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Ch. 73: Vanilla

Little Sailor barely left Martina's arms the rest of the evening. It was cute how quickly they bonded, and I found that I secretly appreciated the little pup's company just as much as she did. So when it was time to take him out to pee a little later, I insisted on joining them. I simply used the excuse that I didn't want Martina to go out alone, which was true because it was late in the evening, but of course she protested since it was right outside the building. It was the only green spot in the entire neighborhood anyway, and it was about the size of a large living room. Needless to say; I was already impatient to get our own place with a huge garden.

Even though Martina showered Sailor with cuddles and kisses, she was surprisingly strict with him. She denied any kind of feeding around the table because she wanted to teach him that begging was unacceptable, and I was not allowed to give him human food. Apparently spicy Indian food was wrong for a dog. Who'd known? In my opinion food was food, but she gave me a squint that eliminated any kind of protest I had. Instead I was annoyed by a hard-on because she was so goddamn hot when she was stern like that. It didn't make it any better when she later laid down with her feet on my lap while we were watching TV. And I groaned inwardly when she wanted me to massage them.

She's doing it on purpose, Aaron. Just look at that smirk. She's thinking about the insanely risky Christmas present she gave you last year.

I managed pretty well, though. Yes, I was horny, but my mind was everywhere and nowhere at once, and it made it hard to focus. So much had happened in one day that it was simply too hard to fathom, probably more than in my whole life combined. Then I remembered that it had actually been going on behind my back all these years, and felt even more frustrated. But Martina was here, and she gave me exactly what I wanted. Not only fucking each other's brains out at the hotel, even though that was a much needed relief. No. It was way more than that.

It was firstly now I realized that the two surprises I'd planned for her beforehand were highly welcomed, although they were probably more uplifting for me than for her. I did it because I knew things would be hard for her in court, since she had to face one of the most evil men to walk on this planet. Little did I know that things would be harder for me than for her. And here we were, enjoying each other's company without really saying much. I couldn't possibly ask for more.

Then why are you having these crazy thoughts fighting in your head, Aaron? You're relaxed, yet more restless than ever. You're grateful for what you've got, but upset about pretty much everything. Sensible things don't make sense anymore, and you don't really understand why.

All those thoughts were still bothering me when we went to bed a little later. And even though Martina was stroking my arm until she fell asleep together with the dog, I still couldn't rest. So after a while, I got up and went back to the living room, where I sat down with my guitar without playing it. I considered putting it back on the stand, but something told me not to.

It started with the sound of one string. For a while I was lost in that one tone that vibrated under my fingers and in my ears. Then I repeated the same mindless process with the next. A one string tune in the rhythm of doomsday bells. Then I realized that it wasn't. I was playing in the rhythm of my heart beats, and that made me even more thoughtful.

If your life was a song, Aaron, what kind of song would it be? A frigging opera, that's what!

Then again, operas usually ended up with death and tragedy, and that wasn't really the case for me. Rather the opposite. A chapter was closed and a new one had started, and the story made so much more sense to me now. What had been a soup of letters, had formed into words that actually were understandable. And before I knew it, I was playing our song again.

I had given it a name now; Vanilla. And there were two reasons for that. When I first met Martina, she was searching for vanilla extract for her wedding cake. We didn't know it then, and we'd denied it the best we could, but we fell for each other that day. And we fell hard.

The other reason was because the song was much calmer and softer than the songs I usually made. It was our song, and it reflected the man I'd turned into because of her. I was still me, just the vanilla way. I was finally at peace with myself.

While I was humming quietly, my thoughts drifted back to the house Martina chose. That had been my secret choice too, and the one I drew first. I just didn't want to make the decision for her. That's why I made several options and couldn't stop smiling when she eventually made up her mind. She didn't say much, but it was the things she didn't say that expressed the most.

I was curious about which plot of land she would pick. They were all within reasonable distance from my work, but only one of them was close to a university. All of them had a daycare close by, which was a necessity since I already kind of knew that Martina wouldn't be happy being a stay at home mom. She wanted more, and I wasn't going to stop her from reaching her goals. I had already reached mine career wise, and thanks to her I also did on a personal level. But we'd figure it out. Even if it meant that I worked less.

Oh, my God. Who are you, Aaron? You're... You're happy. That's what you are.

I kept playing and humming quietly not to wake her up, but she did anyway. I didn't even notice she was there until I saw her standing in the doorway, leaning against the door frame. She started singing too, and came to sit down next to me. Just like she often did, she curled up and leaned against my shoulder while I played. Only, she didn't know the lyrics. She might have picked up some of it, but it was just recently that the last lines fell into place and made it all make sense. So I stopped playing and looked at her. Big, brown eyes filled with confusion and curiosity, but I just smiled.

I felt nervous. Just like earlier that evening, when I was nervous about how she'd react to the surprises, I felt anxious about what she'd think when she heard the final product of our song. But her encouraging smile made me take it from the start. The start of the song, and the start of our relationship.

You were searching for vanilla
Instead you found me
Instead of Cinderella
I found my Bambi
I didn't even know I was lost
I'd been gone too long to see
Despite our attempts, all lines were crossed
I guess it was meant to be

Her lips parted in admiration as I sang, and I could see she got emotional. But I kept going.

You fed me lasagna
You fed me your soul
I ate it with greed
'Cause it filled a hole
So sexy and feisty, so loving and warm
My simple return was tattoos
And my charm

She giggled and a couple of tears rolled down her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away, while I started the chorus.

Like of meadow of flowers
At the end of the line
So sensual between the covers
You gave me life
You gave me life

Martina blushed at the very suggestive and personal lyrics, but it didn't matter. This was our song, and for our ears only.

You showed me your love
And you taught me to kiss
I took it and ran
No thank you or please
Like a story unwritten, new and unknown
The old book is closed, the pages are thrown

Like a meadow of flowers
At the end of the line
Sensual between the covers
You gave me life
You gave me life

She'd given up holding her tears back now, but her smile was genuine and the glow in her eyes was stronger than ever. It actually made it hard to continue with the bridge, because my voice was trembling a bit.

I could have kept rambling on how you are the one
But the words are already spoken, the poem is done
They were useless anyway, in you I found home
With you by my side, I won't be alone

Like a meadow of flowers
At the end of the line
Sensual between the covers
You gave me life

My voice broke at the last line. While I was singing our song, it finally dawned on me. And the further I got to the end, the more sure I was. So instead of finishing, I just stared at her while my eyes brimmed with tears.

"What's wrong, baby? The song is beautif..."

"Marry me," I said bluntly, and the intensity in my gaze made her bottom lip tremble.

"But I thought you..." she started but I cut her off again and shook my head.

"You gave me life," I reiterated the lyrics, but finished the way my heart compelled me to.
"Please be my wife."

I pushed my guitar away so I could take her hand. Then I laughed at myself and slowly got down on one knee.

"I'm sorry I don't have a ring yet, but Bambi... Will you do me the honor and marry me?"

She broke into a series of sobs, but her eyes were flooding with love when she nodded. And she tried to wipe her tears away so she could see me properly.

"Yes! Oh, my God, Aaron. Yes, and a thousand times yes!"

She threw herself around my neck and hugged me while we both laughed in disbelief. Then she pulled back and giggled again, and I couldn't help but to kiss her breathless. How was it possible to feel that same intensity as we did the first time our lips connected? The only difference was that what scared me shitless then, made me fall deeper in love with her now.

We were interrupted by someone scratching our legs when a certain little puppy wanted to join in on our special moment, and since Martina couldn't stop giggling and crying, I picked him up and ruffled the fur on his head.

"I think we have someone who volunteers as ring bearer in our wedding."

"Oh, my God," she sniffled and wiped her nose on her sleeve.
"Our wedding. We're gonna be married, Aaron. I can't believe it."

I wrapped my arm around her lower back and pulled her close, while Sailor did his best to kiss her tears away.

"You're gonna be my wife," I chuckled. I couldn't believe it myself. All I knew was how right it felt. And when we finally fell asleep in the early morning hours, we were a mess of limbs entangled with each other, while Sailor had found a peaceful spot against Martina's ankle.

Like a meadow of flowers
At the end of the line
Sensual between the covers
You gave me life
My soon-to-be wife

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