The Proposition

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Chapter Nine


Alejandra’s POV.

I take a seat on one of the cream leather chairs. I clip my seatbelt and sink into it. Is this what life is like for some people? You make one call and you’re on a plane to fucking Italy within an hour. I have to wait in a queue at a McDonald’s drive-thru. This is quite literally, how the other half live.

We take off shortly after. Domenico is opposite me and asks the stewardess to bring us two glasses of champagne. I’m not complaining.

“I will take you out for dinner tonight, is that okay?” He asks, smiling widely at me.

He seems really happy to be heading to his home-country, that’s sweet.

“Of course. Where will we go?”

“My favourite restaurant is owned by an uncle and auntie of mine. It’s only fifteen minutes from my villa. It will be traditional Italian food.”

“Sounds perfect.”

It sounds more than perfect. This sounds way too good to be true.How is this my life right now?

The two hours pass quickly with Domenico. He tells me about his family, about his villa and whereabouts we are in Italy. Somewhere near Naples with, amazingly, a view of Pompeii. Fortunately, there is no oral sex with the stewardess.

We land and a car is already waiting for us on the tarmac. The heat hits me in the face when I step off the plane. It makes my skin clammy, and my jeans stick uncomfortably to my legs, but I love it.

Our bags are unloaded and placed in the boot and then, we’re off. It’s late afternoon and it’s an hour ahead in Italy. It’s a forty-five minute drive from the airport to Domenico’s villa.

If I thought his house in England was luxurious...I have another think coming when we approach the gates of his villa, because holy crap. Words cannot describe the beauty of the villa-style mansion that we pull up to. My mouth is still hanging open when I step out of the car.

How?” I ask him. “How do you own this? It looks like a celebrity owns it!”

Domenico smirks and places his hand on my lower back, his favourite place, apparently. “They do,” he says smugly. “I’m a bit of a celebrity in the underworld, gattina.”

I give him a deadpan look. “Who are you? Hades?”

He snorts with laughter. “Being a Mafia Don comes with a following, a reputation, a certain notoriety.”

I nod in understanding, sort of.

He gives me a tour first and I forget where everything is almost instantly. Another maze of rooms and hallways to learn, great. Domenico takes me back to my room. Again, I’ve been given one separate to his, I appreciate that.

“I’ll let you freshen up and then, we can have drinks on the terrace.”

I change out of my clothes and into a dress. It’s so warm outside, I’m so glad that I agreed to this. I apply some more deodorant, tie my hair up and moisturise. Just as I’m finishing, Domenico knocks on my door.

I open it and he grins. “You look stunning, gattina.”

He’s changed into a light, linen shirt, and thinner slacks. His sexy Italian attire is on display. Domenico leads me down to the terrace at the back of the villa. An outdoor table set is placed on the terracotta tiles. Two orange-coloured drinks are on the table.

“Cocktails,” Domenico says and hands me a glass. “Cheers to a wonderful holiday, a break for the first time in a while for you, I believe.”

“Cheers to that,” I mutter and clink our glasses.

We take a sip and the delicious fruity drink bursts with flavour in my mouth. I need to take it steady with this. I could drink it in minutes, I can barely taste the alcohol. Dangerous drinks, cocktails.

“I have something for you,” Domenico tells me and pulls out his phone. He unlocks it, taps on something, and then slides it over to me. It’s an email, from his GP clinic. “It’s a confirmation of a full, clean bill of health,” he explains. “Before anything happens between us, I thought you would like reassurance that I am clean.”

He really has thought this through.

“I like a man that is responsible,” I reply honestly. “Thank you.”

He smirks and takes his phone back. “I thought of everything, gattina,” he murmurs. “I didn’t want anything to stop me from blowing your mind.”

His words make me chuckle. He narrows his eyes at my laughter, and I raise my eyebrows back at him. “Blowing my mind?” I ask coquettishly. “That’s a bold statement.”

He smirks. “Is that not what I did last night?”

My cheeks warm. I should have seen that coming. “Perhaps a little,” I reply, my voice noncommittal.

Domenico’s lips widen into a smile, revealing his perfect teeth. “If a little is what my hands could do, imagine what I can do with my mouth and cock.”

Oh, crap.

After that comment from Domenico, dirty images fill my mind and I go quiet. He fills the silence by telling me stories about his past. He tries to put me at ease and make me comfortable again. He likes to do that, I’ve realised, get me all wound up and then make me feel comfortable and safe again.

After our second cocktail, we get in the car with two bodyguards. One of the bodyguards is Luca and he gives me a brief nod when I smile at him.

Before this week is over, I’m giving him Hanna’s number.

Like Domenico said, it’s a ten minute drive to the restaurant. It’s a beautiful white building, overlooking the sea below. We’re given an outdoor table. Domenico’s auntie and uncle come out to greet us when they hear that we have arrived. I’m hugged and kissed and made to feel welcome. Domenico introduces me as his close friend, which makes me blush.

We all know what that means.

The food is delicious, and it dawns on me that, after a week here, he might struggle to get me home. This is heaven.

After eating, we walk along the beach. It is only us and a few other couples. Domenico takes my hand as we walk, making us mirror the other loved-up couples. It’s an intimate gesture, but, surprisingly, doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. It’s feels kinda...right.

Excitement brews in my stomach when we drive home. There’s a reason he showed me that email. He wants sex and he wants it bareback and so do I. It’s just a question of when.

We get back to the villa and Domenico suggests going out on the terrace again. This time, he leads me over to an outdoor sofa, covered in plush cushions. He sits down and pulls me against his side. I cuddle into his side and rest my head on his chest.

We talk some more, and I listen to the vibrations that go through his chest each time that he speaks. The sun sets over the garden and the most beautiful myriad of colours are thrown across the pool that glitters in front of us.

It’s moments like this that make you truly grateful to be alive. It’s sights like this that make you believe in a higher power. How can something this beautiful not be a God’s creation? It makes you wonder-

“I’m going to fuck you in that pool. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after.”

Oh, bloody hell.

Dom -as he’s encouraged me to call him- breaks through my wistful thoughts with a sweeping statement that makes my thighs squeeze together.

“Is that sanitary?”

He snorts. “It’s my pool, gattina. Besides, it’s full of chlorine.”

“I guess. But surely it’s bad for your...genitalia.”

Dom pulls out his phone and I watch as he pulls up the safari app and googles ‘Is pool sex bad for you’.

“It looks like UTI’s are the only main concern. Can’t you just go to the toilet after?”

My cheeks turn pink. “Yeah,” I mumble. “Sure.”

He smirks and locks his phone, slipping it back in his pocket. “That’s sorted then. Tomorrow, pool sex.”

“And tonight?” I ask timidly.

He chuckles. “My bedroom, gattina.” I go silent and he kisses the top of my head. “So confident one minute and so shy the next. You are an enigma and I love it,” he murmurs into my hair. “You are someone special, Alejandra, never doubt that.”

“Mafia Don one minute and gentle romantic the next, you are a walking contradiction, Domenico.”

He chuckles at my reply. “I guess that is true. Keeps you on your toes, no?”

“I think your damn fingers keep me on my toes,” I mutter under my breath, making him laugh loudly.

“How about my damn fingers work their magic again?” He proposes, sitting up.

I blush and look down at my lap. “Now?”

He makes me look up and meet his dark eyes. “Yes, gattina. I want you, right now.”

“Okay,” I reply dumbly.

He smirks and leans in to kiss me. He tastes of wine and Italian deliciousness. His hands rest on my shoulders, holding me as his tongue does wicked things to mine. I’m horny and breathless when he pulls away.

“Come,” he says gently and stands up, offering his hand to help me up. “I want to taste the rest of your exquisite body.”

Give me strength.

I take his proffered hand and get to my feet. Nerves bloom in me as he leads me up to his bedroom. It’s enormous and has two balconies on either side, seeing as it is in the corner of the house.

I look around his room as Domenico removes his shoes and socks. He’s so organised, it’s amusing to me to watch him put his shoes away nicely in his walk-in wardrobe.

When he comes out, his dark eyes meet mine. Even from across the room, the intense lust in them makes me wet and breathless. He stalks towards me, undoing the buttons on his shirt as he approaches.

I know that I am 100% not ready for what he has planned for me.But I want it. I want it all.


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