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Till The End Of Time

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Where two individuals are forced together by two families in order to save one. What will happen when these hotheaded individuals get together? Will their relationship crumble and fall or will it blossom into a wild flower? Only time will tell. Make sure to stick around to find out and come along the bumpy road that awaits us in this mind blowing story.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Looking towards the large wooden door that overpowers the very room with the stench of mold. The dark room barely has any light showing through the windows as the windows are boarded up. Nobody can see in. Nobody can see out.

You wouldn't have expected this beginning. This is known as my prison. The time I spend here is heart wrenching as I pick up rubbish that is strewn onto the floor. Mice run happily picking at anything around scavenging for food. The knowledge of this becoming my new norm within this routine. Each day is the same; I wake up, clean my bedroom, and am finally let out of my hell to be in an even worse hell. My family ordering me to do anything and everything. Looking after my cousins; who are the only ones who actually treat me as a human being.

This is me; Valorie Michael's, born to parents that were killed. Passed to family members that detest the sight of me. This is what my life has become. Seven years of my life being jovial with my beloved parents then the last ten years being fearful and betrayed.

The Day of the Murders.......

Waking up to see the incandescent sun shining through my bay windows is a dream. The world seems and looks bright, like my future. With that thought a smile welcomes itself onto my face. Creeping my way to my parent's room; slowly I nudge the door open enough for my small body to slip inside. Only for me to run to the bed as fast as I could and jump on my parent's. "Get up get up, it's my birthday come onnnn." I screamed at the top of my voice, as i shook their bodies even more. Their bodies lay frozen on the bed. No movement. No sound. No heartbeat. Tears overflow as I finally take notice of the blood that litters their throats. The gore that is shown within that vicious claw mark. My heart shatters. My heart beating louder within my ears, becoming the only thing I can hear. Grief overtook my senses. If only I knew that, that was the wrong time for that to happen.

The floorboard creeks under the weight of someone else inside the house. Or should I say something else. The hand wraps harshly around my mouth, stopping my blood curdling screams from exiting. The sharp nails that slowly extend from the nails of the person. Closer. Closer and excruciatingly closer. That was the moment it happened. My life flashed before my eyes. The happiness my parent's surrounded me with. The beauty they showed me in everything they touched. The lessons they taught me. That was the moment determination overtook and my readiness to fight. My eyes flashed to amber, green to brown. A bright blast happened and BAMMMMM. I'm no longer there. Nobody knew what happened that night. However I do, the moment my parents have always readied themselves for. My powers.

A month after the murders.......

Bouncing around foster care, I learn slowly how to manifest my powers in the way my parents showed me. A way to control them. They would be so proud of me right now. I knew the importance of this based upon everyone else being in jeopardy if I lose control. So instead of being with kids my own age, I spent hours outside in the meadow practicing. Only to be seen as lonely and antisocial. Their loss, I could be quite cool. A few days of being in a foster care home, I was grief stricken. Which nearly caused me to lose control. In the end, the wind allowed a whisper to flow into my ear in the sound of my beautiful mothers voice. "Your powers are connected to your emotions sweetheart, understand and control them and you'll be saving yourself and others. I love you honey, and I'm always here with you. So is your father." My eyes open with a smile stretching across my face with tear glistening in my eyes, remembering the soft tone that was once my mother's voice.

The blood of the Michael's tie each other together. Even when they have passed on to the otherside. When one family member needs help or is unprepared for the jouneys that life will take them on, then they would help. This is through a telepathic way of which allows individuals to communicate through the mind to people who are already dead. However, this is only passed down in the Michael's family line making them the most powerful as knowledge passes through their blood, their mind and their very being.

Thats what my mother did for me. In order to help me, she had taught me a way to find peace after my parents death and for myself to gain control over my own abilities. This is through clearing my mind and allowing a link to become attached within your subconscious. This is what made our families deadly, wiser and fierce. Combat was able to be passed down. Powers was inherited. Knowledge passed through our very being. However, we had one weakness. Family. Valerie still had to figure out the truth of what happened. Of how her parents was killed so swiftly and easily even when they were the strongest fighters known in history.

With no other surviving members of the family except for an envious aunt, Valerie had nobody else to go to. Had she had the chance to learn the truth of her family heritage and the history behind it then it would have proved to help her in the unforgiving world of the supernatural. Valerie's aunt was her only choice. Her only escape. Her only hell to endure. Even if it meant for a little while she had to go through the experience. Afterall, it was the experience that made her stronger in the first place.

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