My daughter in law

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Ch. 50: Tissues

"What are you talking about? What won't work?"

"This! Us!" she exclaimed, and her voice cracked in sorrow.

"How can you say that? Why wouldn't it..."

But she didn't listen anymore. She got out of the car in a hurry, and I could hear her sobbing when I ran after her. I didn't catch up with her until we were outside my door, but instead of pushing her with further questions, I kept silent until I'd locked the door behind us. Then I followed her through the hallway and into the kitchen.

"Can you please tell me what's going on?" I asked for what felt like the thousandth time, and she scoffed out loud.

"I talked to them! Drew and that... Lexie or whatever her name is!"

"Who?" I asked, even more confused than ever.

"Your flings, Aaron. Two of... I don't even want to think about how many there have been."

Shit. You should've known this would come back and bite your ass. Stupid fuck.


"You said all those things to them as well. You told them how beautiful they are and how much you desired them and whatnot. And for what reason? For a simple fuck? The only difference is that I'm in the game for a little longer than them."

Then she groaned.

"Oh, my God! I'm Allison."

"What on God's holy earth are you talking about, Martina? You know that's not true!"

"Oh, do I? You were the one who never called them back. Just like you did to me after I left on New Years eve. If it wasn't for Dom..."

"But you didn't call me either!" I cut in, and I was startled by my own reaction. It literally tore me apart to see her this upset.
"You saw me! You have no idea how close I was to jumping off that damn bridge just like so many people have done before me! And do you know why? Because I couldn't be with you!"

I tried to calm myself, but it was difficult as fuck. Especially since she was crying so hard and wouldn't let me hold her.

"I love you, Bambi. I haven't loved anyone before. And they... Who did you say it was again?"

"Lexie and Drew," she sobbed and made an attempt to dry her cheeks with a napkin she found on the kitchen table, while I tried to remember who they were. Nothing.

"It doesn't even ring a bell," I mumbled and combed my fingers through my hair in frustration.
"Look... I've done a lot of crazy shit during the years. I admit that. But I can't undo it. This is me. The whole tragic package, and I tried to warn you, several times. I'm no good, and I know it. You know it. Everybody does."

I sighed and turned away from her. It was nothing but the brutal truth, and I had to be realistic enough to face it.

"You're too good for me," I said eventually.
"I don't deserve you. I've known that since day one."

"Aaron, no..."

"No matter what you decide, Bambi, just know that whatever their name is, isn't worth remembering. And after I met you, yours is the only one I need."

Fuck this...

I refused to cry in front of her again, so I turned and headed for the door. I would much rather have her safe in my apartment and me leaving, than the opposite. And the last thing I heard was her begging me to stay.

You're such a coward, Aaron. You've been running all your life. Always taken the easy way out and didn't give a shit about who you hurt.

This time was different, though. This time I actually did care. It was too late to back out, and most importantly; I didn't want to. She was worth fighting for, and I needed to show her that.

If only I knew how.

After pacing back and forth from the top of the stairs and back to my apartment door, I finally manned up enough to go back inside, and my heart literally hurt when I saw her sitting on the couch, sobbing into her hands. I didn't know what to do, but I ended up sitting down next to her. And suddenly she turned to me and threw herself around my neck.

"I'm sorry, Aaron. I'm so terribly sorry. I didn't mean to doubt you. I just got so insecure because of all the mean things they said. They're so beautiful, and I feel like a grey, little mouse compared to them. Especially when they said you would leave me when I gain weight and look like a whale, just like you left Allison. Then it's my age. You saw how people reacted when..."

I stopped her rant by kissing her. My hands cupped her teary cheeks, and I kissed her until she stopped talking. Then I kept kissing her simply because I couldn't stop. Not until she started giggling.

"What now?" I asked, exasperated.

"I don't know!" she whined. Then she giggled more.
"Stupid hormones..."

I growled something incoherent and pushed her back on the couch, using my body to hold her put, but careful not to hurt our baby. She writhed a bit, but stopped fighting when I grabbed her hands and pinned them down on each side of her head. Then I pushed my nose against hers and murmured while I squinted a bit.

"You're gonna drive me mad, aren't you?"

"Maybe," she replied, and bit the corner of her lip and squinted back.

"I'm already crazy about you, and stuff like that drives me completely insane."

I kissed her and refused to let go of her hands, even though she made another attempt to break free.

"And don't you dare compare yourself to them. You're in a completely different league. There's a reason why I never was sober when I was with those women, because damn you should have seen them without all the stash they put on to look that way."

I kissed her again and sucked her lips in between mine until she moaned. It did something to me. Something I thoroughly enjoyed.

"Without the push ups..."

I spread lots of light kisses along her jaw.

"...the hold-ins...

I kissed her behind her ear, and she sighed as a sign of the effect I had on her.

"...fake boobs, fake lashes and fish lips."

She burst out laughing and made me chuckle too, and I finally let go of her wrists to adjust our position. She opened her legs a bit, and I slipped in between them and purred into her neck when I finally got the pressure right where I wanted it the most.

"But you... You look like a goddess just the way you are."

"Please stop, baby. You're gonna make me cry again."

I kissed down her neck while I whispered everything I could think of to describe how gorgeous she was in my eyes, and I smiled when I saw a couple of tears fall from her glossy eyes. I didn't mind it this time. They were happy tears.

"I love you, Aaron. I love you so much, and I'm scared to lose you."

I stopped what I was doing, even the light thrusting of my hips, so I could look into her eyes. I needed to set this straight once and for all.

"Bambi, I'm not going anywhere. I love you, and only you, so please stop running from me. And please tell me when something's bothering you. Okay?"

"Okay," she said and nodded. Then she sniffled and smiled.

"And about the age gap thing. I guess we'll get used to it in a while."

"Yeah. I felt a bit blind-sided by that, honestly," she admitted.
"I wasn't prepared for people's reactions. But now that I am..."

"We'll tell them all to fuck off next time."

She giggled again and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Definitely. We'll tell them to fuck off," she reiterated, and it was strange to hear her curse. Nevertheless, it turned me on.

Come on. When do you not get turned on by her? You could probably spend all day every day in bed and still not get enough.

"I want you," I murmured, and rubbed my cock against her area in case it wasn't obvious enough. The way she moaned told me she felt the same. Then she smiled secretively.

"Did I ever tell you that I love your condition?"

She blushed and seemed embarrassed, and I slowed down in sheer surprise. Did she really mean that?

"You do?"

"Yeah. It makes me feel good. So wanted. Desired. And you're so unpredictable and reckless sometimes. I don't know why, but it's hot."

I chuckled lowly. No one had ever said that to me before. It had always been a pain in the ass, and a restlessness that I didn't seem to be able to get rid of. It was different now, because of her. I was still horny, but the constant need to find someone new was gone. I was finally happy where I was.

"Really now?"


"So if I decided to finger you in the changing room earlier today?" I suggested, testing the water, and she blushed harder. That was answer enough.

"Or fuck you in my car? That would be a first, by the way."

She bit her lip to keep from smirking, and my dick ached for attention.

"And if..."

"Yes, Aaron! Now shh! I never said that."

I chuckled lowly to myself after this new revelation.

"Damn. I'll keep that in mind for later, then. But since we skipped dessert, I want you..."

I dug my face into the crook of her neck, and blew raspberries until she squealed.

"...naked... in my bed so I can get my fair share now."

Before she got to answer, I stood up and pulled her with me. Then I spanked her ass to make her move, and chuckled when she let out a scream. And like horny teenagers, we hurried into the bedroom, laughing like idiots. Then the mood changed and we slowed down for some unexplained reason. Still standing in the middle of the room, we peeled our clothes off one by one as if we were opening a fragile gift.

She kept my attention with a seductive, lazy gaze all the while it took for her to open my shirt, button by button. Even though her eyes were swollen from crying, she still managed to take my breath away. And when she got a clear view of my inked chest, she got that typical glimpse of fascination. I never really understood why, but I guess it was a weakness of hers the same way her feet were a weakness of mine. I never understood that either.

My shirt ended up on the floor, and she stroked her hands gently over my chest, and along my collarbones to my shoulders. Then she trailed her fingers slowly along my jaw, all the way to the cleft on my chin, and I shuddered a bit. This was so strange. I'd never let a woman touch me like this, but it felt magnificent. Especially when she gave me a light kiss.

I watched her facial expressions while she explored every inch of my torso, and enjoyed the way she licked her lips and bit her tongue in concentration when she unbuckled my belt and opened my pants. I quickly stepped out of them. A little blush tinted her cheeks pink, and she sucked her lips in between her teeth when she saw the imprint of my dick. It made a solid tent in my boxers. But I only allowed her a few strokes before I stopped her.

"I'm already hard enough. Now let me see you," I whispered, feeling as if I committed a crime when I spoke. There was something magical about this. The tension and the passion we felt were otherworldly.

Because this is love. This is foreplay. You've always skipped that part, Aaron. And you've clearly missed out on the best part of being with a woman.

I started undressing her, and she helped me find the zipper that was hidden in the fabric under her arm. Once again I admired how well it complimented her skin, and I let my finger trail along the top rim of her dress before I let it fall to the ground. Especially her cleavage.

"Damn," I mumbled, when her breasts were exposed and showed that she didn't wear any bra. My hands went up to cup them, and I teased her by pinching her nipples. The moan she let out as a response was a quiet one, but it made my dick twitch in anticipation. I was leaking precum to the extent that my boxers felt uncomfortable, but I still took my time to touch her body the same way she did to mine.

Her curves... They were perfect. And for some reason I found her stomach stealing all of my attention. Driven by instinct, I placed my palms over it and searched for her eyes while I did so. It looked like she was bursting with anticipation, but I could also see that she was nervous.

"You're beautiful," I said, and I was surprised at how emotional I sounded.
"Especially this."

I held my hands there for a while longer. I don't know why. She'd already said that it was impossible to feel any movements this far into the pregnancy, but I still felt the urge to do it. And while I was lost in thoughts, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. A kiss that was far from as brief as the last one.

I moaned into her mouth when I felt the need that exuded from her entire being, and I coiled my arms around her lower back to pull her against my body. I simply couldn't get her close enough.

"I love you," she said, almost without parting from my lips, and I reiterated her words while grinding against her pelvis. And as if that was the que we needed, we stumbled towards the bed and barely cared about where we landed as long as it was on the mattress.

My fingers searched in between her legs and found that her panties were completely soaked. She probably felt the wet spot on my boxers as well, because she hummed quietly and smiled. So we quickly got rid of both of them.

I didn't allow her to do more than lick off my precum, before I pushed her over to her back, and she pretended to fight me when I struggled to get between her legs. But when I first did, and placed my lips on her clit, she turned to mush in front of me.

"Why are you so good at this?" she groaned. Then she opened her eyes and stared wide-eyed at the ceiling.
"Nevermind I asked. I don't wanna know."

I chuckled, but felt embarrassed as fuck. So, to hide that, I circled my tongue a little faster around her swollen pearl and entered her sweet pussy with my finger. That did the trick. Her moans escalated and became louder almost for each stroke. I didn't increase the speed though, because I wanted to keep her right on the edge to prolong the pleasure and build up the intensity, but when her thighs started shaking, I knew it was too late. It didn't help that I completely stopped. She came so hard on my fingers that she screamed, just the way I wanted. And before she came down from her peak, I continued rubbing and sucking on her clit until she pushed me away because she was too sensitive.

She was panting hard and rubbed her sweaty forehead, while she tried to collect herself. Meanwhile, I kissed my way down her thighs and down her calves. And the closer I got to her feet, the more my dick hurt. I needed my release, and I needed it soon. It just wasn't enough to kiss them and devour them with my eyes.

"Lay still," I demanded.
"I wanna try something new."

She watched me as I lifted her legs and made her bend her knees, just enough to get the right height. And after adjusting my position, I wrapped her gorgeous feet around my cock and thrusted a few times. Then I pulled back just enough to spit on it, to make it smoother.

"Oh, fuck..." I groaned.

If this isn't the hottest thing you've done...

I fell into a steady rhythm and held her gaze, while I kept her feet locked in an imperfectly perfect circle around my girth, until I couldn't keep them open anymore. I clenched my jaw while everything spiraled out of control. I felt it build from my pelvis and all the way up my spine, and it was such an intense high that the whole world seemed to be spinning at a ridiculous speed. Needless to say; my orgasm wasn't the quiet kind.

Martina giggled and watched me with fascination when squirt after squirt covered her stomach and chest, all the way up to her shoulder. She even got cum on her chin, which she quickly collected with her finger and scooped into her mouth, and it was so hot that I felt another couple of twitches in my balls just by the sight of it. Then it was like all the air left my body, and I sank down on the bed next to her like a corpse.

"Damn..." I breathed, heaving for air.

"That good, huh?"

"Best one ever."

She chuckled and tried to keep the cum on her stomach from messing up the bedsheets.

"You know, I never understood why you like my feet so much."

"Me neither," I laughed, and grabbed some paper tissues from the nightstand. Martina rolled her eyes.

"Hey. That's how you survive with your girlfriend living on the opposite side of the country. Leave me alone."

"I'm not judging. My vibrator is probably exhausted after the time we've been apart."

I groaned at the image of her playing with herself.

"Really? You got a vibrator?"

"Duh. Even you have one."

Fuck. You forgot to get rid of that, Aaron. You better buy her brand new ones, because...

"You are definitely demonstrating that to me one day."

She gave me a naughty grin.

"Only if you jerk off in front of me."

I growled some obscurities and took a deep breath, trying to stop my mind from running off with me. I already knew I wasn't going to get completely flaccid before I needed more. Especially with inspiration like that. Then I got an idea.

"Use your hand," I commanded, and sat up.

Jesus! How are you still lightheaded?

"Come on. Let me see you play with yourself."

"Yes, daddy," she said with a smirk. She knew what she was doing. Damn right, she did.

"You're going to be the death of me," I growled, and she snickered while she did as I said.

"That's a good girl. Spread your pussy lips."

She was still glistening wet, and I could literally hear the wet sounds only a properly soaked vagina can make. It drove me insane. And when two of her fingers slipped inside her, I struggled breathing normally.

My eyes were completely locked on what she was doing. Her moans only spiced it up. She rubbed herself in circles, then up and down, and randomly pushed her fingers all the way inside to her g-spot. And for each time, I felt my dick grow harder. I imagined how good she felt because I knew. I imagined how sweet she tasted, because I knew that too. Still, it was such a turn on to watch her bring herself to another beautiful orgasm, that I couldn't help myself.

While she was writhing in front of me, conquered by the spasms in her lower regions, I pulled up one of her legs and placed it over my shoulder. Then I lifted her a bit from the mattress so I managed to enter her.

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed, but I showed no mercy. I wanted to give her a few quick ones in a row, and was proud as a peacock when she finally begged for mercy, just in time to stop me from cumming as well. So I slowed down and moved her leg a bit, so I could kiss her calf. I kept thrusting with deep, slow strokes, and I found it surprising that it actually brought me closer to my peak than pounding her wildly.

"You feel so damn good, Bambi," I whispered. I was soaked in sweat, and so was she. I was almost positive the room was lit on fire around us. I couldn't care less. All I could think of was my dick inside of her, and how fucking amazing it felt to make love without that annoying piece of rubber dividing us. This was how it was meant to be, so that's the way it should stay.

"I think I'm gonna cum," I panted. I slowed down even more, but it didn't seem to help much. It was so hard to hold back, that I even tried holding my breath while biting my lip.


"Harder," she moaned, but I knew that would be the last drop.

The determination in her voice made me obey like I was a goddamn caveman. With raw lust I thrusted so fast and so hard, that when she screamed my name, it was so chopped up that it was almost unrecognizable. And she was so gorgeous when she fisted the sheets and arched her back as she came crashing together with me, that I could cry. Instead I roared out and emptied my whole load as deep inside her as I could.

I mean, she's already pregnant. The damage is already done. You might as well enjoy it.

Then I started laughing, because I didn't see it as a 'damage' at all anymore.

"What?" she asked, annoyed that I interrupted her aftermath.

"You love my condition. But did I tell you how much I love you and your pregnancy hormones?"

"Oh, yeah?" she retorted, still breathing hard. And before I knew it, she had locked me between her legs and tackled me, forcing me to lay on my back with her on top.
"Ready for round three, then?"

Then she pinned my wrists above my head and smirked.

Holy shit, Aaron! She's worse than you!



"We need a safety word."

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