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Ch. 57: Pillow

"Good morning, baby."

I got no reaction. Only light snores, and I smiled to myself.


He was still sound asleep, and didn't even react when I got up to go to brush my teeth and go to the toilet. He was quick to pull me close when I came back, though. I loved that.

"Wake up, baby. It's almost noon."

I studied him while my finger tickled the skin on his tattooed arm, which rested heavily across my abdomen. It was like he subconsciously wanted to protect our little baby, and my heart swelled when I thought of meeting our little treasure. Also; I was secretly excited to see Aaron's reaction. Hopefully it would be a good one.

His day-old beard felt rough against my boob, which seemed to be his new, favorite pillow. Sometimes he even grabbed my other one too and moaned, but he didn't wake up.

"You're such a unique man," I whispered and kissed his unruly hair. No one rocked bed hair as well as he did. It made me think of what we did to make it look that way. What we did last night.

I'd never taken control like that. I still didn't understand what came over me. I just knew that I didn't want to be the one in handcuffs, which I was sure was how I would end up if he knew I had them. And his reaction... I'd never witnessed such undiluted desire in my life. But what made it even better; he was turned on because of me. It was like every fiber in his body, every pore... Everything in him was one fire, and it was all directed towards me. Listening to him beg and moan, but not wanting me to stop made me feel invincible. Somehow I knew that neither of us were going to use our silly safety word. It was too long to remember in the heat of the moment anyway.

"Aaron? If you don't wake up soon, I'll find my makeup and make your other eye match the bruised one."

I think it was the vibration in my ribcage from my giggles that woke him up, more than what I said.

"You ruined my dream," he groaned.

"Really now? Was it wet?"

"Of course," he murmured, and his sleepy, husky voice did things to me. And when he placed my hand on his morning wood, my mouth opened with a spontaneous exhale.
"And you were the main character."

"That's good."

I smiled to myself, and felt more embarrassed than I sounded. And when he poked my chin, I pretended to bite his finger to cover exactly that. But he left the bed before I managed to do anything more.

"Don't go anywhere. I gotta pee," he mumbled, and I giggled as I watched him bolt toward the bathroom with a solid erection pointing shamelessly into the air between his legs. Then my attention was drawn to my phone. The buzzing told me that mom or dad tried to reach me for what probably was the twelfth time this morning. The way they reacted yesterday was a lot worse than I expected, and I just wasn't ready to talk to them. They probably called to continue trying to convince me that I was making a mistake, anyway.

I knew it wasn't. Actually, this was the most important and right choice I'd ever made, and I knew it in my heart that I wouldn't regret it. I was almost certain that Aaron's old habits wouldn't become a problem. Or at least I hoped so.

"Argh, for Christ sake! Do you know how hard it is to piss with a boner?" he grumbled from the bathroom, and I laughed while I declined the call and muted my phone completely. There. No sound. No vibration. No interruptions. Still, the flashing screen made Aaron curious when he came back after washing his hands and brushing his teeth. Teeth that you rarely really saw because he usually smiled with his mouth closed. That damn charming half-smile that made me fall so hopelessly in love with him.

"Who's calling?"

"The idiot who punched you," I mumbled, and rolled my eyes.
"But nevermind him. I was thinking that we could go sightseeing today. I wanna show you New York just like you showed me San Francisco."

My new hometown. Strange.


"Just 'oh'? I thought you'd be happy?" I said, surprised.

"Of course I am. But do you know what would make me even happier?"

He got that special glow in his eyes as he crawled into bed and growled lowly, like a ferocious animal ready to attack, and I simply couldn't look away from his stare. And the fact that he still had a half-hard...

"To start the day eating pussy."

He suddenly grabbed a hold of my thighs and yanked me further down in bed, towards him, which caused me to squeal.

"And make love," he added, and the beast in him calmed down a bit.

"Awe, you softie."

"Softie?" he snorted, clearly offended. Then he grabbed his dick to show me that he was everything but that.

"Not that way, you dork."

The nickname made him laugh.

"I love when you say it like that. Make love. Not just fuck. Although you know I like it when you're rough, too."

"Yeah," he smirked, and I bit my lip when I felt my cheeks heat up.
"I noticed."

Once again there was this low growl, and it made my core tingle in anticipation. Luckily, merely seconds later, I literally gasped when I felt the warmth of his mouth embrace my most intimate area, and I moaned and closed my eyes when he used his tongue up and down my slit. Then he kissed my clit, before he gently sucked it in between his lips like a tiny, juicy fruit.

"Look at me," he said, and his voice was laced with desire. Then he repeated it when I only reacted by pulling at his hair to make him continue what he was doing. So I obeyed, and was met by lusting eyes.

"Fuck, you're beautiful," he murmured and kissed the apex of my folds, and I shuddered in delight. Whether it was hormones or not was irrelevant, because this cocktail of sensations was easy to get addicted to. And now my carnal need to climax was stronger than ever.

My body had turned into an undefined, uncontrollable mush, and I couldn't lay still for my bare life. My thighs were shaking and my back arched, and I clenched my fist so hard around parts of the bed sheet that it was a wonder I didn't ruin it.

I cursed the fact that he loved to keep me right at my peak, but didn't allow me to tip over. That was part of the reason why I did the same to him last night. Revenge.

"Dammit, Aaron! You're so evil," I groaned when he stopped and blew cold air on my clit instead of giving me that last push I so desperately needed. So I propped myself up on my elbows, obviously annoyed, which changed drastically by the sight that met me. Because while he chuckled between my legs, clearly enjoying the sweet torture he was performing, he was stroking himself. And it looked so damn hot that it became the final drop that overflowed the beaker.

A cacophony of moans erupted from within me, before I came with a series of garbled superlatives, and Aaron cooed in admiration while he watched me come undone before him.

"That's a good girl," he murmured while I slowly came to senses, although I felt more like a dizzy, panting wreck.

He carefully lifted one of my legs and placed it over his shoulder, and a huge smile graced his features. One that even showed off his teeth. Both of us both saw and felt the connection we made when he slowly pushed his thick member inside me, and we moaned in unison. He pulled back a bit, only to sink even deeper on the second thrust. Then a third time, and I could feel the softness of his balls being squeezed in the most blissful way between us. And he obviously liked it, because he continued, although in a slow rhythm to keep both of us longing for more.

I could see his abs flex under his skin while he worked his hips, altering between circling them or just steadily thrusting to create the perfect pressure that already was sensitive after my previous orgasm. And it didn't take long before I came again.

Aaron stopped when my body started writhing, just to thoroughly appreciate how my pussy clenched around his dick. He just smiled lazily while he wiggled it to prolong my climax.

"I love how responsive you are," he whispered, mostly to himself. Then he kissed my knee while he stayed inside me without moving much. But he didn't stop with the knee. He continued to let his lips praise my warm skin, all the way down to my ankle. And that's when he slipped out of me.

"Sit on my lap," he said and sat back a bit, just enough to help me straddle him. And he pushed his pelvis so much forward that I groaned.

"Great God," I breathed, when he filled me up with each of his magnificent inches of velvety steel. Then he hugged me close and rested his forehead against mine, while I slowly rode him. He stroked my hair away from my face to kiss me. He even cradled the back of my head to make sure I didn't pull back, until we eventually had to because of the lack of oxygen.

He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw, when I increased the rhythm. Then he stopped me, just to enjoy the sensation of being inside me.

"I don't think I'll ever get enough of this," he murmured, and I could see droplets of sweat forming at his temples. Then we kissed again. A slow and passionate kiss that was a symbol of the oldest dance in history. An oral sexual intercourse, just like the way we were connected now; not only by flesh, but by soul and heart. It went far beyond anything I'd ever felt before, and I think he felt the same, because as if on a silent signal, we started to move again. And more determinedly this time.

The tip of his nose was teasing mine, while our breaths crashed together like a series of miniature hurricanes. Then he made me lean back a bit and support myself with my hands on his thighs, and I moaned from the increase in pressure on my inner soft-spot. He cupped my breast and kissed my nipple. Then he cupped the other one too, and massaged it gently. He knew they were sensitive due to the pregnancy, but he also knew how to treat them to create the magic that gathered in my core.

"They're so incredibly soft," he moaned, and sucked on one of them until I whimpered. Then he proceeded with licking them instead and hugged me tighter until he rested his head on my chest, appreciating how they repeatedly bounced against his cheek.

By now we'd stopped thinking. We just acted by instinct, and sweet lord how right it felt. The tension was building to the point of no return, and both of us panted heavily, until Aaron started moaning. He was about to cum, and there was nothing I wanted more than to watch him ride his high, just like I'd done a few minutes earlier. But he obviously wanted me to join him, because he started begging me to cum too. Then his pleading changed into commands, and it was so damn hot that I pulled his hair to make him look at me.

There it was. The way his eyes turned black and his jaw went from being clenched to hanging open. The knitted eyebrows and the way he looked like he was in major pain, although it was the complete opposite. There was no way back now. He would cum no matter if I stopped or not, and he knew. I could tell by the way he grabbed my hips roughly and pushed me down on him to reach as deep as he could. Then he let out a spontaneous roar and filled me with spurts of his golden drops, something he'd barely ever shared with anyone else but me. And the visuals of him surrendering to the powerful contractions that conquered his entire being, enchanted the strength of my orgasm as it crashed over me.

Then we started giggling from the incredible relief.

He refused to let go of me, and instead pulled me impossible closer until he squeezed the air out of me. Then we laughed even more.

"I love you so much, Bambi," he said in admiration, when our breathing finally had calmed down enough to talk normally. And I rested my arms around his broad shoulders and folded my hands behind his neck.

"And I love my big baby more than you'll ever understand. We smiled and just looked at each other. Then we kissed and smiled even more.

It was true. I loved him even more than I understood myself. But it didn't scare me anymore. It just made me so incredibly proud.

Proud of us and everything we'd been through to get here.

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