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Ch. 48: New habits

"But I don't have anything to wear for a date!" Martina exclaimed, but I didn't quite see the problem. She could wear a trash bag and still be the most beautiful woman in the room. She could even wear nothing at all.

Yeah... Especially that. But that's for your eyes only, Aaron.

"I only have those large hoodies, to cover..."

"Don't you dare try and hide it anymore," I cut in. Then I smirked.
"You should be proud of what we've created and wear something that shows it off."

I paused for a second.

"Damn. I can't believe it's me that's saying that."

Martina giggled. Then she took my hand and entangled our fingers, and I held up our hands in front of us.

"See? Like this, for example. If you'd told me that I would walk around hand in hand with my pregnant girlfriend one year ago, I'd laugh in your face."

I shook my head and laughed in disbelief.

"...then I would hit on the first willing bimbo that volunteered to give me head."

What the hell did you say that for? You crown example of an idiot! Way to ruin the mood...

"Fuck! I'm sorry, Bambi. I'm such an ass."

But she just sighed and narrowed her eyes a bit.

"Correction; you were an ass. But I don't know that version of Aaron, so I'd prefer we didn't talk about him," she said sternly, and I cowered under her stare.

"Yes, ma'am. It won't happen again," I said and pouted like a child, fishing for all the sympathy I could get. But...

"Yes, it will. But don't worry, I'll find my ways to punish you."

Now that...!

"Hm?" I said with poorly hidden eagerness.
"What kind of punishment?"

My smirk said it all. But when I opened the door to my car and helped her inside, she just rolled her eyes. I didn't give up, though. I kept looking at her after I'd moved over to my side and prepared to start the car. Except that I didn't, and I thoroughly enjoyed the confused expression that changed into annoyance.

"Well?" she said eventually, and threw her arm out and added a little twist with her wrist.

"Tell me what kind of punishment, and I'll take you shopping for clothes."

She pursed her lips and tapped her fingers on her knee.

"Don't push it, Aaron. If you do, I can't promise you'll like it."

"Spanking?" I suggested, ignoring her warning.
"Whipping? Because you know I'll snatch it and turn it the other way around."

"In your dreams," she retorted, a clear challenge to test her.
"Maybe I'll simply force you to make dinner for a whole week?

"That's more a punishment for you than for me," I laughed, and she groaned. She obviously didn't think that through.

"Diapers! You'll have to change the diapers for three whole months."

"No way!" I exclaimed in horror.
"That's not fun at all."

"Who said it was supposed to be fun?" she snickered, and I pouted again.

"I like the bed activity kind of punishment better," I mumbled.

"That's for when you behave well."

"Oh, it's like that then? You're the boss in this relationship and I'll have to do everything you say?"

Martina shrugged and giggled.

"Pretty much."


To cheer me up, she gently grabbed my chin and turned my head so she could kiss me, and by some stupid magical trick everything felt good again.

"Damn again," I said, when she pulled back.

"What?" she chuckled.

"You're good at this. I feel whipped already."

That's because you are, Aaron. And badly, too.

She leaned in and kissed me again.

"If you behave, we might do that later. But we're gonna have to buy brand new equipment, because..."

"Of course!" I abrupted her, eager as fuck.
"Anything you want."

That's it! You can't sink any lower now.

"And if I want to buy pink handcuffs with fur on them?"

"Hell, n... I mean, yes. Of course."

Well... Obviously you can.

Martina laughed out loud. Then she gave me a gaze that sent a rush of electrical impulses straight to my groin.

"Don't worry. I'm as innocent as you think. Fluffy, pink handcuffs are definitely not on my list."

A low growl came from deep inside me, but it drowned in the sound from the car motor when it roared to life. Nevertheless, the picture of Martina dressed in all kinds of sexy lingerie and with handcuffs and a whip in her hand, was already having the expected effect on me. And to show her that, I grabbed her hand and placed it on my rapidly growing bulge. Then we left the parking lot with wide smirks and random flirtatious glances at each other.


"What's your favorite color?"

The question was simple but Aaron seemed to have to think really hard before he could answer. Just as I was about to ask again, he gave me a wicked grin, and I somehow knew what to expect.

"Any color you might have on your panties."

He snickered when I slapped his arm. I don't know what it was with him, but this twisted and perverted side of him that should gross me out, did the opposite. It made me want to know more about him, to find out who he was beyond his tough appearance. Tattoos, leather jackets and ripped, black jeans was his image, as well as his half-long, ruffled hair that made me crave to dig my fingers into it, was only a tiny part of who he was. He just refused to let anyone see the other side of him. The softer and more honest side. The one where he opened up about his past and let me see another layer of his beautiful complexity.

Aaron was the most interesting man I'd ever met. He was unpredictable and, although some people might find it tasteless, he actually had a great sense of humor. In my eyes he was funny and smart in his own peculiar way. Plus, he was extremely sexy. Not only the way he looked, even though tattoos obviously were a weakness of mine. I just didn't know until I met him. No. It was his aura. Just being in the same room as him made it hard not to stare. And from the first time we met in the store that day, I'd felt this need to fulfill the bit that was missing in him. The bit that told me that he was lonely.

He might refuse to admit it, but on several occasions he'd even shown me. Unknowingly, of course. If not with words, then with his body language or the situation itself. Just the fact that he was expecting to celebrate Christmas and New Years alone, was a clear message. And the gratitude I saw in his eyes when we surprised him at his apartment, or when I came home early on New Year's eve, was statement enough.

He was a child in a man's body. A lonely and longing boy that needed someone to take care of him. And it seemed like he wanted this person to be me.

"What are you smiling about?" he asked curiously. Then he drew his own conclusions. Of course he did.

"Is it because you're not wearing any?" he said, shocked. Then grinned naughtily.
"Damn. You're kinkier than I thought."

He touched my shoulder, and pulled back while he shook his hand like he'd burned himself.

"Of course I have...!" I hissed quietly, but mumbled the last part about panties. Then I gave him a glare that instantly made him cackle. And he was loud!
"Shh! Aaron!"

But I ended up laughing, too. So to bring us both back to where we were, I grabbed something random from a rack and held it up for him to see.

"Pff!" he snorted.
"I don't want you to look like a tent."

Then he came over and did something completely unexpected. He placed his hand on my stomach and stroked it a bit. Then he got aware how startled I was, and instantly pulled away.

"No. It's just a bit new to me, that's all," I said, and placed his hand back. I felt so much love at that moment that I could cry in the middle of the store, and it kept swelling in my chest long after we'd parted to look for something else. And I knew I wasn't the only one who felt that. His eyes and stolen gazes told me all I needed to know.

"This one," he said, and held up a red knee-length dress that I knew would show off everything. Probably even a little cleavage. And my cheeks were probably just as red as the dress when I tried it on. Still, it ended up in the huge bag with maternity clothes that we brought back home.


Could I really move all the way to San Francisco? I knew I would miss my family terribly, especially around the time I would give birth and the first weeks after. Nothing could replace a mother, since she'd been through everything herself. Then again, I was building my own tiny family now, and we would visit them as often as we could. That, and my parents could visit us, even though Aaron's apartment would be crowded to say at least.

Then there was another important issue; my friends. Sure, modern technology could make up for some of it, but nothing can replace hanging out in real life. Although, how much time would we have left after work and kids, anyway? Quite a few friends of mine had 'disappeared' because they were too busy to hang out like in the good old days. I guess it was my time to take that step now. I was just scared to do it.

"You're so distant, Bambi. You've been silent all the way from the store. What's wrong?"

The question made me smile. Truth was that there was absolutely nothing wrong. I was finally back with the man I loved.

"I'm just thinking," I said, and loved the way he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead.

"About what?"


"Is it good?"

"Most definitely," I smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. Then I cuddled up in his arms as we hugged in the middle of the hallway in his apartment. I loved the smell of it, because it smelled like him. It made me feel safe in a way I'd never felt before, and it was like this apartment was a fortress that would protect me from all evil.

Little did I know that I would actually need that.

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