My daughter in law

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Ch. 64: Out of order

He was driving me insane. I was already embarrassed about what we were about to do, but right then I didn't care. Neither did he, since he was more than willing to follow when I grabbed his hand and pulled him after me. I just hoped that Rocco wouldn't spot us from the window and start asking questions later.

'Sorry, but your not so biological father and ex-wife needed to fuck each other senseless before they could meet you', wasn't exactly what he needed to hear right now. Because that's what we were going to do. Fuck. Hard.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the sweet moments when Aaron took his time to cherish every part of me, but I liked that he could be rough too. So rough that I pulled his hair, or dug my nails into whatever body part of him I could reach and screamed until my voice got hoarse.

What fascinated me was that he was so verbal. Even though he could be reckless and borderline forceful, he always told me what he was about to do and asked if I was okay with it. He wanted to know if he hurt me or if he was making me feel good, and the answer to the latter was always yes. He made me feel more than good.

The way he literally worshipped my body, left me mesmerized every time. The way he cupped my ass and pulled me closer, while he told me how beautiful I was. The way he licked and sucked on my nipples. The way he held my head when he kissed me. Everything. And he often smiled. I don't know why, but the way his body language revealed how much he truly enjoyed what we were doing, did something to me. To me that was more than just a smile. It was a sign of how much he loved me.

His ragged, deep voice was another thing. Sometimes it was just sweet whispering, and sometimes it was harsh commands or growls, and all of those and everything in between, turned me on like a freaking sprinkler. Him murmuring things into my ear, while he worked his magic on my body, was enough to give me the most mind blowing orgasms I'd ever experienced. Until I met him, of course. And when he described exactly why he loved whatever body part he had in mind, he made me feel special. Special like a goddamn queen.

"How do we open the door?" I asked, since nothing happened when I pushed the elevator button.

"I don't know, but I'll fuck you up against it if I have to."

His deep voice behind me and his hands on my hips sent shivers down my spine, and a rush of need hit my lady parts like a tiny, invisible explosion. And when he turned me around to face him and pinned my hands above my head, the air disappeared from around us for a moment. His eyes were black with lust and so intense it was hard to hold his gaze.

Then he kissed me. The man who'd refused to kiss anyone had probably saved it all for me, because sweet lord, he knew how to leave me panting for air. A perfect amount pressure reflected his desires, and it could be the most innocent, soft nibbling to hungry, demanding sucking on my bottom lip, that probably could tip me over the edge if he did it long enough. Combined with his skillful hands, and I was a lost cause.

I writhed a bit and managed to break free from his grip, even though I wanted everything but that. I wanted him to ravish me. To claim my body as his, and make me scream into his hand while he demanded me to be a good girl and keep quiet. I needed him on so many levels that it was impossible to explain it with words.

"The door..." I panted, when our lips finally parted. Then I felt another wave of need rip through my body, when he rolled his pelvis several times against mine. He sure knew how to move those damn hips. But eventually he forced himself away from me and started searching the surface of the metal door for a way to open it. He ended up doing it by force, and it was so hot to watch how he clenched his jaw and flexed his muscles.

He was wearing a button up, but the way he was standing made his biceps visible anyway. Not that he was one of those Belgian blue bulls, shooting up steroids at the gym, because thankfully he wasn't. But he was incredibly strong and perfectly toned, and had no troubles keeping up with the many crazy ideas he always had. And his stamina? Oh, my God.

Aaron was unpredictable. I never knew what he was going to do, and it kept me on high alert not knowing what to expect next. I don't think he even knew himself. He just acted on impulse and did whatever it took to make us both feel amazing, and boy, did he do a great job.

"Ladies first," he smirked and carefully took my hand to support me, because I had to take a rather tall step up to manage to get inside the elevator. A clear sign that it was out of order. Good. Then we wouldn't get interrupted.


Aaron got in behind me and closed the door just as forcefully as he opened it, and I suddenly got nervous if we would be able to get out when we were done. It would be so embarrassing if we needed to be rescued, and had to explain why we were there in the first place. But I didn't worry more than a tiny moment, because Aaron made me forget everything around us when he approached me like a predator. And me? I was his shamelessly willing prey.

"Now you're all mine," he murmured lowly, and nailed me with his eyes as he backed me up against the elevator wall. The only light we had was the weak and sporadically blinking emergency lamp above the door, but I had no problem seeing his cocky half-smile.

I threw my arms around his neck and giggled with anticipation when he leaned his forehead against mine, still with the same heated, demanding gaze. Then he grabbed one of my hands and moved it to his bulge, and to say he was ready was to put it mildly.

"And this is yours. Do what you want with it."

So I formed my palm around his member as best as I could and stroked him a few times. But it didn't take long before I got frustrated with the thick layer of black denim that kept me away from what I knew would feel both rock hard and silky smooth against my fingertips. The warmth of his manhood.

The power it had over me was more than he knew. I could barely fathom it myself. And now it seemed like he was just as impatient as me, because he quickly hiked my dress up around my waist and pulled my panties aside with an eager hand. I knew he would make me want to scream his name from the top of my lungs, but I also knew that we had to be silent. However that would be possible.

"Yeah... Right there," he moaned deeply, and closed his eyes when I finally wrapped my hand around his erection. I moaned too, because his fingers had found their target and were already teasing me with way too light touches.

"That's a good girl," he murmured when I pushed against his hand, giving him the clear message that I needed more.

"Mhm," I breathed and stroked him firmer, and I secretly admired the way his knees buckled and his pelvis shot forward. Then he slipped two of his fingers inside me, and I moaned again.

"So wet. Did I do this?"

"Yes," I whispered and wanted him to go deeper. Then I got frustrated when he didn't, and pulled his pants and boxers further down in annoyance, just enough to free his balls too. He chuckled and kissed my temple, before he captured me with his gaze once more.

"I want you to call me Daddy now. But remember to be quiet."

I nodded and swallowed spontaneously. Why was this so insanely hot? The way he demanded me to obey, not only with words, but by his entire being, made me a panting mess. And we hadn't even started properly yet.

"Say it."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Good girl. And you're my dirty, little slut tonight. You like that, huh?"

I wanted to scream out my answer, but I only dared to nod.

"A filthy little girl who wants to please her daddy? Hm?" he whispered, and I nodded again and felt completely lost under his spell.

"Do you wanna suck my cock?"

His commanding expression was almost killing me already, and I struggled to make my tongue work.

"Yes, Daddy."

"Do you want to feel how it fills your mouth and reach so far down your throat that you can't breathe? Is that it?"

I groaned, completely transfixed by his dark, seductive stare. And without waiting for my answer, he placed his hand on my head and gently, but firmly pushed me down.

"Get down on your knees and open your mouth."

So I did. And the way he practically purred like a big cat, caused a synchronized collapse in all my nerve endings. His thumb trailed along my bottom lip, and I half expected him to make me suck it like he sometimes did, but he only trailed the contours of my mouth.

"Look at me," he demanded, and I obeyed without hesitation.
"Fuck. You've got the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen. Do you know that?"

He smiled again, almost like he didn't believe what he was saying. Then he shook his head and placed the tip of his dick on my bottom lip. He watched as I took him into my mouth, and he exhaled a soundless moan when I started bobbing my head up and down. Then he reminded me to look at him while he used his hand on my head to push himself a little deeper. He let go when I gagged though, but since I knew he liked it, I continued going as deep as I could manage, and he awarded me with one of his low growls again. Why was that so hot?

After a minute or two, I added my hand and altered between licking and sucking on the tip of the head. Randomly I trailed my tongue down along the protruding veins on his shaft, all the way down to his balls. Then I cupped them in my hand and he started to chuckle.

"God, you're too good at this. You're gonna make me cum if you continue," he said.
"Do you want me to finish in your mouth?"

I didn't. I needed more. I wanted the satisfaction of having him invade the most intimate part of me, that was screaming for attention right that moment.

"Do you want me to cum all over your pretty face? Is that what you want?"

"No, Daddy," I gasped, after choking a bit again.

"Then tell me what you want."

I swallowed some of the precum that was mixed with my saliva, and licked my lips.

"I want you in my pussy," I answered, completely honest, and he smiled again.

"Really? You want me in your tight, slick pussy and to fill you up with my cum?"

"Yes, Daddy."

I didn't realize that I'd stopped what I was doing, and just sat on my knees and begged him with my eyes.

"Nuh-uh. Keep stroking," he demanded, and placed the tip of his dick back against my lips. And when I used my tongue to twirl it around the rim of its head, he hissed and let his head fall back with eyes shut.

"Oh God, Bambi. You make Daddy feel so good."

Then he opened them again and smiled down at me.

"Do you know how gorgeous you are right now? Fuck, I could look at you all day."

But with a groan, he finally helped me up and ordered me to stand the way he'd envisioned in his dream; with my ass against him and leaning against the wall.

"Arch your back and spread your legs."

Then he leaned close to whisper into my ear.

"And be silent."

I nodded quickly as I felt his tip against my entrance.

"Do you understand? We don't want anyone to hear us."

Then he snickered.

"Or do we?"

"No, Daddy. No, we don't. I'll be a good girl and be quaaaahhh..."

I couldn't help the moan that came as a spontaneous reaction to him expanding my pussy. It felt too good.

"Quiet, or I'm gonna have to strangle you."

I didn't reply. I just needed him to continue thrusting until he was fully inside, so he could give me my much needed relief.

"Bambi? Did you hear me?"

I moaned again, and he hesitated a bit.

"Really? You want me to strangle you?"


I didn't mind. First of all because it would be damn hot, and second, because I'd never tried that before.

"Fuck..." he mumbled.
"So you've been having fantasies of me strangling you?"

I nodded. I kind of had. One of the many nights I'd woken up, panting in confusion from a wet dream. And he was always the main character.

"Are there other things you've been fantasizing about?" he pushed, and gave me one rough thrust that made me groan. Then he cursed again, probably because he felt the same pleasure as me.


"Damn. Like what? Tell daddy your dirty secrets. Then maybe we could fulfill a few of them," he murmured into my ear.

Oh. My. God.

"Your car..." I whispered.

"You want to have sex in the car? But we..."

"No," I quickly interjected.
"On the hood."

He hummed in acknowledgement.

"Now we're talking."

"Either like this or with me sitting on the hood... Ahh, shit," I cursed, when he trusted a bit faster. It just felt too good to be quiet, so Aaron hushed me.

"Tell me more."

"Teacher. I'm being your student and didn't do my assignment in time, so you give me detention to discipline me."

"Ah, you like role playing?"

I nodded and swallowed another moan when he thrusted even rougher. I could actually feel the rhythm vibrate in the entire elevator, and felt relieved knowing that we were at the bottom floor. If not I'd been too scared to continue.

"Christ... You're fucking perfect, do you know that?"

He breathed hard now, obviously lost in the visuals I gave him.

"I still wish there was a mirror in here, though."

I giggled, then groaned when he thrusted as deep as he could get a couple of times. Then he told me to be quiet again.

"Easy for you to say," I hissed through my teeth, and finally felt his hand moving upwards until it settled with a tight grip around my neck. The other found its way down between my legs, and moved my panties a little more to the side so he could rub me.

"Fuck," I gulped, and his grip tightened.

"Quiet, Bambi."

I just squeezed my eyes shut and tried to do like he said, but eventually it became impossible. And after strangling me so hard that it brought me close to fainting, he moved his hand to my mouth instead. Then he gave me his all, and thrusted so hard that the whole elevator was shaking. And just as I felt the first contraction knock me out of balance, I was almost certain I heard a ding. I was just too euphoric to really care. And when Aaron came with a hiss, I ripped his hand away from my mouth so I could breathe properly.

It was first then we noticed the cool air invading the tiny room together with the light from the hall. Then we heard a male voice.

"Mr. Cooper. This is very inappropriate..."

"Fuck! That was good," Aaron interrupted, and turned to the old man.

"Awe. Sorry you missed your chance, Mr. Richmond."

He was quick to adjust my dress to be sure not to expose me, but he obviously didn't care about himself. And now the old man was clearly more uncomfortable than us. Or at least Aaron. I was dying. I was completely out of order, the exact opposite of the elevator that obviously had decided to work again.

"But hey. The place is all yours now," he snickered, and tucked himself back in his pants.
"I'm sure your wife will be happy for a little adventure."

"Aaron!" I exclaimed, trying to make him shut up.
"Oh, my gosh. I'm sorry, sir. He's..."

...just being Aaron.

"I'm gonna report this to the landlord," Mr. Richmond threatened, but Aaron just shrugged. His cheeks were red from his climax and he was still breathing hard. So was I, but I was also red from blushing to the point that my cheeks stung.

"Sure. Remind him to eat some pussy as well. It's organic. And the exercise is healthy too. Probably good for your hip replacement."

"Aaron!" I scolded him, and pushed him out of the elevator and passed the angry man. But instead of going in the direction of the stairs, we headed toward the exit so we could cool off some. Mr. Richmond mumbled something, but I was too flustered to listen and too busy making sure Aaron didn't get a chance to come up with another cheeky comeback.

"You are the craziest person I've ever met!" I huffed when the door finally closed behind us. But of course, Aaron just snickered.

"Gotta be crazy to do this, right?"

"I can't believe we got caught! That is so embarrassing. How can we ever face anyone in this building again?"

"Easy. You just wink at them and they hurry the other way. Except Mr. Richmond, of course. He's always sticking his nose into other people's business, which is why I love to provoke him."

I raised my eyebrows and gave him a deadpanned glare.

"Really? That's all you do? Wink at them?"


I groaned.

"Why doesn't that even surprise me? You can get away with everything just because you're so goddamn arrogant."

He grinned innocently and I slapped his elbow. Then his demeanor changed into a mischievous one, and he lowered his voice several notches.

"Mmm... I like that. Spank me more."

"That wasn't a spank," I grumbled.
"Besides, I thought you didn't like to be spanked. Only being the one who does it."

"I changed my mind. As long as it's you."

I scowled at him. I honestly didn't have any words left to say. I was embarrassed beyond belief, while he was just having fun. But what annoyed me the most was that he was right. It actually was quite funny. And when we entered his apartment shortly after, we found Rocco smiling to himself too. And when he saw us, he was downright snickering.

"Oh, hey guys!"

Aaron and I looked at each other, then back at Rocco. What's up with his sudden good mood?

"You should have been here earlier."

"Okay?" Aaron frowned, and Rocco continued.

"Yeah. Someone was having sex in the elevator. The whole building heard."


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