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Ch. 71: Hotel service

"This was the surprise?" Martina growled, when I tried to help her out of the car. And I say try, because she wouldn't let me touch her, and quite frankly I wasn't sure if I dared to, either.

"No. Or yes, it became a part of it now."

I was relieved that she followed me toward the entrance even though she was fuming, but her body language could not be mistaken.

"You have a whole apartment, yet you want to waste money and stay at a hotel?"

"Oh, I wouldn't exactly call it wasted. But we're not staying. We're..."

She cut me off blankly.

"Ooh! So we're just staying to have sex and then leave?"

She'd stopped in her tracks for a moment, but continued walking when I finally dared to put my hand on her lower back. It didn't stop her from yelling at me of course, but I guess I could live with that.

"Do you know what they're gonna think about me? That I'm a prostitute, Aaron! That's what hookers do!"

"Shhh! People can hear you," I said, and my eyes went to the lobby where a female receptionist was giving us a sceptical frown. Two security guards were eyeing us as well, so I was relieved when Martina actually lowered her voice. She was still mad, though. No, furious.

This is gonna be fun, Aaron. Angry sex is underrated. Yeah, perhaps with normal women. But with a lioness like Bambi... I don't know. Just be brave and hope you'll survive.

"Welcome to Fairmont. How may I help you?" the receptionist asked. Her black hair was combed slick to her head and tied into a strict knot in her neck, and her navy blue uniform was spotless. She looked at Martina, who scowled back.

"We need a room," I said, but of course my angry lovebug acted up.

"No, we don't. We're..." she started, but I squeezed myself in between her and the desk to make sure I got all the receptionist's attention.

"Don't listen to her. She's a bit... Uhh. Pregnant."

"Oh, so you're blaming the pregnancy now, just because I'm a little mad?"

A little mad?!

"No, Bambi. Please be quiet for a second."

"Don't shush me! I have a say in this, too."

I tried to shut her up with my eyes, but I guess I wasn't very convincing.

"Yes, you do. After we're done... Uhm..."

I turned back to the strict woman in front of us, who looked more disapproving than ever. The two security guards moved closer, ready to intervene if necessary.

Shoot. Maybe this wasn't a very bright idea after all?

"A room!" I pleaded with a thin voice.

After squinting at us both, the woman walked over to a computer and started typing something. Martina kept grumbling behind me, and I didn't even realize that the security guards stood next to us until one of them cleared his throat.

"Excuse me, ma'am. Is everything alright here?" one of them asked Martina, with a voice so deep it sounded unnatural. The rest of him looked far from natural too, and the seams in his uniform were screaming in despair to keep from tearing apart around his shoulders and biceps. I gulped. If I wasn't already nervous because of Martina, I sure was now.

"No, it's not!" she yelled.
"Do I look like a prostitute to you?"

I snorted out loud and was about to object, but bit my tongue when I got a sharp eye from the steroid overdosed freak of a man. The guy next to him was taller, but way more normal built. He still looked intimidating, though. Especially when he took a step forward.

"I'm pregnant and it's his child, and I don't know why I'm putting up with his ridiculous ideas, but..."

I tried to stop her from saying anything more, but when I moved my hand in the direction to cover her mouth, both my arms were suddenly locked behind my back.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Martina exclaimed and directed her anger toward the enormous man who now held me in an uncomfortably tight grip.
"Don't touch him!"

"But he was about to attack you, ma'am," he explained, confused.

"Attack me? Are you dumb? That man couldn't hurt a fly even if he wanted to."

"Heeey. You make me sound like a damn puppy," I protested.

Let them hear it, Aaron! You're a tough guy. You've murdered pussies on a daily basis since your teens. Uhh... Maybe you should keep quiet about that. Yep, probably a good idea.

"Let him go, you giant gummy bear, or I'll step on your toe!"

The other security guard struggled to keep serious, and I could hear the receptionist giggle behind me. But both of them cleared their throats and became serious when Martina glared at them.

"Do you hear me? Let go of him!" she commanded, and the tall guy elbowed his colleague.

"Hey. Do as she says. I think he has enough trouble as it is."

I adjusted my shirt and straightened my back when the bull stepped back. Then I sniffed and tried to look like I was the one who fought myself free, and not my girlfriend's temper tantrum. He just rolled his eyes.

"Now, do we get a room or not?" Martina asked, and all of us stared at her.

"I thought you didn't..." the receptionist asked, but Martina walked up to her and tapped her pointing finger really hard at the counter.

"I do now, so if you don't do your job, I want to speak with your manager."

"Okay!" the lady exclaimed, and quickly found a key she handed over to Martina. Then she looked at us both.

"Uhm... What name should I put it on?"

But Martina just snatched the card out of her hand and stomped off towards the elevators. I followed her with my gaze and didn't really know if I wanted to follow her with the rest of my body. And because I hesitated so long, the woman made the decision for me.

"Nevermind. I just call you Mr. and Mrs. Soon-to-be-divorced."

"But we're not even married," I complained.

"Aaron! Are you coming?" Martina yelled and pushed the elevator button several times. I cowered at the sound of her voice.

"Then I suggest you run in the opposite direction. TJ and Walter will make sure you get a head start," the woman said, and the two men clearly agreed. That pissed me off.

"Hey! Don't be mean to her! She's just a little horny, that's all."


"Ooops. Wish me luck," I said, suddenly not as pissed anymore. I looked to the sky and crossed my heart.

"You'll need more than luck taming something like that," the tall man mumbled wide-eyed.
"That's suicide."

"Pff," I scoffed and tried to sound more confident than I felt.
"She'll be happy in a few hours."

"Hours?" the receptionist exclaimed, and raised her eyebrows.
"Well, at least someone's skilled around here."

The steroid guy protested just as Bambi started making death threats, which I took very seriously. Which was also the reason why I placed myself in the other corner in the elevator on our way up to the fifth floor.

Oh, man up, Aaron! Since when did you turn into such a wuss? Well, you know... Since your innocent little angel turned into a monster worse than the ones who lived under your bed when you were a kid?!

No words were exchanged after we exited the elevator and walked down the hall to find our room. I barely dared to meet her stare when she opened the door and walked in. And the fact that she crossed her arms and leaned all her weight on one hip, while she tapped her foot repeatedly, made me feel like I was scolded by my teacher.

The hottest teacher ever. One who will lie on the bed with her legs spread wide open for you in a couple of minutes, and who'll give the people working here something to talk about other than her being a bit irritated.

I cleared my voice and swallowed.

Irritated... Get your dick up and go for it, Aaron.

"This is the stupidest ide..."

Her comment turned into a surprised mumble, when I finally mustered up enough courage to kiss her. And when our lips first connected, everything else became irrelevant. If anything, our argument only spiced things up, and we were suddenly in a hurry to rip each other's clothes off.

"You're the most insane person I know," she grumbled, but it was hard to hear because I had sucked her bottom lip in between mine. We fought for dominance, but before she knew it, she was the one with her back against the wall and her arms pinned above her head. I leaned my forehead against hers and stared into the mesmerizing eyes that had captured me from the first sight.

"I can say the same thing about you, you little minx," I murmured. Her permeated breath felt like a miniature hurricane against my lips, and every cell in my body screamed to be inside her; to unite with this beautiful human being that fit so perfectly with every part of me.

"And I don't care how mad or hormonal you are, because now I'm gonna fuck you until you forget your own name."

"Oh, my God," she breathed, and that was all she managed to say before my lips latched onto hers so roughly that it actually hurt. Neither of us cared though, and she didn't hesitate when I lifted her up and made her wrap her legs around my waist. Her ass filled my hands with the perfect amount of firm flesh, and I spread her butt cheeks to make it easier to enter her. I didn't even have to ask if she was ready. I already knew she was drenched, and that she probably would kill me if I didn't give her what she so desperately needed. So I found her entrance and finally felt the familiar surroundings of my own personal paradise.

I didn't exactly go slow. After a few thrusts to make sure she'd adapted to my rude intruding, I gave her my all. I pushed her up against the wall as support for us both, and pounded her so hard that her moaning turned into a staccato ramble. She pulled my hair and dug her nails into my back, and I groaned into her neck while I tried to hold back long enough to make her cum first. But I guess almost two weeks of celibacy did it for us.

The muscles in her thighs were vibrating and tense around my waist, and I squeezed her ass hard to reach as deep as I could get, even though gravity already did most of that job. I probably even hurt her, but she obviously didn't care. Her eyes clenched shut and she looked like she was in the most blissful pain ever, the moment she arched her back and threw her head back with a scream. Needless to say; I was doomed to follow. It probably sounded like we tore the whole place down, the way I jerked my pelvis and gave her a solid row of spurts. And we were both shaking badly when I carried her over to the bed, and slumped down with her on top.

"Ahh, shit. That was good," she panted. She was still laying on top of me, and her bun of hair had become so messy I couldn't see her face. So I stroked a few strands away, just to be able to kiss her sweaty temple, and chuckled when I noticed my load that slowly trickled down my balls onto the bed. Then I gave her a couple of thrusts just to see her reaction.

Her moan said it all. She was nowhere near done with one simple orgasm.

Argh! Why didn't you pull out before you came, you idiot? Now you need to taste yourself. Oh, well. At least it won't be as bad as the time you had oral sex with that bitch who didn't tell you she was on her period. Definitely not! Waking up, hung over as fuck, with blood all the way back to your ears is by far the most disgusting thing you've ever done. Licking your own cum is nothing.

I turned us around and climbed off her. Then I told her to move as close to the edge of the bed as she could, while I sat down on my knees on the floor. A little white drop showed between her lower lips when I spread them apart, and I removed it with my finger. Then I leaned forward and kissed her clit.

"Wait. Are you gonna... Jesus!" she gasped, when I went all in. I ignored the strange taste, and instead focused on the unfiltered flow of words that came out of her mouth and the way her body so clearly appreciated what I did to her. She rolled her hips and moaned my name. Then there was a long series of curse words that made me chuckle. And just to tease her a bit, I stopped and stroked up and down her folds while I blew cold air on her pussy.

She didn't taste sperm anymore. Just the sweet, warm nectar I was so addicted to. And while I brought her up toward her peak both with my tongue and hand, I used my other hand to stroke myself hard again.

It's not especially difficult to get an erection with a sight like this, Aaron. Just look at how her pussy is pulsating around your fingers like that, the same way she engulfs your cock when you fuck her into oblivion. Are you ready for round two? Hell yeah!

Martina was in the middle of her third orgasm when I entered her again. I was still standing on my knees on the floor, so I placed her legs on my shoulders and supported her ass with my hands, and enjoyed the last contractions that blessed her pussy. I struggled a bit to get fully inside because of how tense she was, but I soon found a rhythm that brought her right up to an orgasm that never seemed to end. She just screamed and fisted the bedsheets as if she was about to float away, and I kept giving my all until I was about to cum again. That's when I stopped and pulled out.

I helped her to the middle of the bed and gave her some breathing room. In the meantime I made sure to kiss all her erogenous spots, while I murmured sweet nothings that I knew would make her feel appreciated. Because lord knows how much I appreciated her!

My tongue flickered into the dent of her navel. Then I smiled when I kissed the result of us two combined; the little baby who was growing inside her. Bold fingers explored every dip and crevice of her torso, as if it was the first time I saw her naked.

"You're beautiful," I whispered again, and smiled when I saw the exhaustion in her eyes. She was glowing in so many ways that it took my breath away. But most of all, it was the love in her eyes that left me stunned. How did I deserve someone like her? What did I do to get this lucky? This woman had shown me how love was supposed to be, and it thrilled me just as much as it scared me.

"Are you okay?" she asked, and her voice was almost like a whisper. Then I smiled my answer.

"Never been better."

I kept touching her. I stroked her skin and noticed the goosebumps that appeared as a trail from my fingertips. From the trembling in her body, that almost was invisible to the eye, to her soft, soundless moans that were created by vocal chords that were raw from the screaming from her previous climax.

"Thanks to you."

I kissed her lips and placed myself between her thighs again. Now that we'd blown off some steam, I felt the need to slow down. So I penetrated her inch by inch and thrusted slowly for a while. Then I stopped to dwell with the sensation of just being inside her.

"I love you," she smiled, and I swear I could cry of happiness. Instead I peppered her with feather light kisses all over her jaw, shoulders and neck, while I told her how much I loved her back. Her humming in the rhythm of our slow, erotic dance gradually turned into moans when I increased the speed. It was the best music to my ears. A rare, fragile symphony created just for me. One that grew into a crescendo the closer she got to the cliff she would dive from, and this time I jumped together with her.

With her hands entangled with my hair and my firm grip around her thighs, I made sure we hit our climax at the same time. And I prolonged hers by continuing to thrust, even though I was so sensitive that I whimpered. But eventually I pulled out, and got consumed by a much needed feeling of satisfaction.

I rolled over to my back and heaved for air, and Martina turned over to her side so she could rest on my chest. She was panting just as heavy as I did, but she couldn't stop giggling, which made me chuckle as well.

"That was fun," she stated, and both laughed even harder.

"Yeah..." I dragged. I wasn't sure if I could handle any more of her wrath, even if it lead to such spectacular make up sex.

"I don't think we should go that long again."

"Not having sex?"

"Mhm. You obviously need some good dicking to function."

She slapped my chest and blushed.

"You're not any better."

"Never said I was," I smirked and hugged her.
"Are you ready to go home to your surprise?"

An excited grin was unsuccessfully hidden by her biting her lower lip.

"Why do you ask?"

She immediately jumped up, and startled me with her sudden energy outburst. I, on the other hand, felt drained, although in a good way. Very good.

"I didn't mean right this moment!" I groaned.

"Why not? It's not like we have a reason to stay here anymore."

"No, but... Show me some mercy. I'm an old man," I whined, only to have my shirt thrown in my face.

"Get up. I don't wanna be here a second longer. And quite frankly, I hope I never have to see those people again," she said with embarrassment written all over her face. Our thoughts went back to what happened downstairs, and both of us laughed nervously.

Unfortunately for us, all three of them were still in the lobby when Martina and I came out to the elevator, and they directed all their attention to us. Our smiles and flushed cheeks were probably a more obvious sign than us holding hands, but there was no doubt that we'd settled things quite nicely. They looked at each other, and I couldn't help but to notice the little scowl the receptionist lady sent Mr. Steroid man, but I guess he was too dense to get the point. He just shrugged and non-verbally claimed his innocence.

I snickered when we walked past them, and the two men nodded knowingly to each other as I went to pay. We kind of forgot that part when we arrived. And when it was done, the uniformed woman giggled.

"I'm sorry, but I have to say this because it's written in my work instructions: Have a nice evening, and I hope you enjoyed your stay."

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