Sin of Love

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That’s when I sobbed a bit loudly only to find a hand grabbing my mouth shut. And that person was.....

"SEON!!" I shouted as I turned back to see who it was. He was sitting on my bed and I hated it. I hated everything he touched. I pushed him hard making him fall on the ground with a loud thud.

"This is the first time ever I have heard you speak my name. For a moment I even thought you couldn't pronounce my name." he said. It was true but only due to impulsion, or else he wouldn't have got the chance to hear it today as well.

Somehow I was expecting it to be Joseph but I couldn't let in another secret of mine so I started acting like I was bothered by him. I shouted at him and basically ranted at him when he clicked his tongue and pressed his hand against my lips again.

It was too sudden for me to process. "Aren't you scared that your parents will hear us?" That's when I exactly knew what to do. I bit his hand until it was almost bleeding. "Why should I be scared? You are the one in wrong. It isn't wrong for me to be sleeping in my own house and in my own room. But it's freaking perverted of you to sneak into one's without the owner's consent." I said.

"It isn't as if I really wanted to end up here. All of our parents have went drinking and Mr. Genius texted me to inform you about the new student. He is a transfer as well. From Sydney. And for that, he wants us to arrange an activity so that he can get to know us better. By the way his name is...."

I was much in a thought deep enough for me to get reminded of that person who I hadn't missed since last three years. He had been with me like forever and I was really angry when he left me to study in Sydney. And somehow I really wished that transfer student to be him. He was about to say his name when my phone interrupted me....

It was 'Ace'. I panicked and picked up my phone only to have declined it. When I tried calling again, he didn't pick my calls up. I was disappointed. It was so childish of him to ignore so many calls of mine just cause I declined one. But another thought bothered me even more. What if he called me by mistake and didn't intend to do it.

I was furious and vented it on the person continuously being a nuisance behind me. "Just get out! Why are you so annoying?! You can do whatever you want and just give my name in it if you are scared of being responsible for it all alone. I don't care.Why the hell would you even come in my room for such a trivial matter?!"

"No need to say anymore!" he said with a gloomy and scary face expression and went back to his home. I couldn't help myself but get frustrated. It was just.... so much was going on in my life and it was hard for me.

It was hard for me to digest the fact that my parents were taking a divorce, that I wasn't in Top 5 and that Ace was being a jerk.


I was born in Australia but, soon my parents got a transfer to California . It might have been the time when I was supposed to go to kindergarten, so they got me enrolled in one.

As I was more of an introvert, I didn't really had friends and to be more laconic, I was a stock- easy to get bullied.

So, as one of my daily routines... I was getting bullied when this cute and handsome looking, 2 years older than me kid, pops-up with a punch in one of my bullies' face and saves me like a helper sent by god from heaven.

He was a total rebellion then and only did what he wanted to. That's why my mother always told me to stay away from him to avoid the bad influence. But we always ended up together.

We were too close to be separated.

At one of my birthday party, he showed up hastened and gave me a locket with a picture of him in it. It was plain and oval in shape.

Then, he hugged me and whispered in my ears "I own you... No matter how far we are, you will always have to choose me. I am your first and will be the last person in your life."

His words sent chills down my spine when his mother came, dragging him apart from me and looking at me with those eyes, saying loud enough "What a petty creature!"

I detested the way she looked at me. Ace grabbed my hand as if he wanted to stay, but was taken away by that rich Gucci witch.

That was the last time we met and at the end of the session we had to get away from there cause I had a hard time being away from my best friend. And then I met Joseph and Lily who changed my life...

But he left me, without even telling me about it clearly. And that's why I am still angry about it. I mean instead of saying those many words he could have just said that he was shifting.

Then, after like years I get a letter from him stating that he is in Sydney and will be awaiting our reunion.

'Reunion'! Crap! I won't even want to meet him after the hard time he gave me!!!

But I kinda did miss him. I wondered if he was still the same and if he was handsome or not. I wondered if he would still want to be friends with me and whether he had a girlfriend or not. I was excited to know all about him.

My tummy got filled with butterflies as I thought about him. But I still didn't knew how to react when he came face to face with me for real....

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