The Proposition

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Chapter Eighteen


Alejandra’s POV.

Dom pulls the plug and drains the tub whilst I dry off. I tie my hair up in a loose bun and climb into bed stark naked. There seems to be no point in putting on clothes when he is around, he’ll only take them off me.

I wait under the covers whilst Dom turns off the lights and closes the curtains. He joins me a couple minutes later. I snuggle up to him and he wraps his arms around me.

“I have a meeting tomorrow,” he says, breaking the silence. “I will try and get out of it so that we can spend some time together before you go.”

My heart feels heavy at the thought of leaving. He hasn’t mentioned making this any longer or seeing me beyond this. My pride makes me bite my tongue. He wanted this to be just a week. His proposition was seven days, no longer. I knew what I was getting into, I just wish my heart had gotten the memo before it started feeling things.

“Okay,” I respond, keeping my voice even and nonchalant.

He surprises me by rolling me onto my back. He hovers over me, supporting his weight on his elbows. He brings his mouth down over mine and my lips respond eagerly.

My hands slide from his arms, up his shoulders and to his hair. I bury my fingers in the strands and tug gently. A sexy sound emanates from the back of his throat and a second later, his tongue swipes over my bottom lip. I open my mouth for him, and our tongues collide.

Supporting himself on one hand, Dom nestles himself between my thighs and strokes down my side. He finds my bare pussy and strokes it with his fingers. I’m still sensitive from my orgasms in the bath. His gentle strokes have me quivering beneath him.

“Are you going to come again, gattina?” He asks, sounding both mocking and proud at the same time.

I lean in and bite down on his bottom lip. He hisses against my lips and rubs his fingers harder.

“You better fucking come for me, gattina, or I will fuck you until you do.”

His threat does something to me. Everything tightens in my body, and I tense up. The pleasure that blasts through me is immense.

“Dom!” I moan his name as the euphoria hits.

I tremble and convulse beneath him whilst Dom murmurs soothing words and kisses my neck. I catch my breath back as the aftershocks stop. Dom kisses me again whilst nudging my thighs further apart.

I spread my legs for him and excitement bubbles through me. I feel the blunt tip of his cock probing at my entrance and, a second later, he sinks into me. I gasp at the sweet feeling of being stretched by him. Encouraged by my quiet moans, he rocks his hips, sliding in and out me languidly. My hands grip his arms and my knees come up to rest against his hips.

Together, we rock back and forth against one another, bringing each other pleasure from him thrusting in and out of my pussy. It’s both insanely pleasurable and not enough at the same time. My nails dig into his skin as I try to claw him closer, wanting more.

Dom must know my body better than I thought, because he begins thrusting into me faster and harder. The added pressure is perfect on my clit and helps bring me towards another climax. I bite down on my lip as he pounds into me. Everything is perfect; the sex, the closeness, him. I find myself drifting higher and higher, my pleasure rising and rising.

“Come on, Alejandra,” he murmurs huskily in my ear. “Give it up for me.”

His words are my trigger. I cry out as the most intense orgasm yet ploughs through me. Dom curses under his breath and fucks me faster. He moans and I feel him releasing inside me as my pussy clenches around his pulsing cock.

We come together, our breathing ragged and our moans uncontrolled. We don’t move straight away, wrapped up in one another. Eventually, Dom slides out of me. I grimace at the feeling and follow him into the bathroom to clean up.

Once we’re back in bed, he pulls me into his side and kisses me softly. “Goodnight, Alejandra.”

“Night, Domenico.”


Sunlight, birds chirping, and a gentle breeze is what greets me the next morning. Without opening my eyes, I reach over for Dom. I frown as I find his side of the bed empty. Blinking a couple of times, I let my eyes adjust to the light streaming in and a faint memory comes back to me.

Earlier this morning, Dom got up and opened one of the curtains. It let in just enough light to make me half wake up. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Now, he has well and truly left the bed. The curtains are still open, as is the window. The faint flows of wind are coming through the open pane and making the curtains billow.

It looks like a surprisingly sunny day for England. I stretch my arms above my head and get out of the bed. I make it once I’m stood up, straightening out the duvet. I use Dom’s bathroom to have a shower and wrap one of his thick towels around me. After checking that the coast is clear, I rush down the hallway to my bedroom.

After slipping on clean underwear, I put on a top and jeans. It’s warm, but it’s not Italy. I apply a bit of make-up and decide to find Dom. When I come downstairs, I find the house empty. I’m a little confused as to where Dom is, but breakfast is my first priority. I can see from the empty plate in the sink, that he ate breakfast earlier without me.

I make myself some toast and eat it by the window. The garden is pretty, but it’s nothing compared to the one at his villa in Italy. I feel a bit forlorn thinking of Italy. It is day seven, my last day. I can’t believe this will all become some incredible memory to look back on.

After finishing my breakfast, I push the depressing thoughts from my mind and head back up to my room. I answer a couple texts on my phone and call the restaurants to check on everything. I’ve just finished a call when there’s a knock on my door. Luca pops his head around the door when I call out.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Alejandra,” he says politely.

When we were in Italy, I insisted on him using my first name. Miss Castillo is so formal. I only like it when Dom says it, and whenever he does, it is always teasingly.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m ready to take you home whenever you are,” he continues, making my heart sink. “Mr Lencioni told me to take you back whenever it suited you.”

I try to keep the surprise and hurt off of my face. I force a smile and nod.

“That’s fine, I’ll um...I guess we can do soon. Ten minutes?”

My vision is beginning to blur with unshed tears, and I want Luca to leave me alone.

“Of course. I’ll be waiting downstairs.”

“Thank you.”

As soon as the door closes behind him, I release a shaky breath.

How could I have been so stupid?

It’s so obvious that he doesn’t want more, that it was just a week to him. He’s buggered off this morning and left me alone. He’s sent his damn driver to take me home, without so much as a goodbye or a thank you.

I feel stupid, embarrassed and upset, I blink back my tears, take a deep breath, and lug my suitcase downstairs. Luca takes it from me when I find him in the foyer and helps me put it into the car.

The drive home is a quiet one. I feel like shit. I text Hanna, telling her what has happened.

THAT BASTARD. How fucking rude is he? Get your ass over to my flat now. Or I can come to you.

I thank Luca when he drops me off. I drag my suitcase up to my flat and let myself in.

It’s strange being back. It feels like I’ve been gone much longer than a week. My apartment has that weirdly nice, stuffy smell that it gets when no one has been in it for a while. I drop my suitcase in my bedroom and grab the essentials; a hoodie for later on when it gets cold and a phone charger. I shove them into my bag and lock the door behind me. I text Hanna as I get into the lift.

I’m on my way.

Ten minutes later, I’m standing outside her apartment. The door flies open, and she pulls me into her arms.

“My baby! Don’t worry, we’re going to crack open the wine and I’ve got some recovery tubs of B&J for times just like this.”

“It’s ten o’clock, Hanna,” I tell her scoldingly. “This is not the time for wine.”

She narrows her eyes at me and puts her hands on her hips.

“I will have you know that it is 6PM in Beijing and 10PM in some parts of Russia. It is always time to drink somewhere.”

I roll my eyes at her and step past her into her flat. “We’re not in Beijing or Russia, though.”

“Fuck it, vashe zdorov’ye! See? We’re in Russia.”

vashe zdorov’ye = cheers in Russian

“You’re something else, Hanna March.”

She smirks and shrugs. “You love me. And I love you, so let me help you get over this bastard. Bottoms up!”

Fuck it.


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