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Ch. 55: Panna Cotta

"You're really moving in with me?"

I was so surprised when Martina said it out loud in front of her parents, that it almost weighed up for my bruised cheek and sore nose. I didn't exactly expect to have to put on fighting gloves the first time I met my parents in law. Not unless I wanted to be labeled as a complete nutcase.

Gloves or not, they'll find out soon enough.

"I am. I handed in my resignation earlier today. Because... Well, I don't really have a choice," she said, and I narrowed my eyebrows. I didn't want her to move because she felt like she had to, or because I was being pushy.

"Not that way, silly," she said with a cute giggle, almost like she could read my thoughts.

"My heart chose you a long time ago, and I'm done with being miserable without you."

I grinned like a fool, then turned serious again.

"That goes both ways."

Neither of us wanted to think about the reality behind those words, and for a long time we just laid there, seeking comfort in each other's arms. Then I moved my hand down and stroked her stomach, and our eyes connected in that special way only ours could.

"I can't believe that you can see how she looks already," I said, and my voice sounded deep and groggy.

"Thanks to 3D technology."

She placed her hand on top of mine and smiled.

"I'm glad she looks like you, though," I mumbled, while I thought about how it would be with a little Bambi running around in our new home.

"What? She didn't. She totally had your mouth and nose."

"Actually, they belong to me," I snickered at my lame joke, and I immediately received an eye roll.
"No, seriously. She's gonna have the same beautiful eyes as her mother."

"Well... They're gonna be brown for sure, since that's in our genes."

"Really? You've studied our genes?" I replied with one raised eyebrow.

"Let's pretend that I have, so I sound smart," she answered, then burst out laughing.
"It's just a logical guess, since both you and I have it, and both my parents."

"And mine," I added.
"But she still looks like you."

"Wrong. She looks like her handsome dad."

"Luckily not. She's like her mom. Beautiful as a princess."

"Hey, you should see me in a crown. I'm a queen, not a princess," she scoffed, and I had to admit that she was right.

"Let's agree to disagree then, and see when she comes out."

"Deal," I replied, solemn as fuck, which caused her to giggle yet again. God, I could listen to that sound all day and never get tired of it.
"Still... You."

"Nope. You. Now shut up and tell me how it went with Rocco."

"It went fine," I mumbled. I wasn't quite sure if I could place crying and puking in that category, but anyway.

"Just fine?"

"Yeah... Well, I guess it went pretty good after the circumstances, although it's a lot to take in at once."

Martina hummed in agreement, then suggested something I'd already planned on doing.

"Maybe we should check up on him tomorrow?"

"Yeah," I dragged, but wasn't quite sure.
"Actually, I think it's best that I see him alone. Seeing you pregnant... I mean, it's not necessary to rub it in his face. He has enough on his plate right now."

She swallowed and I hoped she didn't get hurt. But her tiny smile told me she understood.

"There's something you have to do when we get back to San Francisco, though."

"Oh. And what is that?"

Dammit, Aaron. You shouldn't have said that. That'll scare her from doing exactly what's needed.

"I... Uhm. I'll tell you about it when we get home."

She was about to object, but I was quick to distract her.

"My nose hurt."

"Awe. I'm sorry."

"It hurts really, really bad," I pouted, and I could see her sad face lit up with a tiny smile.

"You need to kiss it better."

"Really now?"

"Mhm. And my cheek hurts too, so you better kiss that as well."

She was close to giggling.

"So my severely grown baby needs some TLC, is that it?"

"Not just a little. A lot."

I wrinkled my nose when her lips softly caressed my skin there. It actually did hurt.

"Is that better?"

"No," I retorted, still pouting, then added the puppy dog eyes. So she kissed my cheek too.

"How about now?"

"No. Now my lips hurt, too."

She giggled and gave me a knowing squint, but did as I wanted, and kissed me. But she withdrew a bit too soon for my liking.

"Not enough," I murmured. Then I made a silly kissy face, and hummed in satisfaction when she kissed me again. In that way.

She needs to kiss other parts of your body too if she continues that, Aaron. Especially the annoying hard one further down.


"I'm sorry, baby. I'm not in the mood tonight. I just can't get over the way my parents reacted."

"I understand," I said, and meant it. It didn't change the fact that my cock was highly offended, though. Instead I reached up to stroke her cheek, and let my thumb follow her cheekbone.

God, she's beautiful.

"They'll come around eventually. Just give them time. It's been a crazy ride the past few days, both for us and the people around us. I think we all need time to land."

Martina nodded and looked at me with serious eyes.

Your dick is still hard.

"Are you hungry?" she suddenly asked, and sat up.

Definitely. I want your nice and delicate pussy.

"I... Uhm. Sure."

We got out of bed together, but I didn't exactly hide my embarrassing state, simply because it wasn't embarrassing enough. I didn't mind her discreet glances when she thought I wasn't looking. Nevertheless, I pretended like nothing while I put on my boxers, and found the hotel menu.

"A full dinner or a lighter evening snack?" I asked, and suggested one meal after the other.

"Everything they've got," she mumbled, and I chuckled to myself. She had starved herself for over five months, when she in reality should have been eating for two. She needed all the nutrition she could get.

"What's your favorite meal?" I asked after scanning the stiff paper with my eyes. There was nothing there that didn't sound like it tasted more than seaweed donuts. Don't ask me how I knew.

"Baked chicken parmesan, with noodles and fried veggies."

She'd barely finished her sentence before I picked up the phone and got a hold of the receptionist.

"I'm sorry, sir. The kitchen is closed for the night," he apologized politely.

"Well, open it then."

"I can't do that."

"And why not?"

"Because it's closed after ten pm.

I snorted out loud.

"And I'm telling you to open it, because my girlfriend is hungry and she wants chicken parmesan, with noodles and fr..."

"Aaron!" Martina whisper-yelled and tried to make me hang up, but I wasn't going to budge.

"But we don't..." the man stuttered.

"Well, now you do, so get to business. And I expect you to deliver two large portions to our room within reasonable time. With Panna Cotta for dessert."

I lost focus and started talking to Martina instead, not bothering to remove the phone from my ear.

"Have you tasted those, Bambi? They're really good. With berries and... Stuff."

My attention was drawn back to the man inside my phone, who answered as if I'd asked him.

"Did you get that, Mr...? Sorry, but your name is irrelevant until you bring us our food."

Then I hung up and didn't really care how he was going to solve the problem.

"Oh, my gosh! That was so rude, Aaron!" she exclaimed, and slammed her hands against her temples in sheer embarrassment.
"You better give that poor man a solid tip, or else..."

"Or else what?" I smirked, hoping it would be something dirty.

"I'll come up with something."

"It better be kinky," I murmured, and walked over to hug her, but she started giggling and I wasn't sure why. Not until she had to remove my eager pointer stick from poking her belly.

"Oh. Sorry. Can't help it," I snickered and glanced down on my erection, but I wasn't really sorry at all.

"I'll go take a cold shower now."

I snapped a finger towards the bathroom, and showed her that I wouldn't put pressure on her. She wasn't in the mood, and I respected that.

Too bad your dick doesn't.

So I ended up huffing and puffing under what felt like a thousand stinging needles, and finally my problem faded. But only for so long, because Martina was still wearing my t-shirt with nothing under.

Oh, come on! She's torturing you on purpose.

"Was it good?" she asked, but I wasn't sure if it was meant as innocent as it sounded.

"Yeah... No."

"Maybe it'll get better after we've eaten?"

I grumbled an answer, and tried my best not to envision my cock buried deep inside her. That didn't go very well, so I ended up sitting on the couch with my head resting on my fist, while Martina skipped through the different channels on the TV.

After about forty minutes, we actually received what we'd ordered, from a restaurant close to the hotel. And the poor girl who delivered it, seemed to be close to fainting when she discovered my clothes. Or lack of such...

Hey. A boxer is better than nothing, right?

"T-thank you," she stuttered, with flaming, red cheeks and wide eyes that seemed to have forgotten how to blink.
"N-nice... Uh. Tattoos."

Then she mumbled something that sounded like 'holy shit, that's big', and I chuckled. Surprisingly, I got pulled aside by Martina, who scowled at the poor girl and handed her a couple of bills, while she made sure to stand between us.

"I think that should cover it. Thank you and goodbye," she grumbled, then slammed the door shut.

"Aaron!" she hissed.

"Bambi!" I replied in the same tone of voice as hers.

"You were literally flashing your dick in her face! Did you see how startled she was?"

"Yeah," I snickered, and she scoffed.

"She's probably calling the cops on us right now."

"Because I have an erection? That's not my fault!"

"Showing it off to strangers is your fault!"

"Heeey," I whined.
"You're not any better, walking around with no panties like that."

"At least that doesn't show until I lift up the t-shirt, so she'd never know," she snapped back, and I pouted because I didn't really have a good comeback.

"Hey! Don't be mad," I begged and tried to grab her ass as she walked past me, but she shoved me away and headed for the bed.

"That's not exactly food to eat while laying down," I commented, mostly to myself. But a glare told me to shut up.

She told you not to mess with a pregnant woman, Aaron. And she's a pregnant, hungry one... Okay, it's feeding time.

"I'm sowwy," I mumbled, just like children do to get forgiveness from their mother for ruining her flowers in the garden. I wasn't sure, but I think I saw a tiny smile before she bit her lip, so I decided to behave well and helped her open the trays.

Her mood got better when we started feeding each other, though. And both of us giggled until we choked when we pulled back the fork just when the other was about to take a bite. And when she growled like a little beast when I tried to snatch the last piece of chicken, I laughed so my whole body was shaking.

The dessert was a completely different story, though. It turned out that Martina loved Panna Cotta, which was unfortunate for two reasons. First of all, because there was almost nothing left for me. But most of all because she moaned in delight for almost every mouthful.

Argh, just chop it off and sell it. Who needs a dick anyway?

"Oh, my gosh. That was good!" she sighed, and fell back on the bed.

"Are you sure you're properly full?" I asked, and she gave me a playful squint.

"You're just mad that I ate your dessert. I honestly had no idea how good that was."

"See? I told you you'd like it."

I put away the empty trays and laid down next to her, and she immediately turned to me with a smile. I wasn't quite so cheerful though, and she noticed.

"What's wrong?"

"It still hurts," I muttered.

"Your cheek?"

No, my fucking balls!

"Yeah," I lied. But I secretly loved the way she framed my face with her hands, so she could take a closer look. I couldn't quite decipher what was going on inside her mind, though. It was probably nothing as perverted as my mind, anyway.

"Can I lay on your boob?" I asked, knowing it was a lousy substitute for what I ached for. But it was all I got tonight.

"Yeah. Later," she said, and her confusing smirk became clearer.

"What are you up to?"

"Me? Nothing," she said innocently. Then she partially sat up and reached for her purse.

"Yes, you are. You have that look in your eyes."

"What look?"

I didn't answer, because I didn't know how to describe it. I just kept her gaze while she fiddled with something in her purse.

"I have to admit something."

I raised my eyebrows sceptically.

"While you were visiting Rocco earlier, I took a detour on my way to work."

I still didn't say anything, but I was starting to get really worried about what she had in mind.

"I needed something important, because..."

She kept her hand hidden when she put her purse away, but I was too busy trying to read her face to really notice.

"...this bed is actually perfect..."

I watched her slowly straddle me, and there was no doubt anymore. I didn't have to chop off my dick tonight after all. Then everything went fast.

"...for chaining you down. You're under arrest, sir. No matter what you say or do, it'll be used against you..."

"Hey!" I exclaimed when I realized that she'd handcuffed me to the bed. Literally handcuffed me!

"...and I can't promise that I'll leave you satisfied."

I groaned when she scratched her nails over my chest, and gasped when she suddenly placed her palm on my bulge and rubbed a bit.

"But me, on the other hand?"

She leaned down with the most mischievous smirk, and whispered into my ear.

"I will definitely be satisfied."

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