Sin of Love

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Between this mess, Mrs.Charles saw 'him' smirking.

"This is so impolite of you to smirk like this." said Mrs. Charles. Everyone were now diverted and were looking at 'him'. Mr. Warner apologized for his behaviour and asked "Why are you smirking Seon?!""I wonder when you will ask my cousin's mentor about her results... Shouldn't you check whether she is qualified also or not?" he said sarcastically.

They looked towards me..... They were waiting for my marks. They had been same ever since, so Mrs. Warner stood up for me. "She is a well-disciplined child and always does well in exams. We know that even this time she would have got the fifth place with 165 marks out of 170. Right?!" she asked me. My parents were glaring at me and I could not lie, I had never did it so they would know either of the ways.

So I simply shook my head. "Uncle! I think it's not a problem yet. I can help Lily out. I am better than Eve either of the ways. As I got the 5th rank this time." he said emphasizing on the last part more than what was necessary.

No one said a word and the air was filled with awkwardness. I found myself already crying before I could know it and my cheeks were almost soaked.

I had been very hungry, but after this I was ashamed of myself to even be able to eat after performing so badly. I excused myself to my room when my parents followed me as well.

They hugged me and wiped my tears off my cheek. I could hear Mr.Warner saying something to which '****' constantly replied back, only till the last line which Mr.Warner said. After that it was again pin drop silence.

"We are going to get divorced!" my father said bluntly without any hesitation. My mother at first tried to be angry but soon realized that it was the best way to tell me or else I would have never known.

I asked with pain in my throat as I choked on my tears. "Why?!" "Me and your father got permanent jobs but in different countries so we thought it would be best to get divorced to not hold each other up. But we can still go to picnics together when we both are free. As after all we are separating in good terms. You can choose whom you want to be with...." said my mother as if it was normal.

It might sound normal but it wasn't. All this time I was alone only in the hope that someday we will all be together. And this is what I got?! They had no idea how hard it was for me to be alone all this time and see other children come to PTM with their parents.

"But you can still have a long-distance relationship if you are at good terms! After all you have a much stronger and mature relationship than those puppy loves which don't last during such times! Why do you need to separate for that?! Don't you think you both are being way too selfish?" I rebelled.

"But it won't make any difference and will only make things harder if we cling onto it, so it will be better if we...." dad said almost about to complete his sentence only to get interrupted by me."You know what? I need some fresh air!!!" I yelled with half my voice filled with tears.

I could feel myself burning up and turn red as I kept it in more. I knew why they looked at me pitifully now. I opened the door, went pass through all the people in my house and left the house slamming the door without even looking at anyone before leaving.

I went to the lake in the park near my house and completely drenched myself and my worries there. I could feel my heart becoming a stone.

After an hour or so, I returned home completely drenched with no emotions on my face. But as soon as I rang the bell, I forced myself for a fake smile. I had realized that I was no one to interfere in their decision and that it was great enough for them to tell me about this. But I was bottling myself up with more feelings that overflowed.

'****' opened the door. I pushed him aside and went straight to the bathroom as everyone froze in the action they were doing and glared at me.

I took a warm shower and then dried my hair. Then after a few more breathes I went to my parents to beg them for not changing my school as I really needed it as my emotional support.

My parents weren't completely satisfied mostly because I had lost my rank and believed that I deserved better education than this. So I made a deal with them to get in Top 4 next time with Lily in Top 5.

I also said that after this if I and Lily ever lost our rank on the Top 5 chart then I would unconditionally agree to whatever they say. It was risky as here not only my hard work but Lily's depended as well. But to stay together with my only friend after such a long time, I was ready to go till any extent.

They finally agreed and I went to the guests to walk them back home. '****' was nowhere to be seen. Mr. Charles gave us some money for me, Lily and Joseph to eat an ice-cream and we went on a walk.

I told them everything and Joseph said that even he would try to help me as much as he can. Then we had a group hug which Joseph didn't particularly like but didn't comment on it. They went back to their houses and I went back to mine.

But I couldn't sleep at all. I was crying again cause I regretted that I had missed my chance to spend some time with my parents just like the other kids do. That's when I sobbed a bit loudly only to find a hand grabbing my mouth shut. And that person was.....

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