were talking to!"

"Shh!" I exclaimed, and looked around in embarrassment. Only a few people turned their heads, but soon after minded their own business.

"I swear I would slap you silly if that was me!"

I couldn't help but to smirk.

Now is not a good time to think about spanking, Aaron.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled again and lowered my head, and she sighed heavily.

"I'm not the one you should apologize to. And you're gonna be there on Wednesday even if I have to carry you there."

I chuckled.

"Yes, boss."

"I'm not bossing," she grumbled.

"Yes, you are."

"I'm not."

"You are," I said and lowered my voice, before I spoke directly into her ear.
"And it's turning me on."

Then she gasped when I discreetly placed her hand on my bulge.

"Aaron! Not here!" she hissed through her teeth, and blushed like a ripe tomato. Her eyes darted around between the people around us, and she looked relieved when nobody noticed.

"We're going home," she said, and I heard on her voice that there was no room for arguments.

"But we need to go to the store first," I reminded her, and she actually let me pull her in the direction of the closest grocery store. But just to push her buttons, I added:

"I want ice-cream."

"Shut up," she mumbled, annoyed.

"And I need to pee."

She grumbled to herself

"Are we there yet?"

"Oh, my God, Aaron! Stop acting like a child."

"Yes, mom."

She pulled my arm abruptly and made me look at her, and I knew I'd taken it too far.


And that was all that needed to be said.


"Wanna cut the vegetables?"

I'd been sitting on the barstool, admiring Martina working her magic in the kitchen. But she'd obviously had enough of my staring and wanted me to participate.

"So you wanna include fingers in today's meal?" I joked, but she gave me no choice. She pushed me toward the counter and handed me the knife, then rushed towards the bathroom while mumbling an excuse. Maybe she wanted to prepare the first aid kit in case I happened to cut myself? I mean, the risk was there. But all she returned with was a loving smile and a 'good job', which made me prouder than necessary.

"Survived, I see?" she giggled, and I held up a hand and wiggled both my fingers and my eyebrows.

"Good. So what do you want to do while we wait for the food to get done?"

She checked on the chicken in the oven and the rice that was almost done.

"Oh, I can think of a few things," I murmured, and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind. Then I pretended to bite her neck, which made her scream out.

"Vampire!" she giggled, and I laughed with her.

"Yeah. And I'm a real thirsty one, too."

Then I let my hands wander a bit, over to her hips and up her stomach, and...

"Wait. We need to put on the vegetables," she said, but I hummed a protest against her shoulder.

"I think that should wait," I purred, then reached around her and turned the stove off, not to burn the rice.
"Because I want my dessert first, just like you promised."

She giggled when I lifted her up on the kitchen counter, and pulled at my shirt.

"I didn't promise anything."

"Yes, you did."

"I didn't."

I gave her a smug smirk.

"In your mind you did," I said, and started kissing her cheek and chin. Then behind her ear and down her neck, while I cupped her breasts and groaned.

"You're fucking perfect," I whispered directly into her ear, and I heard her moan when I pushed my bulge between her legs. I was hard, alright.

"Lay back."

"We can't do it on the kit..."

"Yes, we can," I chuckled.
"We have bleach and disinfectant, and I'm gonna clean your pussy with my tongue..."

"Oh, God," she groaned when I sneaked my hand inside her pants and panties, and I just loved the look of bliss on her face when I started rubbing her.

"And we'll clean the rest..."

I started pulling off her clothes, and she helped me.

"Whenever," I said eventually. But my mind was locked on the beautiful sight in front of me.

"I can't believe how lucky I am," I mumbled to myself, and took a deep sigh before I bent down between her legs.

Definitely the best dessert ever.

I licked her once and spread her natural lube. Then a second time and appreciated the fact that she was already quite wet. And when I slipped a finger inside her, I knew I could skip the 'quite' part. She was soaked, and I drank her like nectar from a flower.

She moaned my name, and I wanted more. Then she pulled my hair and arched her back, but I still wanted more. So I secretly opened my pants and pulled out my dick, that was throbbing like crazy and ready to go.

"No!" she groaned when I stopped eating her out. But it turned into a long-drawn 'yes' instead, when I invaded her little paradise.

And this time you better pull out in time!

"Oh God, oh God, oh God..." she panted, and tensed up like a spring. And I chuckled to myself. I simply couldn't get enough of this. I couldn't get enough of her. My Bambi. My beautiful girlfriend that came around my cock like a fucking hurricane. And since I knew we had to be quick, I didn't hold back when I felt it coming.

"I'm gonna cum, Bambi. Do you want it in your mouth or on your stomach?"

I thrusted a few times more, and felt a bit frustrated when she didn't answer. She was too lost in her post orgasm to focus on anything. So I pulled out and squirted my whole load over her stomach and chest.

"Holy fuck!" I panted. Then I giggled when she lifted her head and looked at me with dazed eyes and pink cheeks. She was adorable.

"You're freaking amazing, Aaron."

Yeah, about that... It's not like you haven't done it before or anything. Oh, shut it. You're ruining the moment!

"So are you," I smiled, and kissed each of her nipples and then her mouth. Then I scooped up some of my cum and brought it to her lips, and she instantly sucked it into her mouth.

Damn, that's sexy.

"And you taste good."

Then her eyes widened and she sat up so fast she got dizzy.

"The chicken!"

"Don't worry. The alarm hasn't..."

The second I said that, it went off, announcing that the food was ready. Well, at least parts of it.

"You're cleaning this up!" she exclaimed and pointed at her stomach.

"Awe. Why? You look hot as hell with my cum all over you."

"Aaron! I swear!"

I found out that it was best to follow orders. So after cleaning her with a towel, she got dressed and returned to the food, while I got to business with water and soap. A cheap price to pay for such an amazing dessert.


The food was amazing, and the chicken was so juicy that it made my mouth water before I even took the first bite. Still, it concerned me that Martina barely touched her food.

"I'm still a bit sea sick," she said and looked away, blushing. Suddenly the movie we were watching was overly interesting. It wasn't.
"I'll be fine tomorrow. Don't worry."

But I still did.

Did she develop an eating disorder after what happened with Rocco? I'd heard stress could trigger shit like that, and she'd surely been through a lot. Standing up against Bree's family like she did was more than I dared. And how it only took a few months for her to get away from them, beats me, because it took me twelve... Years!

Twelve fucking years, until you grew big enough balls to get away. That's nothing less than embarrassing.

I pulled Martina closer to my body and kissed her hair. This was new to me. Cuddling on the couch like this felt foreign and strange, but damn nice at the same time. But I still worried. Even though she looked perfectly fine and healthy, she could have either anorexia or bulimia and be really good at hiding it. Then again, I couldn't confront her until I was sure. In the meantime I had to make sure she didn't lose any weight.

Like if she knew I was thinking about her, she turned to me with a big smile, and the warmth in her eyes told me what she didn't say with words. So I did it for her.

"I love you too, Bambi."

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