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Ch. 61: Pink and purple

We were back in San Francisco, and it felt like we'd been gone for months and not just a week. Twelve days ago I wasn't even aware Martina was pregnant, and much less that she would look so ball-squeezingly hot carrying my child. And now I simply couldn't stop smiling, thinking about it.

"I think Martina's dad did more than just punch your eye," Dom commented with a smug face, and with a raised brow I made him elaborate.

"It looks like he's stuffed a coat hanger upside down in your mouth, too."

"What?" I laughed and tried not to ruin the perfect parallels on the building structure I was working on. I was drawing something that was going to be a high cost upgrade of a shopping center in South Carolina, and I'd done most of my part on the computer already. There were only a few details that needed a more personal touch to satisfy the perfectionist in me, meaning that I would have to do it the old fashioned way; using my hand. I didn't mind that.

Your cock doesn't either. Although, it's a million times better now that Martina takes care of that part. Jesus! Focus, Aaron! You're at work.

"You've been smiling ever since you came through that door," he chuckled and nodded past Olivia and toward our department exit. I could see I wasn't the only one who was smiling, because Olivia herself looked like she'd just gotten a triple raise.

"What?" she exclaimed when she noticed we were staring at her, and tried to sound innocent.

"You look like you just found out how your vibrator works," I snickered and Dom squeezed his eyes shut in a soundless laugh.

"I should have known you would come up with something like that," she mumbled, but she kept smiling anyway. And eventually I'd had enough.

"Seriously, Livvy."

"Oh, so I can't smile when you are?" she retorted.

"Of course you can, but at least you know why I act like I've smoked my socks. Share the news, woman."

She bit her lip in excitement and her eyes sparkled, but she still held back.

"I don't know if I should tell you. It's not right..."

At the same time Quentin came out from his office, whistling a happy tune. Dom and I exchanged looks and both of us frowned.

"Maybe he should tell you himself?" Olivia smiled, with her eyes trained on our boss, and his whistling became impossible to continue when his face cracked into a big grin. The biggest I'd seen on him in quite a while.

Wait a minute. Does that mean...?

"Well?" Dom urged and gestured for him to spill the obviously good news.

"Shilo is pregnant."

I knew it!

"She is?" Dom exclaimed, and immediately got up from his chair.
"Congratulations, Q! Finally it's your turn. How far is she?"

"A little over three months. The doctor just declared that she's surpassed the critical stage, and that the rest of the pregnancy should go as normal."

He chuckled to himself, and I could see how thrilled he was to become a father. The complete opposite of me.

Until you lost all common sense because of one certain woman. Thankfully. And you wouldn't trade it for anything, you big mofo.

Both Dom and I congratulated him, and exchanged slightly awkward man-hugs combined with embarrassed laughter. But it was worth it. After struggling so hard to conceive, it was definitely a good reason to celebrate.

"Uhm, guys?" we heard Olivia say after clearing her voice, and we all turned to her. She clearly had something to share as well, because she looked like she was going to implode with excitement.

"Don't tell me that you're pregnant too?" Dom asked, surprised.

"No, I'm not. But..."

She paused and pursed her lips, before she suddenly raised her hand and showed us.

"I'm engaged!"

"That's wonderful, Olivia!" Dom cheered, and immediately walked over to her, with me following behind. Then both of us gave her far more natural hugs. Quentin looked like he already knew.

"You know what?" he said and clapped his hands together for attention.
"I think this deserves a proper beer plan."

Then he smirked and winked to Olivia, before he added:

"...the extended version."

"Really? I can come, too? I thought it was guys only?"

"No, the extended version as in you, and our partners. Let's celebrate."

Needless to say, there were no objections, but I still had to make sure it didn't crash with my plans for later.

"Uhm... When?"

"I don't know. Right after work?"

"I can't. Bambi and I are gonna look at a couple of houses at 5 pm. But I'm sure we'll be done in an hour or two, tops."

"That won't be a problem," Quentin said, and both Dom and Olivia shrugged in agreement.

"Oh! We can all go to Arisan for dinner first," Dom quickly added.

"Yes! Oh, my God. Have you tasted the boeuf bourguignon there?" Olivia exclaimed eagerly, but I was just as wise. Dom noticed, and he was quick to fill me out.

"It's a new French restaurant. It's actually pretty nice."

"As long as I don't have to speak the language..." I mumbled, and he chuckled at my joke. Then Quentin cleared his voice to get attention.

"Okay, guys! Dinner at Arisan at seven. Now get your asses back to work!"

The boss was back. A smiling and laughing one, but still the boss.


"Hey, baby. How was your day?"

I still wasn't used to being met by the loving warmth of an embrace when I got home from work, but boy, did I appreciate it. I hugged Martina tightly and inhaled her scent. A scent that made my heart rate slow down.

"Great, actually. And yours?"

"Lazy," she giggled, and pulled back to look at me while still holding her arms around my neck. She blinked her eyes and bit her lip, unknowingly inviting me to kiss her. So I did.

"Good. You needed that," I murmured and tried to capture every expression in her eyes when she looked at me.

"Yeah, I did."

We kissed again, before I smirked.

"Are you ready to find ourselves a new home, then?"

She beamed up at me from the question.

"More than ready."

A low growl sounded from deep inside of me, and I squinted a bit.

"When you say it like that..." I started, but Martina suddenly pinched both my cheeks together and made me mumble the rest through vertically squeezed lips.

"Later, baby. Weren't we supposed to meet the real estate agent at 5 pm?"

"Yeah. But we still have time for a lil' quickie," I tried, but her expression told me not to get my hopes up.

"You're not a one minute man, Aaron. Not even two."

"Touché," I grinned, suddenly very cocky. So I squeezed her ass and pulled her toward my bulge before I released her, and snickered to myself when I noticed the effect it had on her. And we kept teasing each other all the way to the car, where I made a big number of buckling her up with the seat belt.

The traffic was floating acceptably, and Martina had found a radio station with pop and rock ballads. Not exactly my first choice, since I preferred something a little more upbeat and hardcore, but listening to her humming along to the songs mesmerized me to the point where I didn't care what kind of music it was. I almost wished we were at home, so I could pick up my guitar and play together with her. Instead I made a mental note to make sure to hear her sing more often.

"Hello guys, and welcome. You must be the Coopers."

My eyes widened in panic as the lady reached out her hand to greet each of us in turn, and I was about to explain that we weren't husband and wife. I stopped myself, though. Maybe it wasn't that bad. At least she didn't think we were father and daughter. That's something right?

"So..." the lady started, obviously not planning on wasting any time.

"As you can see, this house is in need of renovation. Both the kitchen and the bathroom need to be upgraded quite significantly, since they're both original from when the house was built in the 70's."

"What's that smell?" Martina whispered and pulled my hand discreetly. I just shrugged. At first I'd thought it was really poor judgment in our agent's choice of perfume, but looking at the impeccable outfit, her makeup and the sharp bob haircut kind of told me that couldn't be it.

"The reason why I'm showing you this is the price. It's ridiculously low, both considering the location and how big it is. You have the chance to form your own home, with a style and standard customized to your wishes, and we'll be happy to help you find a contractor to accomplish that."

"Yeah, we..." I started, trying to indirectly tell her that we weren't planning on going all DIY maniacs. We weren't even interested in renovation at all. Not that much anyway.

"The yard has potential, with a shed and a pool..."

Bambi looked through the window in the direction of where the lady pointed, and to say she looked sceptical was an understatement.

"Not a good way to sell property. The water is so green it looks like you can walk on it," she said, while making sure the real estate agent didn't hear. Still, I tried to remain open minded and optimistic.

"It's algae. It'll look great once it's cleaned up."

Then I studied the cracks in the old tiles that surrounded it, and wondered how it was still intact.

"Uhm... Why isn't it furnished?" Martina asked, and cut off the constant flood of information the lady obviously had learned by heart.

"The owner... Uhh. He moved."

...years ago, I added in my mind. Probably to jail or hell. The signs that were drawn or painted on the walls here and there clearly spoke about some kind of occultism or even satanic rituals. And the random dark spots on the floor were probably traces of blood.

Oh, come on, Aaron. You've seen too many episodes of 'Criminal Minds'. That's just ridiculous.

It didn't change the fact that Martina seemed to feel the same way.

"Can we please leave? This place creeps me out."

"Gladly," I mumbled.

We were both in deep thoughts when we eventually sat in the car, following the real estate agent's red Mercedes on our way to the next house, which definitely was more promising. Nevertheless, it wasn't quite what we were searching for, both because of the plan drawing and the neighborhood. And since we quickly decided it wasn't the right house for us, we actually had time to look at a third house. Unfortunately, it wasn't much of a success either.

"Oh, well. Better luck next time, then," I said and squeezed Martina's hand as we closed the door behind us.

"Yeah..." she replied hesitantly, and I caught her gaze.


"I think we should find another agent."

I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

"We don't need that. Even though we haven't had any luck so far, doesn't mean that she doesn't know her job."

Martina still looked doubtful.

"Probably, but that's not the reason."

"Then why?"

"I don't like the way she behaved around you."

"What?" I chuckled.
"At least she didn't think we were father and daughter. She even assumed we were married."

"Yeah, but it didn't seem to stop her from ogling when you weren't looking."

Ha! Another freak who's just as crazy as you, Aaron. The old you would definitely have taken advantage of that. Yup. Past tense. Good boy.

I opened the car door so she could get in, but she didn't say anything more until I'd taken my seat behind the wheel.

"You know, it's a good thing you didn't notice," she said with an expression that confused me.
"...because then I'd have to remind you of the difference between pink and purple."

"Pink and... Huh?"

She suddenly leaned in and placed her hand on my dick.

"The grip."

I laughed nervously. Then I gulped and started the car.

So... Time for dinner, then. Yeah... That.

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