The Proposition

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Chapter Ten


Alejandra’s POV.

He stops just in front of me. “May I take off your dress, gattina?”

I want to make a comment that, with manners like that, he can do whatever he fucking wants, but my mind falls short.

One word is all I manage, but it’s an important one. “Yes.”

He takes the material and lifts it up. I put my arms above my head, helping him to take it off. He drapes the dress over a chair and then hungrily takes in my body. Like last night, I keep my eyes ahead and try not to think about how exposed I am right now, barefoot, and half-naked in his bedroom.

He unhooks my bra and throws it to one side. He hooks his fingers in the waistband of my thong and drops to his knees, pulling it down with him. I step out of it and stand before him, now completely naked.

He kisses up my thighs, making me shiver. I daren’t look down as he moves closer to the junction between my legs. I wonder if he is going to eat me out whilst I’m standing up. If he does, I won’t be standing for long.

He tongue pushes between my lower lips and a gasp escapes my mouth. Apparently, he is going to. I grip his shoulders for support and risk a glance down.

Oh, holy crap. Him on his knees with his tongue buried in my pussy is the shit fantasies are made of. I could come just from watching him do this.

He pulls back, smirks up at me and then presses on my inner thighs. I realise that he wants me to widen my stance, so I move my feet outwards. This opens my pussy up to him, providing more access.

He presses a kiss to my clit and pushes his tongue between my folds again. I squeeze his shoulders, slightly bent over to be able to hold onto them. I can feel his muscles bunched up under my hands, filled with tension. I think he is as affected as I am.

Dom suddenly stands up and pulls back. I nearly fall forwards, and he catches me with ease. He leads me over to the bed and encourages me to lie down on it. I watch heatedly as he removes his trousers and boxers and suddenly, he is naked before me.

Do you ever feel undeserving of something?

Seeing this man, gloriously naked and all for me, makes me wonder what the hell I did right in another life to be rewarded like this.

I must have been a damn saint because this man is making me a sinner.

His skin is dark and russet coloured. Every ridge and dip is perfection. His body is carving of muscular perfection. I’m in awe of his physique.

He gives me a half-smile, lifting up one side of his mouth in the sexiest, laziest smile I’ve ever seen. He reaches for his hard cock, hanging heavy between his legs, and begins to stroke himself.

“Touch yourself for me, gattina,” he demands huskily. “I want you to spread those lovely legs and show me that pretty pussy, like you did last night.”

My face turns red, but I spread my legs for him. He’s seen it all before.

Why start being embarrassed now? It’s a bit late for that.

On my back, with my legs wide open, I hesitantly put my hand between my legs. I run one finger up and down my slit, covering it in my juices. I keep my eyes locked on his cock.

The head is shiny with pre-cum. He moves his foreskin up and down it, stroking himself. I can see his thighs tensing with the pleasurable feeling he’s giving himself.

I dip one finger inside myself, surprised at how soft and wet I feel. I add another and instantly, Dom licks his lips. Once my fingers are nice and slippery, I begin rubbing my clit. I alternate between rubbing my clit and fingering myself.

“Fuck,” Dom curses.

He releases his cock, and it bobs up and down a few times before remaining pointing at the ceiling. He climbs onto the bed and pulls my hand away. He replaces my hand with his mouth, and I cry out in surprise as he latches onto my clit and sucks it.

I fall back against the bed, feeling boneless as he pleasures me with his tongue. He pushes it inside me and then moves back up, swirling around my clit until my body shakes. My fingers grip the sheet, my teeth sink into my bottom lip and my eyes close in pleasure.

“Oh, my God,” I drag out the word as my orgasm hits. “Dom!”

He flicks my clit back and forth with his tongue, dragging out an intense orgasm that leaves me breathless. I pant heavily, drawing air into my lungs in deep breaths. He gives me a second to recover, before diving back into my pussy.

He doesn’t give my clit a rest. He sucks, flicks and licks until I’ve come another two times and his face is shiny with my wetness. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and moves to sit between my legs. Anticipation rushes through me as he lines himself up with my entrance.

He hasn’t asked me to touch him or please him, he’s solely focussed on me, again. I feel bad. How does this man even exist?

Dom pushes forwards and slides into me. It’s a tight fit, but he enters in one thrust. He halts immediately, letting me adjust to his size. I gasp and breathe through my nose, slowly recovering from the intrusion.

He searches my face for signs of discomfort with his eyes. I nod at him, letting him know that I’m ready for him to move. He begins thrusting in and out of me, holding himself up on his thick arms and pistoning his hips. After a few thrusts, he lifts up one leg and rests it over his shoulder. He feels so much deeper at this angle and moans escape my mouth.

“You feel so fucking tight, gattina,” he says the words through gritted teeth. “It’s like heaven.”

My lips are panting, my breath coming in shallow gasps. I can’t respond to him, so I show him how much I’m enjoying this with my eyes. He stares back, his gaze equally as intense.

He grabs my thigh and puts my leg over his other shoulder. I pull my legs towards my chest, letting him fuck me deeper. He pounds into me, shaking my body and the bed beneath me. His thrusts are rough and punctuated, sending my breasts bouncing on my chest. My orgasm comes hard and without warning. It grips me and my pussy clamps down on Domenico’s dick.

“Oh, fuck,” he curses and starts pounding harder. “Fuck, you’re milking my cock, gattina. Don’t stop, that feels so fucking good, clench down on me. Shit, so tight.”

His words, dirty and crude, only increase the intensity of my orgasm. It’s immense and shakes me to my core. He comes with me, making the moment a hundred times more intimate. We cling on to one another as the aftershocks fade and our heartbeats slow.

Dom surprises me by kissing me. It’s not a frenzied or heated kiss, it’s slow and passionate. It’s all consuming and makes my chest tight with the fear of feelings blossoming. This is not what this is. This kiss does not reflect our temporary relationship. It is a business transaction, a mutual fulfilment of pleasure and desires, nothing more.

So, why is he kissing me like he cares?

“Gattina,” he murmurs between kisses. “You are wonderful.”

When we’ve cleaned ourselves up, I go to put on my clothes. Dom frowns and grabs my wrist.

“Where are you going?” He questions me, his eyebrows drawn together.

“To my room...” I trail off, feeling as though I’ve said something wrong.

“You’re staying with me, aren’t you?” Dom asks, seemingly surprised that I’m leaving. “Don’t you want to stay?”

I shift awkwardly, terribly conscious that I’ve somehow offended him and I’m still bollock naked.

’I didn’t think that you wanted me know, cause this is like a friends with benefits thing.”

Realisation dawns on Dom’s face and he smirks. “Oh, gattina, how wrong you are,” he replies smugly. “You’re assuming we’re friends.”


I narrow my eyes at him, and he chuckles. “You’re closer than a friend to me, come get into my bed. You’re staying.”

I take his proffered hand and he leads me to the bed. I expect us to sleep without touching, but the Mafia Don surprises me once again, and pulls me into his arms.

What the fuck is going on?


It’s a glorious morning when I wake. Dom has obviously gotten up before me, I can hear the shower running in the bathroom. He’s opened some of the curtains, bathing the room in fresh, morning sunlight. One set of balcony doors is open, letting me hear the tweeting of birds and letting a warm, gentle breeze enter the room.

I feel sore between the legs and satisfied beyond belief. I stretch my arms above my head and my legs to the end of the bed. My stretched toes pull the sheet down, exposing my breasts, just as Dom walks in.

His eyes go to me straight away. He’s wearing nothing but a pair of black boxers. His hair is coal-black and still wet from his shower. I sit up and reach for the sheet to cover myself, but Dom leaps towards the bed and yanks it out of my hands. I let out a cry of surprise when he grabs my waist, throws himself onto the bed and lifts me on top of him.

What is he doing?


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