Sin of Love

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I was a bit too filled to have a good sleep so, got a gift of bags under my eyes, dark enough stating how I hadn't got no sleep at all.

I was trying to get my mind ready for the new student if he by any chance turned out to be ACE..... and I was like praying to god the entire night for him and literally had an entire act up for it...

I drew my curtains and found Lily who had been shouting since 5 minutes..We went to school together as well so she was waiting for me.

I quickly ran down and apologized to her rapidly when I saw '****' was there as well. Our eyes met for a moment but then he broke the contact. His eyes were cold and it made me feel guilty. I got reminded of what happened last night and wanted to catch up with him...

Joseph came and slammed hard on my shoulder... I had been dozing off and nothing could be worse than that. I found Lily and Joseph literally staring at me so hard that I couldn't help but ask about what they were staring so hard for.

"Girl.... Did you even sleep last night?! What the hell were you even up to?!" Lily said observing my dark holes even more intensely now. "She's right..." said Joseph in agreement.

I took a glance at '****' whose attention was now caught. He looked at me with that "No Way!!!" look and was too stunned when his friends came for him.

But this wasn't the important part... I was really looking forward to today and for someone. I brushed it off and distracted them and told them that we were late which we actually were.

We quickly rushed to the school and ran through the corridors to be greeted by Mr. Genius who was waiting for us. He stared at us for a while and allowed to get in the class with a simple warning which we were very grateful of.

"So today we expect to have a new classmate joining us from Sydney and I would expect Evelyn and Joseph to take great care of him and make him feel belonged. He would arrive soon so I hope that you prepare whatever you have planned to do for him." he announced.

I looked at '****' who was looking back at me. We were both empty-handed. Mr. Genius looked towards us and saw straight through us. I saw him smirking for the first time ever. He had something planned.... he really did.

He left the class as everyone got up from their places to talk to their friends as Lily came to me, surprised, just as much as I was. I looked at Joseph who had no idea at all and the only thing I could think of was that we were doomed.

I got up to go to '****' to figure out what to do when I bumped into Chloe with coffee in her hand which got spilled spilled on her leather jacket. Her reaction to it?

She splashed the entire cup of it on me and still Joseph ran to her first... It broke my heart. Loving him was like piercing my heart with a dagger on the same spot again and again.

My skin burned....Everyone were to shocked to process when someone from behind poured an entire water bottle on me. I turned back to see who it was when I was covered with a jacket pulling me close to that person...

The coffee just burned my skin but seeing this person burned my soul. Yes! It was Ace. Who else could it even be. He pulled me into a hug with one of him arms and announced proudly in the class threatening everyone. "Don't ever think of laying hands on her. She is mine. I own her!"

He was so possessive. But I had decided not to give in easily so I pushed him and said "Who said so?" Then pulling Joseph close to me and hugging one of his arm I said "I am engaged with him. He owns me."

I removed his jacket and threw it at his chest while taking Lily along with me to the washroom. She helped me dry off and get changed. I had told her about him so he knew what was going on... just by those lines...he hadn't changed a bit.

He had those same dark eyes with plum lips, thin face, a bridged nose with that perfect jawline. He had pale skin and muscular yet skinny figure.

After having changed and tied my hair into plaits, we were heading back when Lily grabbed one of my arm and asked "Are you sure you wanna go back? We can just take a sick-leave you know?"

"No need. Don't worry... I am stronger than before." I ensured her and headed back to the classroom. It was Mr. Genius's class. We settled down in our seats while Ace sat at the last bench intensely staring at me and then looking at Joseph as if he would kill him right there and then.

Mr. Genius entered the class and told us to pack all our things up and get out of the seats cause they were being changed. I mean what a great day! Ain't it?!

After about 10 minutes we were all settled down and guess what?! My day couldn't turn out to be any better than this. Joseph and Chloe were sitting together while I had to sit next to '****' cause Mr. Genius wanted us to be more united.

And then... Lily was sitting with Ace. Great!

It was just because she was the only open extrovert in our class and was the best candidate to help Ace out. Things got even worse when '****' and I were asked to be monitors together.

The bell rang and students went crazy. They all wanted to know more about this rumored transfer student more than I wanted to. They rushed into our class towards his bench pushing me and '****' when I was almost about to fall and he grabbed me by my waist and my wrist.

I had butterflies in my tummy. We had a long moment and it was the first time I found him handsome. I was mesmerized by him.

We were so lost that we forgot what was going on and came back to our senses only when someone banged the table way too hard.

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