Sin of Love

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But our being in different classes was a very big deal for our mothers. They came to the school, talked to our principal, only to go back home with a failed effort for which they cried for hours until we reassured them that it wasn’t for long.

Joseph and I have never really had a talk despite of how close we are. He has a wheatish skin colour, masculine face, neither thick nor thin eyebrows and a normal hairstyle having a slot of his dark black hair behind is forehead. As for his lips, they were plum and beautiful with the darkest shade of pink and a bit of white. They made me feel intoxicated.

“How do you feel?” he asked. “Well, it hurts and burns a bit but won’t be a problem.” I replied as he shook his head and repeated his question again but with more clarity this time. “Not about that, I saw the rank chart. Are you alright?”

I started to sulk as he said this and my eyes got filled with tears of anger and despair. I wiped them off before they could escape and left him saying “I am sorry.....” I ran through the crowd for the rooftop as Lily followed me.

I felt bad for leaving Joseph behind but, I really didn’t wanted to cry the first time we ever talk.

Lily came and comforted me while I simply vented to the sky by yelling at it blankly. After I had calmed down a bit, we were heading back when I saw ‘him’. He was smirking just like before. I did wanted to kill him that very moment but instead chose to walk past him and simply ignore him.

But no, he wasn’t satisfied with that so, as I walked past him, he grabbed me by the arm tightly right where I was hurt and pulled me back to him only to whisper in my ear with his grip still firm. “Mission accomplished.”

It was coming directly at me and it drove me crazy with pain and anger. So, I stomped at his feet as hard as I could and kicked him in the balls making him loose that firm grip on me. Then I flicked my hair at his face and didn’t even turn back to look at him till the door where I turned and teasingly showed my tongue while he pointed his index finger towards me with his one hand still hugging his lower abdomen.

I was finally satisfied laughing along with Lily when I ended up bumping into a girl who was none other than Chloe. She was the ideal chick girl who loves bullying and is always seen with a girl gang no matter where.

The only thing different in her was that she was unusually smart and rich. Our ranking chart always had her or Joseph in 1st and 2nd place with me as 5th.

Her side-kicks took a step forward to punch me and Lily right in the face when Chloe for some reason stopped them. And that reason was the guy standing behind me. It was ‘him’ again. I frowned and walked past that mess.

I wondered how Joseph could ever like a girl like her while ignoring my genuine emotions for him. Also she stopped her side-kicks earlier only to appear a good girl in front of ‘him’ cause she likes ‘him’.

That’s a relief in a way but not as well cause when Joseph will know about it, he would be broken. And I would never want to see him crying with those beautiful eyes.

Lily whispered ‘bitch’ underneath her breath and we headed for our class with that jerk coming along. He was just a transferred student from Korea whom I hated. Means I didn’t really hate Koreans but I hated him. On top of that we were in the same class.

During lunch I decided to approach him just for the sake of Mr.Genius when he came and called out for me. I whiningly said “I was about to ask him to come right now itself, you can’t be scolding me already!!!” “Let me speak first.... I ain’t here to scold you. We will have our talk tomorrow as today you, Joseph, Seon and Lily need to go back. Your parents have returned and have arranged a party.” said Mr. Genius.

Today surely was the worst day. How could I look them in the eye after what had happened today. They would surely be disappointed after hearing this.

Lily, Joseph and ‘****’ came. I packed my stuff and brought along my bag as well. I was sulking the whole way back and kept sighing while Lily kept assuring me that they won’t be as disappointed as much as I think.

‘*****’ didn’t dare utter a word while Joseph glanced at me from time to time.

Lily’s mother and father are: Mr. and Mrs. Warner

Joseph’s mother and father are: Mr. and Mrs. Charles

‘****’ was Lily’s cousin and his parents will not be here. My parents will be denoted by Mr. and Mrs. Brooke.

We reached and found them all gathered outside my house. They were chatting about something when they stopped. They looked at us and came to hug their respective children giving me way to get a glance of my parents. I hugged them tight at their sight and broke down in tears after the warmth their hug gave me. It had been so long and a hard day for me.

Mom wiped my tears and we headed in to have the lunch that both my mom and dad had cooked. While all the parents set the table, Dad took me into my room and said "Dear.... promise me no matter what happens after this lunch, but you will still love us and our family will still remain the same. Cause no matter what, mom and dad will always love you unconditionally." he ended.

"What happened dad? Why did you just say that?" I asked hardly catching breaths between his tight hug.

He parted from me and smiled at me only to leave me in suspense after leaving the room and my questions unanswered. I went outside and smiled at Lily who was waiting there for me. Due to some reason they looked at me with pity that I found annoying but didn't react to.

We sat at our places while Mr. Warner asked Lily about her result. Somehow he knew about it. As soon as he asked this, I sulked, Lily and Joseph turned towards me to check me out while '****' just smirked.

"Mr. Genius said that I have a drastic improvement and that in this way if Eve helps me out a bit, we can both go to a first-tier university with a rank in Top 5." she blurted without consideration being her usual careless self. "That's great! Then I hope Eve will help you out. After all if you all can go to the same university, it will be great, and we won't have to worry about you all."
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