The Proposition

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Chapter Twenty


Alejandra’s POV.

Seriously, what is he doing here?

I slowly lean forwards and put my wine back on the table. My hand is shaking too much to hold it. I don’t understand what he’s doing here. Why come now after ditching me this morning? How does he even know where I am? And, most importantly...

I can’t believe he heard me call him an Italian stallion.

“Uh, no.” I hear Hanna deny him entry. “Hey! I said no, dickhead! This is private property!”

I stand up as Dom strides into the room. His eyebrows are furrowed, and his mouth is set in a grim line. “We need to talk,” he says firmly.

Hanna shuts the door and marches up to him. “Hey, you! This is my flat, what part don’t you understand? Propiedad privado?” She states, putting her hands on her hips.

Dom turns to her with an irritated scowl. “It’s propiedad privada, feminine. And that’s Spanish. I’m Italian,” he replies, sounding frustrated.

“Oh.” Hanna scrunches up her nose. “What’s it in Italian, then?”

Dom gives me an exasperated look as if to ask if she is always like this. I shrug in response, and he turns back to Hanna. “Proprietà privata,” he snaps. “Now, I’m sorry for barging in, but I really need to speak to Alejandra. Could you excuse us for a moment?”

Hanna snorts. “In my own flat? I think the fuck not.”

Dom looks like he’s ready to strangle my best friend, so I jump in. “Please, Han.”

She looks between us both and scowls. “Fine. I’ll be in my bedroom, but if I hear any kind of shouting on your half.′ She points at Dom. ’I’m coming out here and defending my best friend.”

He nods, trying not to laugh. “Wouldn’t expect anything less.”

“Good.” She turns to me. “Shout if you need anything and make the bastard grovel.”

Dom looks at me with a frown. “When did I become a bastard? What did I do?”

It’s more what you didn’t do.

“Why are you here, Domenico?” I ask him bluntly, ignoring his questions.

He frowns and gestures at the sofa. “Sit down, we need to clear some things up.”

I reluctantly follow his order and sit on the couch. He sits opposite me.

“Why did my call go to voicemail?” He questions me, pointing to my phone.

I can’t help but chuckle at the answer. “Hanna blocked your number.”

Dom’s frown turns into a glare. “Why did she do that?”

“Because she doesn’t like the way you ended things.”

And neither do I.

Dom frowns again, looking confused, too. “Ended things? What do you mean ended things?”

Now, I’m confused. “This morning,” I reply. “You left.”

He shakes his head in bewilderment. “Because I had an emergency to take care of Italy.”

“You could have said goodbye,” I protest.

“I left at six AM! You were fast asleep!” He retorts. “Besides, I left you the letter.”

“What letter?” I ask, scrunching my face up. “There was no letter.”

“I left you a letter on the bedside table.”

“There was nothing on the bedside table.”

“I don’t understand,” he mutters to himself. “I put it there...”

I think back to the room and remember the open window.


“It might have blown off in the breeze,” I comment and realisation dawns on him, too.

“I guess it could have. I swear to you, gattina, I wrote you a letter to explain my absence.”

My heart starts to lift a little. Maybe, this isn’t what it seems.

“What else did it say?”

Dom looks at me and his dark eyes soften. “Did you honestly think I would send you home without so much as a goodbye? After the week we shared?”

My cheeks heat up and I look down at my hands. “I don’t know. We agreed for it to a week only.”

His hands come into my vision. He interlocks his fingers with mine and squeezes. I find the courage to meet his eyes again. “The letter explained that I’d been called away to Italy for an emergency, but that I’d try and make it back to take you out for dinner. I wrote about how much I have loved this week and that we will talk more tonight.”

He smiles and tugs on my hands, pulling me onto his lap. I straddle his legs but remained leaned back, so that I can look at him.

“I was going to talk to you about putting the money in your account for your restaurants, but also try and get a feel for whether you might want to see me still after this.” He looks strangely vulnerable and my heart flutters. “Would you? Want to see me again?”

I nod shyly, scared of admitting my feelings out loud. Dom lets out a relieved exhale.

“Thank fuck,” he mutters.

He reaches his hands up and cups my cheeks, forcing me to meet his dark eyes, swirling with emotions. “I have loved getting to know you and your beautiful body, gattina,” he says huskily. He runs his thumb over my bottom lip. “You’re clever, bold, funny and of course, incredibly sexy. You are everything I want.”

I swallow hard and lick my dry lips. “Want?”

He smirks and nods. “Yes, gattina. I want you to be mine. I want to date you and treat you and love you.”

Love you.

My heart thumps faster at those words. Dom frowns when I remain frozen in silence without saying anything.

“Gattina? Is that what you want, too?”

There’s that adorable vulnerable look again.

“Of course,” I reply happily.

I throw my arms around his neck, and he chuckles, hugging me back tightly. “Good.”

“Are you sure?” I ask him when I pull back.

He scoffs at my question, as though it is ridiculous.

“Of course, I am, gattina. You are all that I want, you’re perfect for me.” He spares a glance at Hanna’s closed bedroom door. “Although, your taste in friends is rather lacking.”

“I heard that!” Hanna shouts from the bedroom.

“Stop listening!” I call back.

“Stop playing out a rom-com out there! I’m crying in here!” She shouts and the door flies open a second later.

“That was such a beautiful confession,” Hanna cries. “Kiss her already, you Italian-stallion fool!”

Domenico rolls his eyes at my best friend’s theatrics, but he grabs my chin and turns me to face him. I smile and help him close the distance between us. Our lips meet and my heart pieces itself back together. Our lips mould together, and I snake my arms tighter around him, pulling my body up against his.

“Alright, that’s enough! That couch is new.”

We break apart, laughing lightly at Hanna’s comment.

“Can I take your friend home now? I would rather like to consummate our new relationship,” Domenico asks politely.

My eyes nearly bug out of my skull at the word ‘relationship’, whilst it is the word ‘consummate’ that is throwing Hanna.

“Consummate?” She asks confusedly. “Wait, doesn’t that mean sex?”

Domenico snorts. “It does.”

“Ew!” She grimaces. “Take her and do it in her flat, you’re not doing the nasty on my new couch.”

I gather my things and say goodbye to my friend. I thank her for her incredible support. I love that she’s just as happy for me as she was ready to kill Dom a few hours ago.

“You know, your friend would be very well suited for Luca,” Domenico comments when we get the lift to the foyer.

“Really?” I reply, baffled. “But he’s so subdued.”

Dom snorts. “Only around you, he’s trying to be professional. He’s just as insane as Hanna when he’s off the clock.”


We return to my flat and Domenico almost drags me in as soon as I have the door unlocked. I barely get my keys out of the lock before he’s closing the door and pushing me up against it.

“I’d like to show you just how much I want you, gattina,” he murmurs against my neck. I shiver as his lips brush over the sensitive skin. “If I may.”

“You may,” I reply breathily.

He bends down and sweeps me off my feet. I cling onto him as he carries me through to my bedroom. He deposits me next to my suitcase and then takes it off the bed. I lay down on the mattress and watch him with heated eyes. Dom approaches me, undoing his trousers as he goes. I decide that I want to undress him. I get to my knees and pull him towards me.

I lift his shirt over his head and then push down his trousers. He helps me strip him naked. It’s a strange role reversal; me being fully clothed and him naked. He doesn’t like it. He takes off my clothes with swift confidence, leaving me naked in a few moves. I lay back on the bed, already breathless and panting with need.

Our eyes meet and an unspoken agreement is made between us. We want each other. Hard, fast, and now. He climbs onto the bed and pulls me onto his lap. With his legs hanging off the end, I hold onto his shoulders and let Dom slide his cock up and down my pussy. He presses down on my hips, encouraging me to slide down on his cock.

I take him fully and pause to catch my breath and adjust. Dom’s fingers tighten on my hips. When I’ve recovered, I begin riding him, raising myself up and lowering myself down. I speed up almost immediately, chasing my pleasure. Dom grunts and thrusts upwards, meeting me each time I slide down. It’s raw and messy and frantic. Neither of us can get enough.

Our breaths mingle and our fingers dig into each other’s skin. Our lips meet in a mash of teeth and tongue. We mimic our movements below with our tongues, exploring each other’s mouths and swallowing our moans. It doesn’t take long at all for the both of us to come. We cry out each other’s names, coming apart and filling with euphoria.


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