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Ch. 63: Crash

"Want another drink?" Dom asked, but I just snickered.

"You don't think I'm drunk enough?"

"Oh, believe me..."

He didn't continue, because he ended up frowning.

"I guess I'm still used to the old you," he finished and smiled. And I leaned closer to him, as if I was going to tell a secret.

"You know what? Me too," I chuckled. Then I shook my head.

"Thanks, but no. I'm good. And next time I'm paying."

We were interrupted by a couple of women, and one of them grabbed my arm and was about to lean in for a kiss. At first I thought it was Martina, but it was definitely not her voice.

"Hi there, stranger. Long time no see. I..."

I pushed her away as if I'd burned myself. Who the hell was she?

"Excuse me, but do we know each other?" I asked.

"Uhh, yeah?" she said, sounding kinda offended. Then she came closer and I prepared to push her away again.

"You are one of the best fucks I've had. You made me cum three times in a row," she purred seductively, and I stepped back to keep a more comfortable distance.

Only three?! No wonder you don't remember her. She's obviously not worth wasting your brain capacity on. Make her go away. Shoo!

"I'm sorry. I must have had a bad day," I mumbled awkwardly, and she gave me a strange look.

"That was meant as a compliment. I just..."

"Okay!" I interrupted, and stepped even further away from her.
"Thanks, but... Uhhh..."

My eyes connected with Martina's, who seemed confused and searched for answers. So I shoved Dom in front of the woman, and discreetly tapped my finger to my temple and made a face, while I looked back and forth between Martina and her. Then I shrugged to tell her that I had no idea who the two ladies were, and Martina pursed her lips to keep herself from laughing.

"Sorry, ma'am. This guy is as good as married already," Dam said, and my eyes snapped to him instead. To say they were wide open was an understatement. Then he nudged me, and I suddenly realized how clever it was.

"You are?" the woman asked sceptically, clearly not believing him. So I straightened my shoulders and nodded in Martina's direction.

"Yup. See the gorgeous one over there? The one with the green maternity dress and high ponytail?"

She gasped when she realized that Martina was pregnant. And just to rub it in her face, I made my girlfriend turn a bit to show off her baby bump.

"We're gonna be parents in September, and get married next spring. So if you have any suggestions on how to pop the big question, please share, but it has to be good. No. Better than that. The proposal has to be the most epic of this century."

I suddenly noticed Dom's face and he looked like he'd fallen from the moon and crashed through the surface of the earth, through all the layers and all the way to the opposite side. Everything about him screamed:

What the hell?!

Yeah, Aaron! What in the craziest fucks are you talking about?

Suddenly the woman scoffed and stomped off, and I sent Martina a look of gratitude while wiping my pretend sweaty forehead.

Hmm. Maybe it would be easier to just shove a ring in people's faces to avoid any questions in the future? Definitely. No! No, no, no, no. Fuck. Yes, it would.

Dom kept staring at me after the two women left, and I cleared my throat and tried to act indifferent.

"You're gonna propose? When?"

"No! Pshh... That was just to get rid of... Whatever her name was."

But Dom nudged my shoulder with his fist, while his grin grew wider and wider.

"You're gonna propose!"

"No! I'm not!" I grumbled and shrugged him off. But what confused me was that I was neither mad nor annoyed.

"It's not even up for consideration, and you know why. After the marriage with Bree..."

"Oh, so you're comparing Martina to the demon now?" he cut in, and I immediately protested.

"Of course not!"

"And you think she's manipulated the DNA test to trap you, sort of like Bree did?"

"What? Hell no. I trust Bambi. She would never do anything like that."

Dom made a gesture to tell me that he found me ridiculously dense, and I ended up sniffing out in the air while I tried to find something smart to say.

Oh, come on! Anything?

"You can propose," I muttered, and even I heard how childish that sounded. Dom just chuckled and shook his head. Then he signed for the bartender to get another beer, while I tried to make eye contact with Martina again. But someone was in the way.

"What the fuck?" I mumbled to myself and frowned. There was a man leaning over her, while he supported himself with his arm on the back of the couch behind her. I couldn't see Martina's face, but I saw she was squeezed up against Olivia, who obviously was too drunk to realize that the guy was hitting on her friend.

"You better keep your hands to yourself, boy," I grumbled, just as Dom got his beer. I heard him call my name behind me, but I was too focused on the idiot who made my girlfriend uncomfortable. And on my way over to him, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and held it up while I tapped my finger roughly on his shoulder.

"Hey! Your ma's calling! You forgot your balls at home."

"What the hell, man?" he exclaimed, and stumbled back when I grabbed him by his collar and pushed him away.

"Aaron, no. Please don't make..." Martina said, probably thinking I was picking up a fight. I wasn't. I just wanted the guy to back the fuck off.

"See this?" I said, and pointed at her belly, and a light bulb seemed to turn on in his alcohol intoxicated brain.
"That's my baby. So unless you have a dumb wish to participate in an extremely unpleasant and dysfunctional co-parenting relationship, I suggest you leave."

Once again, a ring would have been prac... Shut up, Aaron!

The man mumbled some obscurities that probably were supposed to be insults, but I ignored him and signed for Martina to get up so she could sit on my lap. I didn't feel like joining Quentin and Sean on the other couch.

"Are you having a good time?" I murmured into her ear, while I put my phone on the table and wrapped my arms tightly around her waist.

"Yeah. Until that guy showed up. Somebody should give him a deodorant and a toothbrush."

She made a disgusted face and I chuckled. But just as I kissed her cheek, I noticed the screen on my phone was flashing with an incoming call. I would have dismissed it if I didn't recognize the name on the screen.

It was Rocco.

"I'm sorry, I have to take this," I said to Martina, who got up and gave me room to leave.

"Two minutes," I mimicked, before I picked up.

"One sec!" I yelled into my phone, and hurried towards the exit. And after elbowing my way outside, it was finally quiet enough to lead a conversation.

"What's up?" I asked and felt slightly worried.

"Dad! I've been trying to call you all evening. Why didn't you pick up?"

I groaned to myself when I realized that my phone still was on mute after the meeting with the realtor.

"Sorry. I forgot to unmute my phone."

"Oh, okay. I've been trying to reach you because... Well, I kinda just landed."

"Landed? What do you mean?"

"I'm in San Francisco. Or more specifically; at the airport waiting for the bus. You see, my attorney called and they need me to come to a meeting tomorrow morning. It sounded really important."

"Tomorrow? I thought that..."

"In two weeks, yes. But apparently this is much bigger than they expected, and they already have enough evidence to give them a lifetime behind the bars."

"Them?" I asked, confused.

"That's what he said. I'm not sure who else is involved in this, but it's way more complicated than estimated."

"Wow," I breathed. And since I didn't know what more to say, I just scratched the back of my neck.

"Did you talk to Marty about it yet?" he asked.

"No, I haven't. We've been busy checking out properties."

I already told Rocco about our plans, and he was happy for us. Although, happy was probably not the best description. But at least he was okay about it.

"Any success?"

"Not really. But we have several other houses to look at, so I'm sure we'll find something."

"Good. But I have to ask... Uhm. I know it's a short notice and all, but is it okay if I crash at your place for a few days? I'm not sure how long. Maybe I'll leave after the meeting tomorrow, but I don't know yet."

"Of course," I responded immediately.
"But are you ready to see Martina? Like..."

...all pregnant and stuff.

Rocco laughed and sighed at the same time, and sounded quite sad.

"Rather that than my mom," he muttered, and he had my fullest sympathy.
"I mean, you and I aren't blood related anymore so it's not like... No, it's still gross, but I'll survive. Just don't... Uhh... You know. While I'm there. Okay?"

I chuckled. Martina and I obviously needed to use our creativity to have sex the following days. I couldn't say I hated the idea.

"Gotcha. And stay for as long as you want," I stated with a smile, and wished he could see it.
"I've been drinking, so I can't drive right now, but I can ask if Martina..."

"Thanks, but that's not necessary. The bus is here in a minute, so I'll probably be at your place before you guys anyway."

"Alright. You've got the key."

"Yep. See you soon."

And with that we hung up, and I went back inside to find Martina, only to find her seat empty.

"Where is she?" I asked Olivia, who was literally hanging over Yvette while they discussed some girl issues I didn't even wanna know.

"Toilet," she babbled, right in the middle of the sentence she was in.

Women. Talking on both inhale and exhale.

I hurried over to the ladies room and leaned against the wall next to the door, ready to hit on her the minute she opened the door. But apparently I needed glasses, because the woman exiting wasn't her, but some old hag with clothes that definitely didn't match her age nor body shape. So I bit my tongue mid-sentence and turned away while I combed my fingers through my hair. She kept standing there for a moment though, and I felt so awkward that my cheeks were probably glowing in the dimly lit room.

"Sorry, what were you saying?" she asked, and I started to panic. What if Martina came out and thought I was checking out another woman?

"I... Uhh. It's supposed to be raining tomorrow, so you better dress... Better."

I wasn't sure if she got offended or not, but at least she left and I sighed in relief. Then I facepalmed so hard that I felt dizzy for a moment.

"Aaron?" I heard behind me, and this time I knew it was Martina. So I hurried back into position. The problem was that she saw it all, so it kinda ruined the moment, but I still went for it.

"Hey, pretty lady," I murmured and wiggled my eyebrows. Then I sauntered over to her and took her hand, lifted it to my mouth and kissed it.

"It's getting dark, babe. It's time for small girls to go to bed and spread their legs."

Then I smirked like the fool I was, and watched Martina throw her head back and laugh. I didn't care that I made a fool out of myself, as long as it made her happy. So I pulled her to my body with my hands on her hips, and gave her a stare. The stare. And it had the desired effect.

She immediately bit the corner of her lip and her giggles died. Instead her eyes beamed with the same glow as mine did, and my mind instantly exploded with ways to have her when we got back home. And just to tease both her and myself, I rubbed my bulge against her area a few times, and enjoyed the chain reaction of sensations it caused in my body. Then I remembered.

"Fuck. Rocco."

Martina looked bewildered.


"Yeah. He's on his way to my apartment. He's staying for a couple of nights."

"He is? When..."

"I didn't know until a few minutes ago. He was the one who called."

I told her the little I knew, and she shrugged.

"Are you okay with it, though?" I asked.
"If not, I'll pay so he can stay at a hotel or something. He'll understand."

"Don't be silly. Of course it's okay. I wouldn't want to stay with Bree either, even if she was my mom. And a hotel is just ridiculous."

She shook her head and grabbed my hand, obviously planning on leaving. But I stopped her and gave her a pleading pout.

"I'm horny," I said and looked down at myself, where you could see a clear imprint of my state of mind. But she pretended not to see it.

"You're always horny, baby. But I'm not having sex with you in a dirty toilet at a bar."

"Aw. Why not?" I whined, but I actually agreed with her. She deserved better than that. Nevertheless, I kept suggesting alternative places on our way back to our friends, even though I didn't really believe she would say yes to any of them.

"We're leaving," she said to Olivia and the others, and Dom raised his hand as a tiny salute, although he looked a bit surprised. So we explained why and thanked them for the great evening, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the girls were hugging each other. I knew I could trust Olivia when I told her to make sure Martina didn't feel left out, and I was right.

Girls hugging is always a welcomed sight no matter what setting it is. Especially when one of them is your girlfr...

Martina snapped her fingers in front of me, and I realized that everybody was staring at me.

"Say goodbye, Aaron," she said, giving me a quite obvious clue about what was expected of me. So I cleared my voice and straightened my back.

"Goodbye, Aaron!" I announced loud and clear, and everybody laughed. And Martina kept giggling all the way to the car, since I didn't stop teasing her. I even spanked her a few times, and she swatted my hands away while scowling at me. It still didn't chase her smile away, though.

"Leave my ass alone, you animal!" she yelled when I kept doing it.

"But it's not me!"

"Liar," she said with a squint, then finally managed to dodge my attempt to spank her again.

"Honestly! It wasn't me. It was my hand."

She grabbed the car keys from me and unlocked the doors, while she grumbled something that made me cackle.

"If you don't behave, I might cause a dent in your precious little pearl," she threatened, talking about the Mustang, and I gasped horrified.

"Don't you dare!"

"Then behave," she demanded, after buckling her seat belt. Then she slapped my hand when I placed it between her thighs, right where her knee length dress ended.

"Don't even think about it."

"Too late. I already am. And 'behave' is not in my vocabulary," I snickered. Then I grabbed her palm and placed it on my bulge, which backfired big time when she stroked it a few times, before she ignored me completely. I groaned and wanted more. But...

"That's all you get tonight."

She turned the ignition on and carefully maneuvered the car out on the road.

"You're just as horny as I am, and you know it," I muttered.

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are. It's just not that visible. But I can prove it, if..."

She caught my hand mid-air and forced it back down on my lap, and I pouted even more than I already was. She seriously wasn't going to give me anything?

I decided to change tactics and pretended to be fine with it, before I started stroking myself through my pants. Then I moaned a little, partially because it was fucking good, but mostly to wind her up, and I could tell it was working because of the stolen glances and her change of breathing. If the car wasn't so dark, I was absolutely sure I could see she was blushing, too.

"You know... I can take things in my own hands," I murmured and started fiddling with my belt.

"And make a mess in your car? Riiiight..."

"Yeah," I retorted, but it didn't sound especially convincing.

"Then go ahead."

For a moment I actually contemplated jerking myself off in front of her, as an attempt to make her change her mind, but I decided not to. That would just be disrespectful. So I simply sat there with a giant, painful erection between my legs, with a look of boredom in my face. Then I got another idea.

"Do you remember when I took you to my office that day?"


"I was so close to losing my mind that day, you have no idea," I admitted, clearly recalling how badly I wanted her. Kind of the way I wanted her now.

"How so?"

"Because my balls were so blue, I seriously considered cutting them off."

She giggled, but didn't say anything.

"And do you wanna know something else? I was literally hallucinating."

She raised her eyebrows, and gave me a short glance before her attention returned to the traffic.

"I was fantasizing about fucking you from the behind in the elevator, while we looked at ourselves in the mirror."

Her jaw fell and I was almost certain that I heard a little moan escape from her throat. Then she swallowed. Hard. So I continued.

"I fingered your sweet, little pussy, while I rammed my cock inside you again and again, and we watched ourselves like it was the best porn movie ever."

Martina struggled hard to act indifferent now, and I could only imagine how wet she was. Because I was absolutely sure that she was just as horny as me.

"...pounding inside you, rough, but slow. Giving you one orgasm more scintillating than the other, while I told you how beautiful you are and how hard you make me just by looking at you."

My dick was throbbing so hard I could count my heart beats in it, and I had to adjust a bit just to survive the rest of the way home. But I kept telling her about my wicked fantasy while I slowly moved my hand over to her thigh. I actually think she was too flustered to even realize it, until I started pulling at the hem of her dress. Then she swallowed hard again and her eyes dropped to what I was doing for a moment.

"You're gonna make me crash your car," she said, and her voice was clearly affected by her arousal.

"No, you're not. Keep your eyes on the road," I demanded, while I lured my fingers up under her dress and tickled the inside of her thighs. Up and down. I couldn't reach all the way up to her panties, but it was enough to make her curse.

"Would you like that? Fucking in front of a mirror?"

"Mhm," she whispered and nodded shortly.

"Good, because we're gonna have several mirrors in our new bedroom. Maybe even one in the ceiling. Then you can watch me work my hips, and your nails dig into my back while you're begging me for more."

"Oh, my God..."

"Your legs shaking, our bodies sweaty and tense, giving each other exactly what we need."

"Aaron... Please."

God how I wanted her to pull over so I could fuck her senseless in the back of my car. But I continued talking with a low and seductive voice, even though I drove myself just as crazy as I did her. I didn't even realize we were home until the car came to an abrupt halt, and the engine died. Then she turned to me with an intensity in her eyes that knocked the breath out of me.

"The elevator. Is it still out of order?"

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