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Ch. 56: Blueberries

"I thought you said you weren't in the mood?"

I pulled at the handcuffs and tried to fight myself free, to no avail of course, and now Martina had straddled me and smirked mischievously. I was way too aware of the fact that she still wasn't wearing panties.

"I'm not. But my hormones are. And seeing you walk around half-hard the past couple of hours, does something to me."

"Oh, yeah? Tell me."

She bit the corner of her lip in that typical way I'd only seen her do, and I felt an aqute need to kiss her. Her plump, soft lips were calling for mine in a way that made me long for so much more. And when she noticed where I was looking, she teased me by sticking her tongue out just enough to make them glisten with moist and make them even more alluring.

"It makes me want to take you in my hand and stroke you. Slowly and with just the amount of pressure I know drives you wild."

I hummed to myself, and had no problems envisioning that.

"Then I would kiss you. No, wait. I'd pretend to do it, then pull back every time you try to kiss me back."

"You little tease," I murmured, and loved the glow of desire in her eyes. The same eyes that had enthralled me since the moment I met her, and that now were fixated on me, and me only. Right now, her irises were so dark brown that they almost looked black. Framed with dark, long eyelashes and perfectly arched brows, they made me feel trapped in the most wonderful way.

"Oh, you have seen nothing yet," she purred back, and climbed off me to sit on her heels next to me. Then she let one of her fingers circle around my belly button, before she let it travel upwards and over my abs. But when she came to my nipples, she did something totally unexpected. She leaned forward and kissed each of them, ending it by using the tip of her tongue to make them scrunch into tiny buds, just like I'd done to plenty of women before. The only difference was that I was the submissive in this. I was Bambi's victim.

And it's so insanely hot!

"Tonight we're gonna find out how much you'll endure when I bring you to the verge of insanity, and make you beg for release."

"Oh, my lord," I groaned, surprised that I reacted this strongly. And she hadn't even started yet.

"What are you going to do next, then?"

"Suck you. I'll give your beautiful dick the time of its life."

She giggled to herself, and even that was arousing as fuck.

"I'll take you..." she leaned forward to whisper into my ear.
" deep into my throat that I gag."

"Go on," I urged. For each thing she described, my cock grew harder until it felt like I would cum even before she touched me.

You've got more stamina than that, Aaron. Control yourself.

"Then... We'll fuck. But if you cum, I'm gonna torture you until you come again and again, without even the tiniest break."

"Oh, fuck," I groaned, and my pelvis shot forward by itself as a spontaneous need for physical simulation.

"Take off your t-shirt so I can look at you," I growled deeply, but she shook her head and smirked.

"No. I'm your boss tonight, and you need to obey everything I say."

"And if I don't?" I challenged, and pulled at the handcuffs again.

"Like I said; you'll get punished. Maybe I'll play with myself in front of you, but deny your wish to join? Or maybe I'll ride your face until I get tired and fall asleep?"

She laughed, but still managed to sound seductive.

"And don't think I'll free your hands. Because I'm gonna continue when I wake up."

I groaned helplessly.

"I would never have guessed that you were this kinky."

"I'm not," she said innocently.
"There's just something about you that makes me want to discipline you."

She paused for a moment, and I felt desperate to know what she was thinking.

"I know you've fucked a lot of women during the years, but this time you will be the one to get fucked. You're the one being controlled and you have absolutely nothing to say. Unless you chicken out and say the safety word, of course, but you don't wanna do that, do you?"

I shook my head feverishly, and she smirked and straddled me again, on my thighs this time. And my hips jerked forward when I felt her soft hand form a perfect grip around my girth.

"Ahh... That's it. Right there," I moaned, and my eyes squeezed shut by themselves.

"Do you remember the safety word?" she asked.


"Yes, you do. Say it," she demanded, but my brain was out of order.

"I really don't remember, and... Ah, fuck," I groaned when a wave of desire hit me. And it hit me hard.

"Aaron. The safety word."

"We don't need that. I just need to cum so badly," I answered with a voice that sounded more like an animal growling.

"I love it when you beg, baby."

"Of course you do," I mumbled, and thrusted against her hand. Then I whimpered when she took me into her mouth. She slowly bobbed up and down, before she did exactly what she'd said, and went as deep as she could get.

"Holy, shit!" I exclaimed.
"This is the hottest thing I've ever experienced."

But she stopped.

"Safety word, Aaron."

"I...! Fuck! Glue?"

She laughed.

"Oh, baby. Your brain really stops functioning when you're sprung, doesn't it?"

I just swallowed and nodded. It was hard to control myself. I didn't want her to think I was a weakling. One that couldn't hold back when it was needed. The only problem was that she was in control, and not me. That would definitely be a challenge.

"Blueberries, Aaron. The safety word is blueberries. Now remember that, because I think you're gonna need it."

Like you're gonna use that? Whatever she has in store, bring it on!

She moaned quietly, and I could see she'd closed her eyes. But my mind was so dazed that it took a moment to notice the reason. She was playing with herself.

"My pussy is so wet," she stated and lifted her hand so I could see her glistening fingers.
"That's what you do to me. When you walk around with a giant erection, I get soaked and want to jump your bones."

She crawled like a cat until her knees were at the height of my hips, sensual yet very determined. And with a moan of satisfaction, she slowly sunk down on my cock.

"Shit," she mumbled, then adjusted her position a bit.
"I wonder if I ever get used to your size. It's like every time is the first."

I just breathed. She felt so good. So tight and warm, and like a silky smooth sheath made solely for me. Even though she just sat there without moving, it felt like I was in heaven. Pussy heaven.

She started rubbing her clit again, and it was the sexiest sight I could think of. But when I tried to thrust a little, she protested.

"You're not allowed to move."

I swallowed my reply, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to protest or just enjoy the thrill. Seeing her like this was hands down incredible. I didn't even need see her body. The pleasure visible on her face made my mind run wild, and my cock twitched inside of her. And since she didn't protest, I continued doing that while she climbed closer and closer to her peak.

She was rubbing herself faster now, and her moans spoke of pure bliss, and I wasn't sure if I was able to keep myself from rolling my hips. So eventually, I did. One time. Two times. And that was all it took.

With a little scream I felt her pussy repeatedly tighten around my shaft. If my hands were free, I would grab her by her waist and pound her into the next one. Instead I had to watch her come to her senses, without getting my release.

"God, this is torture," I mumbled, and she took a deep breath to calm herself.

"That shouldn't surprise you."

Finally she grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head. Her nipples were still hard after her climax, and her skin had a clear blush around her neck and chest.

"You've got the most perfect breasts God's ever created, Bambi."

The words just fell out of me, and I was glad because it made her blush a bit more. Even though she had a growing belly, she still had a slim waist, and her curvy hips were perfect to lay my hands on to reach deeper. So deep that she begged for mercy. Instead it was me that was whimpering in despair, fighting against the restraints.

Those damn handcuffs!

"No..." I objected, when the warmth of her pussy was replaced by a cold nothing. Then I groaned when I saw her stick her fingers in between her legs, and gathered some of her sweet nectar.

"Open your mouth," she purred, and I didn't even hesitate. I loved the way she tasted, and I quickly sucked her fingers clean, silently wanting more. But she sat back on my thighs and grabbed my dick again, and I cursed silently when she started stroking my longing body part. And it wasn't just the teasing kind. The speed showed that she finally allowed me to cum. Unfortunately for me, she changed her mind and stopped.

"No, please. My balls are hurting like shit, Bambi. I need to cum."

"Perhaps. But... Hm. I'm not sure yet."

I groaned when she started pumping her fist at a rapid pace, bringing me up to the point where I felt my whole pelvic area start to tense up. Then she stopped again and I panted for air.

"No! Please!"

"That's right. Beg," was the only reaction I got, and I could feel every hectic heart beat ache in my balls.

"Still no safety word?" she giggled, and cupped them and started massaging.

"No. I just need... Jesus! This is the most intense feeling ever."

Her hand wrapped tightly around my girth again, and the same torturous stroking made my muscles shake and it was hard to breathe.

"Are you close?"

"I swear... Shit! I've never been closer without... Ahhh."

Her mouth around the tip and her tongue lapping up my precum, almost tipped me over the edge, but she stopped just in time.

"You are not allowed to cum."

"Fuck! That easy for you to say. Please take off the handcuffs. I promise to behave."

No, you don't. Not in a million years. You'll bang her so hard that you're probably gonna end up at the ER.

Martina just giggled.

"I love watching you like this. Sweaty, moaning and desperate. I think I need to do it more often."

Yes, please. What? No! What the hell?!

I almost cried when she started stroking me again. She only paused to change her position and placed my tip at her entrance, ready to take me in. But she didn't, and I got confused, frustrated and fascinated at the same time. Because, instead of sinking down on me, she used my dick as a substitute for her own hand, and rubbed her clit in circles. Then she let it slide up and down her folds, close enough to enter her, without allowing me to do so. And for each time she did that, then stopped, I objected loudly.

"Please! This is insane, Bambi! I need to cum!"

But she kept me on the edge for a crazy amount of time, until it felt like I couldn't hold back anymore.

"Oh, hell... I'm cumming," I hissed through my teeth, and my body was so tense that every muscle trembled.

"No, you're not. Not until I allow it," she said. And to rip me out of my bubble of intense pleasure, she slapped my dick a couple of times, and I both groaned and whimpered.

"You've got more stamina than I thought," she complimented, something I normally was proud of. Now it was a curse.

"That's good. More fun for me, then."

She adjusted herself, and I assumed it was to finally give me more of her sweet pussy therapy. But once again she let me go balls deep without doing anything more.

"Please move, Bambi," I begged, and it literally felt like I was close to tears.


"Please? Just a little bit? I'm so close it shouldn't even be possible. It feels like my dick's gonna explode."

She giggled and rolled her hips a couple of times, and I moaned for more. But of course...

"Not yet."

"Not yet?" I exclaimed and my voice sounded shrill, like it came from a crazy person.
"You're killing me!"

She started riding me, but painfully slow, and I kept begging her for release until I felt it coming again. But this time I kept my mouth shut. If she was going to punish me for my orgasm, I'd take it like a fucking hero. Nothing could compare to the state I was in right now. So when I felt my cock started twitching inside her, I squeezed my eyes shut and clenched my jaw so hard that my teeth hurt. I panted hard through my nose and felt dizzy and euphoric, and I was completely soaked in sweat.

"You came?" Martina asked, when she noticed the change in me, and I tried my best to pretend like I didn't.

"You did! You naughty boy."

She didn't seem too mad, though. She just started rubbing herself and rode me slowly to her own beautiful orgasm, while I whimpered and laughed from the sensitivity from my own. Then she collapsed on top of me, panting just as hard as I did.

"I was gonna let you cum now anyway," she mumbled against my neck, and I felt her lips brush against my skin when she spoke.

"No, you didn't. You're too evil."

"I'm not!" she protested, giggling. Then she sat up, probably because of the pressure from her stomach. It was kind of rude to squeeze our little baby.

"Yes, you are. And you still haven't uncuffed me."

I rattled with the uncomfortable handcuffs. My wrists were probably going to be bruised tomorrow. But hey, that would match my bruised cheek anyway. Besides, it was worth it. It was worth every fucking second of it.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" she exclaimed, and I sighed in relief when I finally got to move my arms down. They were both numb and painful, but the aftermath that still lingered in my body overshadowed pretty much everything.

"Did I tell you that I love your crazy hormones?"

I chuckled together with her, and pulled her closer when she laid down next to me.

"I think you did."

"Good," I murmured. A wave of exhaustion was about to overpower me, and my eyelids became too heavy to keep open. Both of us needed a shower, but that would have to wait.

Until next week. Damn, you've never been this drained before, Aaron.

"Did it help against your problem, though?" she asked, and I mumbled a sleepy answer.

"Good. Mine too," she sighed happily. Then we looked at each other with the same glimpse in our eyes, and spoke at the same time.

"For now."

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