The Proposition

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Chapter Twelve


Alejandra’s POV.

Dom grabs my thighs and pulls me to the edge. He bends down and buries his tongue inside my pussy. I’m sat back enough that my pussy is well above the water’s edge. Dom laps up my juices as they flow freely under his ministrations.

He eats me on the pool’s edge. I throw my head back, crying out as I orgasm against his mouth. The intensity of the cool pool water on my feet, the sun on my skin and Dom’s mouth on my pussy is too much. My arms shake and I almost fall back.

Dom grabs my waist and lifts me again, pulling me back into the water. I shiver, the water suddenly feeling cold on my goosebump-covered skin. He doesn’t give me time to complain, though, because he pulls his cock from his shorts and lines it up with my entrance.

He enters me slowly, aware that the natural lubricant of my wetness is washed away by the water. I moan as he stretches me out. My pussy is still throbbing from my orgasm, and it makes the feeling of Dom entering me all the sweeter.

My hands go to his shoulders and hold on for dear life. His fingers dig into the flesh on my waist as he begins lifting me up and down on his cock. He fucks me hard in the water, helping both of us to approach our climaxes. Dom waits for me to orgasm and holds off his own.

He surprises me by carrying me over to the steps. He gets out of the pool, leaving us still connected. My legs are wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. He places me on the sun-bed and then pulls out of me. I realise that he didn’t want to come inside me in the water. Instead, he starts to pump his hand up and down his cock. I lay back on the lounger and wait for him to come.

His thighs tense and his jaw clenches when he gets close. I smile up at him and stretch my body out, encouraging him to come on me. He moves closer, his hand furiously working his dick.

“Fuck, gattina,” he groans and then stills.

His body freezes but his hand still moves slowly up and down his cock. It pulses in his hands and ropes of come spurt out, landing across my chest and stomach. He collapses onto the lounger behind him, his semi-hard cock lying on his stomach.

“Fuck,” he mumbles again.

“Fuck,” I reply in agreement.

What a fucking day.


After our little pool session, I go inside to clean myself up and use the toilet. Domenico and I eat outside on the terrace. He has a chef come in and make us cannelloni and tiramisu. He invites me to stay in his room again. We don’t have sex, mainly because I know that he wants it tomorrow and I’m still sore from today, so I need a break.

In the morning, Dom has work to do. He leaves me to explore the grounds whilst he works in his office. I don’t ask what he’s doing because, frankly, I’m sure that I don’t want to know. I imagine ignorance is a mafia wife’s best friend. Not that I’m going to be around longer than a week, but still. Ignorance is bliss in his line of work.

After an hour of exploring the gardens and nosing about his house, I get bored. I seek out his office and push open the slightly ajar door. Dom is sat at his desk. His chin is resting on one hand, whilst he moves the mouse of his computer with the other. The door creaks as I close it behind me and he looks up from the screen. He smiles and sits back in his chair.

“Gattina,” he greets me. “I’m sorry that I’ve been busy. Come here.”

He pats his lap and I eagerly cross the room and join him. I sit my butt on his right thigh and wrap my left arm around his shoulders.

“I love this dress,” he murmurs, fingering the hem of my yellow sun-dress.

“Thank you.” I kiss his forehead. “How’s work going?”

He pulls a face. “Could be better.” His face suddenly lights up and he looks up at me with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “I think I know how you could improve it for me, Alejandra.”

The sensual way that he lets my name roll of his tongue tells me that improving his day will involve me doing something sexual. I wonder if he wants me to suck him off under his desk? I swear all businessmen have that fantasy. Or does he want me to ride him on his chair?

“How can I?” I ask cautiously.

His smirk widens. He grasps my waist and lifts me up, onto his desk. Like this, my crotch is in line with the middle of his chest. He places his hands on my thighs and slides my dress up.

He bunches it up until it is pooled at my waist, leaving my white thong exposed. He doesn’t say anything as he silently grips the fabric and pulls it down my legs. He slips it off and throws it onto the floor. I watch him as he looks heatedly at my exposed pussy, half-pressed against the cold, wooden surface of his desk. Great. It’s going to leave a wet mark, I know it.

I rub my lips together, anxiously waiting for his next move. As usual, he surprises me. Dom leans back in the chair and rests his elbows on the armrests. He moves the chair back a little, making some space between us. He meets my eyes and gives me a challenging smirk, lifting one side of his mouth.

“Touch yourself.”

I blink a couple times, processing his blunt order. “W-what?”

He smiles, revealing his teeth in an almost predatory manner. “Touch. Yourself.”

He accentuates the words and then licks his lips.

“You want me to touch myself? Here? On your desk?”

Seemingly impatient, Dom moves the chair forwards. He grabs my ankles and makes me place each foot flat on his thigh, making it look like my legs are in stirrups again. This brings my knees higher and lifts my hips, giving him a better view of my pussy. It also forces my legs open, giving him the best view in the house.

“Lean back a little and support your weight with your left hand,” he commands me.

Too flustered and panicked to do anything but comply, I follow his order. This leaves my right hand free...

“Touch yourself. Rub your clit and push your fingers inside you. Please me, gattina. Tempt me. Show me what I’m missing.”

Oh, sweet Lord...when he talks to me like that...

My mouth is suddenly dry, and I struggle to swallow. My hand shakes as I reach between my legs and experimentally dip one finger inside myself. I’m wetter than I thought I would be. Apparently, my body likes his crude commands.

With the first finger sliding in easily, I add another. Dom’s lips part as he watches me fuck myself with my fingers. I look down to see what he’s seeing. My fingers are glistening with my juices as I pull them out. My pussy practically swallows them when I push them back in. I look back at Dom and he looks like he’s having to restrain himself from touching me. There’s a sizeable tent in his trousers.

“Your clit,” he rasps. “Touch your clit.”

Never one to disobey his orders, I slide my two fingers out and move them up. I circle my clit and Dom lets out a sexy, strangled groan.

“Fuck.” he curses. “You are perfection, Alejandra.”

I think he must be the only man that I obey without complaint. He is one in a million for me. As I touch myself with targeted precision, little shivers of pleasure start to rush through me. Dom fumbles his shorts, making my heartbeat pick up with excitement.

Is he going to touch himself, too?

He doesn’t pull his shorts down, just opens them enough to pull his cock from the confines of his boxers. It is hard and ready, leaking pre-cum from the head. He strokes himself, keeping his dark eyes latched onto my pussy.

I put on a show for him, making small circles around my clit with my fingertip. I dip my finger inside for more lubrication and then swirl it around of my bundle of nerves again.

“So fucking hot,” Dom bites out the words through gritted teeth.

His large hand grasps his large cock. He pumps it up and down, stroking himself whilst watching me. His display is only adding to my arousal, and I feel myself start to near my orgasm. I never thought I’d be able to come in front of a man, sat on his desk with my legs spread, in the middle of the day.

A week ago, this would have been a nightmare situation for me. It would have been like one of those bad dreams you have when you’re naked in somewhere public and embarrassing. Yet, here I am. My hips are gyrating against my hand, my toes curling against Dom’s thighs, and I can feel my wetness dripping onto his desk.

“Dom,” I gasp his name, letting him know that I’m close, so close.

His eyes dart up to mine and make me breathless. “Are you going to come, gattina?” He asks lowly, his voice husky and sensual.


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