The Proposition

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Alejandra’s POV.

“What do you mean they’re not coming?” I ask Dom as he gets off the phone.

“They are coming,” he insists. “But they’ll catch the flight later. They won’t make it in the next two minutes before we take off. I don’t want to lose our runway slot.”

I sigh and kick my heels off. “Okay. I guess we should call the restaurant when we land and push the reservation back?”

Dom nods. “Good idea.”

It’s mine and Dom’s one-year anniversary. A year ago today, we embarked on the first day of our one-week agreement. Time has gone so fast since then. I moved into his house, and we’ve been living together happily for months. I’m used to having the bodyguards around me 24/7, I’ve become friends with all of them.

Luca and Hanna are as loved up and sarcastic as ever. They are supposed to be joining us on this trip, but they’ve obviously gotten a little tied up...I pull out my phone and text my friend before we take off.

You better not have chosen dick over time with your best friend. Chicks before dicks.

I send the text and get a reply through just as I’m about to put my phone on airplane mode. There’s no text, only a gif.

I watch the gif, a look of disgust on my face.

What even is that?

Her reply comes through as we start taxiing across the tarmac.

An eggplant dick, duh!

I watch the gif and shake my head. My best friend is something else.

You’re crazy. When you’ve stopped fucking your boyfriend, finish packing and meet us in Italy.

Her reply is just a gif again. Apparently, she’s in a gif mood.

“Jesus,’” I mutter under my breath and lock my phone.

“What’s up?” Dom asks, not looking up from his laptop.

“Hanna,” I reply.

It’s all I need to say. He knows exactly what I mean.

Whilst Hanna and Luca are as crazy as ever, Dom and I haven’t changed a bit, either. We’ve crossed off many exciting places to have sex during our time together. My favourites were probably in the back of a limousine and on a boat off the coast of Italy.

Unbelievably, we have yet to have sex in a plane. The first time we went back to Italy, Hanna and Luca were with us. The second time, it was really late in the evening and we both were exhausted, so we slept. However, now that Hanna and Luca won’t be on this flight...

I wait for us to be in the air and levelling out before I unbuckle my seatbelt. I walk over to Dom and take his laptop from his lap.

“Hey! I was working on- What are you doing?”

I straddle his lap and unclip his seatbelt. I lean down and kiss him, letting him know what I want with my lips. When I pull back, his eyes are hooded with desire.

“Do you want to cross another place off the list?” I ask him.

He grins up at me. “Definitely.”

He stands up and holds my thighs, taking me with him. I hold onto him as he carries me to the back of the plane, where a bedroom is. I try to ignore the looks from the staff and bodyguards as Domenico carries me past them. They know that we’re a very sexually active couple, this is nothing new to them.

He kicks the door closed behind him and places me in the middle of the bed. We strip out of our clothes, our eyes remaining locked the whole time. When he is completely bare to me, he climbs over me and kisses me. As our tongues explore each other’s mouths, Dom’s hand explores my body. I open my legs for him when his hand skims over my stomach.

He runs his fingers up and down my pussy to lubricate them and then pushes both inside of me at the same time. I gasp and arch my back off of the bed. He scissors his fingers inside me and my pussy clenches around them. With nothing but his fingers, he brings me to orgasm. I get my first mile-high orgasm.

Eager to join the mile-high club, I reach for Dom’s cock and stroke it. He bucks his hips forwards, fucking my hand as I pump it up and down. When pre-cum is leaking from the tip, he settles himself between my legs. Dom finds my entrance and then pushes forwards. I lift my thighs up to rest against his hips as he slides fully into me.

Seated inside me, he pauses for a moment, and we just hold onto each other. Our eyes meet and I’m overwhelmed by the way he is looking at me. So tenderly, so affectionately.

“I love you,” I murmur the words.

He grins down at me. “I love you too, gattina.”

Dom thrusts in and out and my toes curl. It feels so exquisitely perfect, the drag of his cock on my inner walls. This is my favourite position, getting to hold him and feel him on top of me. I get to kiss him whilst he pounds into me. I get to grip his biceps and feel his muscles bunch under my fingertips.

Officially a member of the mile-high club, Dom and I reach our climaxes together. We lay in the bed for a while afterwards and it takes some coaxing to get me out. My cheeks are bright pink when we finally emerge from the room.

The whole cabin knows what we’ve been doing.


Once we land in Italy, we get straight into a car, and we’re taken back to Dom’s villa. There are so many happy memories of us here and, hopefully, a lot more to make. I get changed into a cotton dress and fix my make-up. I find Dom in a cloud of cologne in the bathroom. I come up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist. He takes my hand and lifts it to his mouth to kiss it.

When we’re ready, the car takes us to the restaurant. Luca and Hanna landed not too long ago and should be meeting us here in a bit. We order some wine and sit out on the balcony, enjoying the view. Hanna and Luca bustle in fifteen minutes later.

“I’m sorry we’re late,” Hanna says and kisses my cheeks. “You know what he’s like.”

I smirk at her. “Horny and impatient?”

“That’s the one,” she replies and laughs.

They order their drinks and food and the four of eat on the balcony. It’s a warm evening in Naples and the sea is calm. When we’ve eaten, we walk down to the docks and board Dom’s yacht. We set sail to see the sun set and drink more wine on the deck.

I’m sat at the table, enjoying the view, when I realise that everyone has stopped talking. Hanna and Luca are stood to one side. Hanna is holding her phone, looking like she’s recording.

I open my mouth to ask her what she thinks she is doing and then I realise that Domenico is kneeling in front of me. My heart starts rapidly beating in my chest and I sit upright like someone has electrocuted me.

“Dom,” I whisper his name.

I’m not sure why. It just falls from my lips in surprise.

He smiles nervously. “Gattina, you are the light of my life. Ever since I first saw you, I knew you were the one for me. I can’t imagine my life without you, and I never want to. Please, say you’ll marry me?”

My eyes well up with tears. I blink through them and nod my head vigorously.

“Yes! Yes! Of course!” I cry and he takes my hand.

I watch as he slides the beautiful ring onto my finger. Tears slip down my cheeks as he embraces me.

“If you want, we can sign up another agreement and you can have another two mill for the restaurants?” He says jokingly in my ear.

I pull back and nudge him. “Don’t be silly!” I reply. “I love you.”

He smiles at me. “I love you, Ale.”

“Congratulations!” Hanna screams.

She embraces me and we hug on the deck. I get a hug from Luca, too.

“This was the hardest secret I have ever kept,” she says in a rush. “Luca told me that if I let it slip, I wouldn’t get sex for a month.” I glance at Luca, and he nods, confirming the threat. “But I did it!” She says happily. “And, because I did it, I get extra sex for a month.”

She beams at her boyfriend, overly-pleased with herself.


We all look at Domenico. He uncorks a bottle and pours us each a glass. I take a sip of the bubbles and admire my ring. Dom comes to stand next to me at the back of the boat. He puts his arm around my waist, and we look out at the beautiful sunset setting over the Napoli mountains.

This is perfect.


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