The Proposition

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Bonus Chapter - Luca & Hanna


Alejandra’s POV.

“I’m getting married, bitches!”

I wake to the sound of Hanna shouting the same line over and over again on the balcony. I feel for the poor residents of this hotel, including myself.

“Hanna, come inside,” I call out to her, my voice groggy. “We need to get you ready.”

She comes in from the balcony, beaming widely. “I’m getting married today!”

“Really? I never would have guessed,” I reply dryly. “Shower, now!”

She sticks her tongue out at me but then disappears into the bathroom. I start on my hair and make-up. Hanna didn’t want professional artists helping her get ready, she isn’t fussed about all the glam.

When she gets out of the shower, I blow-dry her hair and curl it for her. I brush the curls out into waves. Once her hair is done, I start on her make-up. I keep it natural, knowing that is how she and Luca like it. She’s ready for ten o’clock, which is the slot they have booked at the Little Chapel. Oh, yeah, they’re getting married in Vegas.

“What do you think?” Hanna asks proudly.

She’s wearing a thigh-high white dress with knee-high black boots.

“You look hot.”

“Good.” She grins and grabs her bouquet. “Let’s do this.”


Hanna’s POV.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the-”

Luca grabs the back of my neck and slams his mouth over mine.

“The bride,” the Elvis minister finishes.

Luca pushes his tongue into my mouth, and I wrap my arms around his neck as our kiss turns heated. Domenico wolf-whistles from behind my husband.

My husband.

Luca pulls back and grins at me. “Congratulations, wife.

I grin back at him. “Congrats, hubby.”

He takes my hand and walks me out of the church. Alejandra thanks the minister and then her and her husband join us.

“So, where to next, lovebirds?” She asks when the four of us gather outside.

I look at Luca. “I’m craving tacos.”

He nods. “I could eat tacos.”

“Tacos, it is,” Dom says and hails a passing cab.

The four of us climb in and drive to the closest Taco Bell. We sit in a booth, eating our tacos and attracting stares from the other patrons. We’re very formally dressed customers in this diner.

“What are you going to do for your honeymoon?” Alejandra asks as we finish up.

I glance at Luca, who shrugs.

“Not sure, I was thinking Greece,” I tell her.

“I like Greece,” Luca comments. “I’m not bothered about where we go. I just want sun and sex.”

I nod in agreement. “I’m down for that.”


The day after the wedding, we flew back to Europe in Dom’s private plane. He and Alejandra dropped us off in Athens and then returned to England. Luca and I found a beautiful hotel and spent the first two days trying to fight the jet lag. By the third day, we’re feeling more like ourselves.

Dom is coming to pick us up in six days, but he is going to pick us up from Kefalonia. We did Athens in the first two days, there wasn’t too much that we wanted to see, other than the Parthenon, of course.

Luca and I go out for a delicious meal on the beach. We eat stuffed vine leaves, feta and spinach parcels, tzatziki, halloumi and meat skewers, pitta, and olives. Everything, really. We’re stuffed by the time we’re done.

We go for a walk before heading back to the hotel. We need to walk off all of the food before we consummate our new hotel room. Luca and I walk along the beach. His arm is around my shoulders, mine is around his waist. I lean into his touch and look at our joined hands. Our wedding bands are matching gold and glint in the light of the setting Sun.

When we feel better, we head back to the hotel. The receptionist gives us a knowing look as we pass her to go upstairs. We step into the lift and the doors close behind us. It whirs upwards, taking us up to our floor. I jump as I feel Luca’s hands on my waist. He slides his hands under my skirt, and I quickly look up at the corners of the lift for cameras. There are none.

He grabs the waistband of my thong and pulls it down to my ankles. I realise what he wants and step out of it. He straightens up and pockets my undies. I smirk at him, and we both compose ourselves as the lift dings and the doors slide open.

Luca grabs my hand and pulls me down the corridor. He gets our door unlocked and kicks it open. I gasp as he grips my waist and lifts me up in the air. He presses me against the wall in the hallway and nudges the door shut behind us with his foot.

His lips are on mine in an instant, kissing me passionately. I kiss him back with equal enthusiasm. I tangle my fingers into his hair and tug on it the way that I know he likes. He grunts into my mouth.

I open up to him and his tongue finds mine. They duel back and forth, caressing and teasing. he angles his head to kiss me deeper and his tongue explores every inch of my mouth. My hands frantically go to his shirt, and I fumble with the buttons.

It takes me a few attempts, but I manage to get all of them undone. I tug the material back over his broad shoulders. Luca’s lips don’t leave mine as he slides the shirt from his arms and drops it to the floor.

His hot, tanned skin is revealed to my wandering hands. I explore his body, sliding my palms over every hard ridge and groove. He’s a hunk of sexiness, packed with muscle. My hands slide back up his neck and into his hair.

Luca’s own hands start wandering. He pulls up my dress and keeps going. We break the kiss for him to be able to pull it up, over my head. It’s gone and our lips are back on each other a second later.

I’m stood in my heels and bra only. My hands dive for his trousers next. I undo the button and tug down the zipper. I grip his boxers with his trousers and pull them both down at the same time. Once I get to his thighs, Luca takes over.

He breaks the kiss to get them down to his knees. I think he’s going to take them off properly, but he changes his mind after seeing that his shoes are still on. Too impatient to stop and undress completely, he leaves his underwear and trousers around his knees.

He grabs my thighs as he straightens up, lifting me. I grip my hands together behind his head and lock my ankles at his buttocks. Holding me in place, he pins me to the wall and grabs the base of his cock.

He rubs the blunt head up and down my wet folds. I inhale sharply. I am so ready for him right now. Luca meets my heated eyes and surges forwards. Every single inch of him fills me in one thrust. His balls slap against me as he bottoms out. I gasp at the sudden intrusion. I release my hands and grip his shoulders instead.

Luca’s fingers dig into my buttocks, gripping the flesh tightly. He holds me still and pistons his hips back and forth, fucking me in short, punctuated thrusts. My body shakes with each one. My breasts, squashed against his muscular chest, rub back and forth. His chest hair creates friction against my nipples, making them sensitive.

He slides in and out of me easily, due to how wet I am. There is no denying how much I want this. I’m a wet, gasping mess in his hands. Other than the thick vein throbbing in his neck, nothing gives away the tension Luca is feeling. He’s holding himself back from orgasm whilst fucking me, whilst holding me up. I’m in awe at his stamina and strength.

“I love you,” I mumble to him, my eyes fall closed in ecstasy.

“I love you,” he replies and kisses me.

His tongue mimics what is happening below. He fucks my mouth in time with his thrusts. The kissing, paired with the abrasion of his chest against my nipples and the feeling of his cock pounding into me, builds an orgasm so intense that I almost scream when it hits.

I cry out Luca’s name and a couple of deliriously happy tears roll down my cheeks. Luca’s thrusts speed up. He grunts in my ear and tightens his grip on my ass. He slows and gives several hard, long strokes as he unloads himself inside me.

A couple of minutes pass where neither of us move. Luca is resting his head on my shoulder whilst mine is back against the wall. My heartbeat is slowly returning to a normal rhythm and my breathing no longer sounds like I’ve just ran a mile. Luca leans back and meets my eyes.

“Are you hungry?” He asks me.

I raise my right eyebrow at him. “We just had to go for a walk because we ate too much at dinner.”

“I know.” He shrugs. “Are you hungry?”

I shrug back. “I could go for a gyros.”

He sets me down and his semi-hard cock slides out of me. He kisses my forehead.

“Good, cause I’m famished. Let’s get a snack, baby.”

“Weirdo,” I mutter and start picking up my clothes.

“I’m your weirdo,” he replies.

“Damn right you are,” I retort.


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