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Sin of Love

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They won't leave me be won't choose me either. One is my crush, one is my best friend while the another is my enemy. Am I going. to experience all sorts of lovers in my sole life itself? So troubling! Will I ever find a true lover???

Romance / Drama
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I stood there blankly. Looking at the chart without my name in it. My friend Lily stood their next to me, confused and thinking of how she should calm me down.

I was filled with anger and annoyance. Maybe jealousy as well... I had reserved that rank for me ever since the middle school and thus I was really annoyed and disgusted after seeing a familiar name snatching away what belonged to me.

I knew very clearly now, that I hated him, I hated him till the core...

I am Evelyn, neither extra-ordinary nor a loser. I am just a girl who wishes to keep her parents' dignity high with a rank in the top 5.

I am just an average looking girl with parents who are always busy with work and keep getting transferred. I just belong to a middle class family who can afford to send their only daughter to a prestigious school.

I have a round yet v-shaped face (a little bit) with pale skin, black hair, black eyes, dull lips, black round spectacles, an alright nose and a not-so-great body shape.

In contrast to that, Lily is a lot better than me. Though she has a cute chubby face, she has a great slim figure. She has short black bob cut hair with some natural bangs, black eyes and rosy-heart-shaped lips with a beautiful nose.

She has a more fair skin complexion than mine and is my childhood best-friend. She isn't great at studies and is a bit more rich than me.

Her and my parents have been childhood friends as well. And they treat me like their own daughter. It is almost like a family tradition for me to spend weekends at their house.

It is due to them that I don't feel lonely and regret my life. In fact, I was enjoying it until he stepped in....

Not only in that house, class or room, but in my life as well.

The chart which excluded my name was the 'Top 5' chart for result of our weekly test. Other names and ranks kept changing, but not mine. I was always 5th with 165 marks out of 170.

I was busy thinking of ways to kill the person who was trying to replace me when Lily tapped on my shoulder. "Eve! He is talking to you!" she said. I snapped out of my thoughts to find our class teacher, 'Mr. Genius', standing there waiting for the answer to his question that I didn't heard.

He is handsome but naive. Still I would say that he is a lovely teacher who adores his students a lot. We didn't knew much about him like we should normally do. We didn't even know his name and only knew that he had just graduated. But there is a lot more to this part.....

"Sorry Mr. Genius... Would you mind repeating your words? I got a bit distracted..." "Never mind... Just don't get depressed. Alright? And don't forget to come to staff room along with Seon during the lunch break." he said.

"No way Mr. Genius!!! You already know that I won't come along with him no matter what you try. He is my enemy who needs to be nuked!!!" I rebelled. "Come on Evelyn.... Don't be so childish. Instead try to get together and learn from each other..." he said disappointed and walked away.

That's when I saw his face filled with satisfaction. He could have did better to get 1st rank but he intentionally took my spot on that chart. He was provoking me. We were only a mark apart. He was smiling and that pissed me off....

I walked towards him to get revenge and make him realize his mistake when..........

A crowd of girls trampled me. I mean almost. At first, I just got dodged around but was later pushed towards the wall, with a nail coming out a bit for hanging charts, and was scraped. I somehow got the instinct that today was a bad day.

This crowd of girls were actually fan girls of '****'. Don't take it in a wrong way. It wasn't a slang.... It was just a name forbidden to speak for me and my friend.

They were going crazy just because his name was in the rank chart. I mean yeah, he was handsome, according to other girls, but for me, I wasn't fond, neither of him nor of his face.

He has a perfect jawline, black hair, Japanese hairstyle where one of the eye is somewhat hidden, black eyes, fair skin, thin figure and a perfect bridge for nose with rosy heart-shaped lips. He had a small face and a lousy dressing style.

Lily approached me, "Are you fine Eve? Your arm is bleeding!!! Let's go to the medical room first, you can take your revenge later..." She said dragging me to the medical room while I tried my best to give some death glares to him as I left.

After the nurse, who was actually my crush from class 'A', treated my wound, he talked to me for the first time.

To tell you the truth, I have had a crush on him since childhood. His name is Joseph and he lives right next to me. Our mothers had already panned to get us married even before we were six.

They would always send us together. And by that I mean literally everywhere. Even our classes would be the same only until the middle school. After '****' came, not only came difficulties, problems and sadness, but also came bad luck.

I really wanted to be in the same class as him only until I realized that I had to be in the 'Top 3' at least once to be in class 'A'. Thus I was rather demoted to class 'B'. But it wasn't really bad. I mean, it was bad but good as well at the same time as I finally got the company of Lily and could be with her all the time.......


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