The Proposition

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Chapter Fifteen


Alejandra’s POV.

After getting his fill of me at the dining room table, Domenico suggests a walk outside. It takes a few minutes for legs to stop shaking from the multiple orgasms. Dom holds me steady. It’s a warm evening, even though the sun has set. The sky is still light, but the stars burn brightly above us.

Our joined hands swing between us. The gardeners have gone home, thank goodness. I’m not sure I could face them, they probably all know about what one of them saw.

We stroll down a pathway lined with cypress trees. Crickets are chirping somewhere and the sound of the splashing water from the many fountains provides a calming background noise for the ambience. We come to a stone pavilion. Made of pale sand stone, it has beautiful pillars, and a carved bench sits in the centre.

I let go of Dom’s hand and walk up the two steps to raised platform. I wipe the dust off the seat with my hand and then sit down, admiring the beautiful gardens in front of us. Dom comes to sit next to me, and we sit in a comfortable silence for a while.

“I’ve always wanted to have sex in this pavilion,” he comments casually.

I look at him and raise an eyebrow. “First the pool, now here. Anywhere else you’ve got on your list?”

He smiles and then thinks about it. “My car.”

I snort and shake my head in disbelief. “You’ve never had car sex?”

Dom’s lips part in surprise and he looks at me in shock. “You have?”

“You’ve obviously never had to sneak around when you were younger, and your parents wouldn’t let your crush stay over.”

He laughs at me and shakes his head “I haven’t had to, no. Is that what you had to do?”

I shrug. “My ex had a car, but he wasn’t allowed to stay over, you have to improvise sometimes.”

Dom looks at me with amusement. “You are such an interesting woman, gattina,” he says happily. “My life is better for you being in it.”

He looks out at the view, not realising the effect that his words have on me. I feel a pinch of disappointment that we only have three days left together. Choosing to push my feelings down, I opt for a distraction. I climb onto Dom’s lap, drawing his attention back to me. I hook my wrists around his neck and grind on his crotch.

“Wanna tick another place off your list?” I ask flirtatiously.

He groans and closes his eyes for a second. His hands reach for my waist and squeeze. “You’re such a blessing, gattina. I’d fucking love to.”

I lean in and kiss him, moulding my lips against his. Dom kisses me back with equal enthusiasm, pressing his lips firmly to mine. His tongue swipes along the seam of my lips. I push my tongue into his mouth at the same time that I thread my fingers into his hair.

I gyrate my hips in a circle, grinding against the erection pressing on my core. Dom makes a sexy sound at the back of his throat, something like a growl that has me bursting with excitement. I want him inside me. I’m still soaked from the oral he gave me in the dining room. I remove my hands from his hair and, whilst our tongues continue playing, I push my dress out of the way and undo his trousers.

Dom lets me pull his cock from his boxers. There’s enough room that he doesn’t have to pull his trousers down and get a cold arse against the stone bench. I stroke my hand up and down him a couple times, feeling him harden beneath my touch. Once he’s ready, I push my panties to one side and line myself up with him. I drape my dress around us and sink slowly onto his cock.

I gasp at the feeling of him filling me so deeply and he grunts at the pleasurable sensation of my tight pussy gripping him. He squeezes my hips and kisses me again. Our mouths stayed join as I slowly ride him. I don’t lift off him much, only sliding out a few inches with each lift. The slow sensation drives Dom wild, and his hips buck up, trying to fill me more and fuck me harder.

I chuckle against his lips and control the pace, using his shoulders for leverage. When he can’t take it anymore and his fingers are biting into my hips, I start riding him properly.

With my dress covering all the important things, I ride him on the bench. Dom helps me lift up and down, holding my hips. I bounce on his cock, using my thigh muscles to lift and lower myself. It’s tiring, but it’s worth it.

“Fuck, gattina,” he says gruffly. “You’re going to make me come so quickly, it’s embarrassing.”

“I don’t mind,” I whisper in his ear. “You’ve already given me so much pleasure today, take yours. You deserve it.”

Earlier on, he didn’t come during sex. Then, he gave me incredible orgasms at the table. He’s earned the right to chase his own orgasm. I bite down on his earlobe and then kiss down his neck. I suck and nibble at the sensitive skin as he groans.

“Fuck, Ale,” he moans. “Shit, I’m coming! Oh, fuck!”

I ride him harder, being sure to take him almost all of the way out of my pussy and then slide back down. I clench hard, trying to make myself as tight as possible. My name leaves Dom’s lips in a garbled moan, and he presses his forehead against my shoulder.

I hold him close as he comes inside me, his cock pulsing and his hips twitching. We stay in this position for a moment, holding onto one another. I realise that I don’t want to let go. I’m very happy here, with him softening inside me.

“We should go in and get you cleaned up, dolcezza,” he murmurs against my skin.

I slide him out of me and move my underwear back into place, catching anything that comes out. I step off his lap and sort out my dress. Dom stands up and fixes his trousers. With a few moves, we’re back to being presentable again.

He leans in and kisses me sweetly. “You’re one of a kind, gattina. Come.”

He takes my hand and leads me back to the house. I clean myself up and get ready for bed. When I come out of my bathroom, Dom is lying in my bed, under the covers. I put my hands on my hips and lift one eyebrow.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I ask playfully.

He grins and pulls back the covers. “Waiting for you. Get in.”

How can I resist?

I slide in next to him and he pulls me into his arms. Seemingly oblivious to how intimate this is, Dom cuddles me to sleep.


I am roused from my sleep when Dom leaves the bed. The mattress lifts up when his weight is gone from it. I open my eyes and look around, my vision blurry.

“I have some things to sort out, gattina,” Dom says softly. “Stay in bed, I will be back with breakfast in an hour.”

It’s too early for me to function, I merely nod and fall back to sleep. The next time I wake up, the bedroom is being opened and the sound of metal clanging rouses me. I sit up and rub my eyes. Dom has opened the balcony windows, letting in the fresh air. I realise that this obviously a habit for him, he does it every morning. I like it, it makes the room feel fresher.

Out on the balcony, he has set down a metal tray, filled with breakfast items. I get up from bed and approach him, wearing nothing but his t-shirt. My panties were discarded last night, soaked with his come that had dripped out of me. I felt too gross to put more on.

“Morning beautiful,” Dom mutters and kisses my forehead.

I pour myself a glass of orange juice and lean against the waist-high balustrade. Dom comes up behind and places his hands on the railing, on either side of me, effectively caging me in. He kisses up my neck, brushing my hair out of his way.

“I think I found a new place that I want to fuck you,” he mumbles against my skin.

My nipples are pressing against the material of his t-shirt, a tell-tale sign that I’m either cold or horny.

It’s a perfectly warm morning.

“Go on then,” I reply casually.

I bend forwards, resting my elbows on the railing and making his t-shirt ride up to reveal my bare ass. Domenico curses under his breath and then squeezes both globes in his large hands.

“Fucking perfection,” he comments.

I hear the rustling of fabric and, a few moments later, his cock is pressing up against my entrance. I wiggle my hips, helping him line himself up properly. He pushes forwards and slowly sinks into me, making us both moan in unison.

I grip hold of the railing, supporting myself whilst he grips my waist. He starts thrusting his hips, fucking me in long, smooth strokes that have my toes curling. After a couple of thrusts, I’m wetter than ever and he slides in and out of me with complete ease.

He releases one side of my waist and grabs my hair, wrapping it around his hand to get a good grip. He pulls on it, forcing me to arch my back. My lips part in a gasp as he suddenly increases his pace and slaps my butt.

The little bite of pain is all I need to come. My pussy convulses around him, clamping down as I ride out the waves of pleasure crashing through me. Dom curses in Italian and moves faster, obviously chasing his own climax.

I push back against him, clenching hard. He curses again and moans my name. His thrusts become messy, and he gives three final long strokes, releasing inside me with a grunt. He leans forwards to rest his head on my shoulder.

“Buongiorno, gattina,” he purrs.


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