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What if the hype of bashing people for who they loved wasn’t all the rage? What if love was just exactly what it was...LOVE? Ivanna started her day unaware that an innocent chance encounter would change her life forever. She didn’t give a fuck about certain emotions, nor did she truly find other females attractive... until she met LaLa. This is a story of self discovery, exploring unfamiliar emotions, and searching for what makes life worth living.

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Chapter One


Ivanna walked into the restaurant where her friends and family were, with loud alternative rock music blaring through the speakers of her beats headphones, and into her ears.
One wouldn’t imagine this was actually her birthday with how disinterested she seemed, and how late she was arriving to her own ‘surprise party’. Yeah her sister had a big ass mouth, so the jig was all the way up.

The reality of the situation was that she wasn’t even interested in this bullshit party, nor was she in the mood to put on a fake smile for an audience she never asked for. She’d much rather go the fuck home and have a movie marathon to be honest.

Looking up from her phone she found an open door that led to a different part of the restaurant she’d never noticed before now. She abruptly changed directions and went in there, taking a seat all the way in the back. Unlike the public part of the four start restaurant, this little hideout was more chill, and had more of a vibe to it.

It was a cool summer evening, and a Friday evening at that, so it was no surprise that this place was packed to the brim. People in all shapes and sizes trooped in and out of the building minutely. So when Iva couldn’t take it anymore, she switched her position and sat in the part of the booth that let put her back to the entrance door— she was now in the last table, facing the wall and scrolling through her phone. Expertly ignoring messages from folks at the party, they wanted a party so they can have one without their excuse present.

She must have been there for a good thirty to forty minutes when she heard people get in the booth right behind her. Just great, she thought— of all the empty tables in this place they had to pick this one, just fucking fantastic.
See Iva didn’t like people, especially new people, she wasn’t the most social, and most of the time she barely met anyone who matched her vibe, who’s mind worked similar to hers, so what was the point?

Her phone rang again, this time the caller ID said ‘Mom’ and if there’s one thing you didn’t do as a black kid who liked their life, it was ‘never ignore your mama’s calls’ if you ain’t tryna die.
She sighed audibly and went to answer the phone when she heard laughter from right behind her. Without turning around she paused and listened closely, and whoever it was behind her kept laughing over something the other person was saying. But Iva couldn’t give any fuck about what the bozo with her was saying if her life depended on it, all she could hear was that specific laughter. It sounded sweet and innocent, but loud and obnoxious at the same time, but ultimately it sounded like what one would imagine a four year old laughter to sound like. Iva didn’t know what it was about that laughter that made her feel at ease, all she knew was that she suddenly felt light and less tense, which was absolutely ridiculous because, why???

She set her phone down and tried to sneak a peek at the individual with the angelic laugh, only to find her date’s gigantic heard blocking her view. Asshole!

Not long after that Iva heard the jackass excuse himself for the restroom. Without giving it a second thought she switched back to her previous seat, facing the table where shawty was very engrossed in whatever she was suddenly doing on her phone. Iva’s breath caught at the sight of her... damn she was beautiful!
Glamorous chocolate skin, thick sexy body, and a pretty face. Ha Damn!

Aight I gotta chill, she whispered to herself, smiling for the first time that evening. Almost as if pretty lady over there could tell there were eyes on her, she lifted her head and looked straight at Iva, then smiled shyly.

“Hey.” Iva mouthed, smirking.

“Hey,” she responded, waving a little.

Iva took that as a green light and walked over to her table. “Do you mind if I seat? Until your friend comes back at least.” She asked.

“No, I don’t mind.” Chocolate shrugged, still smiling. And Iva could already tell she had a positive vibe about her, and she fucked with that.

“I’m Ivanna, by the way.” Iva introduced herself. “You have a nice smile.” She added, and laughed a little at the blush that crept up shawty’s face.

“Lala. Uh— I mean, my name’s Lala.” She offered gracefully.


LaLa and I spent the next half an hour talking and getting to know each other. It was effortless too, it felt like I’d known her my whole life. From what I’d gathered she was just as weird as me, and her mind was off the chat. Which set her apart from everyone else I’ve ever found attractive, I’d usually carry the conversation and that could be very exhausting. But not this time, this time the conversation flowed correctly, and I was having a good time.

“Are you serious? You actually have a party going on right now?” She exclaimed, and I nodded yes. “Come on, I think it’s sweet. You have to at least show up.”

“Or I could just continue to sit here and talk to you, I’m sure they’re not missing my presence, it’s a party and they’re having fun. Who gives a fuck wether i show up or not?”

“Yet they took time out of their day to organize a party for you, come on. You don’t have to like it or stay for too long, just show up and smile. I’d even go with you if you want.” LaLa bargained.

I smirked and looked at her closely. “Yeah? You’d ditch your date and go with someone you just met?” I teased, trying to rattle her a little bit for whatever reason.

It was at that moment it dawned on us that said date still wasn’t back from the restroom. And It didn’t take long for us to figure out that he’d skipped out on the bill. Fucking douchbag.

“I’ll take care of it.” I offered, which she politely declined.

“That’s fine, I can pay.”

“I know you can, but I want to.” I insisted. “Come on, consider it your birthday present to me.”

LaLa smiled and nodded, conceding.
But despite her seemingly positive demeanor I could tell that the situation stung a little bit, which was totally understandable. I just met this girl but imagining her hurt by anything or anyone already pissed me the fuck off. The fact that someone wanted to get rid of that distinctive laughter that single handedly saved my night, pissed me off.


We spent the next couple of hours together.
LaLa kept her promise and followed me to the party, which I’d admit wasn’t as bad as I had thought. We were there for about an hour, then dipped. My siblings were too wasted to notice, so it wasn’t too difficult to slip away.

After that she took me to her favorite bowling alley, where we spent an hour and half bowling very badly and not giving a fuck.

By the time midnight rolled over and it was no longer my birthday, I was feeling more excited than I’d felt a good minute. Even as I drove her home I didn’t want the night to end, I didn’t want her to leave, but I had to.

We were now standing on her front porch saying goodbye. “Do you want to maybe do something with me later in the week? If you have some free time.” I asked after some unnecessary stalling.

“Like a date?”


“Okay, sure. I’d like that.”

I grinned, then nodded. “Aight I’ll call you.”
Feeling bold, I leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, before walking away.
Upon getting to my car I snuck one last glance at her, and she was still standing there smiling, I swear I wanted to go back up there and kiss the crab outta her, but I had to chill.
I can’t even front, I was looking forward to our date.

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