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Going through the toughest time in her life, Francesca begins growing close to the neighbour she didn't even know she had. Entering into their senior year of high school together Aaron was shocked to find out Francesca had been attending the same school as himself for the past five years. Troubled by their dark home lives, Aaron and Francesca meet on common grounds, confiding in each other in ways they had never been able too with any other sole. Will Francesca and Aaron be able to overcome the obstacles that come with their toxic home lives to be together?

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Chapter 13

Friday consisted of shy looks and flirtatious smiles; Francesca had turned up at school late, due to Autumn not waking up on time. Both girls ran in the school from Francesca’s car, laughing as they stomped up the stairs, Autumn almost falling down as they ran, dropping all her books over the stair well in the process. Francesca fell against the wall clutching her side laughing. The girls had just finished yelling at each other in the car for who was the real reason they were late. Both of them of course kidding but it was the way they had always been, a part of the banter they always had.

“Ladies, where should we be?” the principal rounds the corner after hearing their ruckus in the stair well. Francesca found her feet as Autumn finished collecting her books, both girls trying to stop themselves from laughing but no matter what they did they couldn’t, each time they would pursue their lips they would burst out laughing once again, the principal eyeing the both of them.

“Sorry sir.” Francesca says, “We are on our way.” The girl’s laugh again, the principal nods, stepping aside from the top of the stair well.

“Don’t let me catch you out of call again.” With their heads down they continue up the stairs, walking past the principal, once he is out of sight the girls burst back out in laughter and begin running in the direction of their classroom. Standing outside the closed door to gather themselves, the girls walk in, mumbling.

“Sorry we’re late.” And heading straight to the empty table where usually they would be sitting. Francesca and Autumn try not to look at each other as it continued to cause them to laugh out loud once more. This had happened often, when it wasn’t the appropriate time it was the hardest time to stop.

It was seven thirty when Autumn and Francesca dropped into Francesca’s car. Backing out of the driveway, Francesca followed the directions her friend in the passenger seat gave her. Francesca knew when they were getting close, she couldn’t think why else there would be herds of teenagers, walking the streets if not heading to a party.

Pulling into the street the party was on, Francesca and Autumn kept their eye pealed for a spot to park somewhat close to the house. Finding one a few houses down, both the girls exit the car, walking the short distance to the yard crowded with teenagers. As Francesca and Autumn enter the house the ear splitting base thumps in their chest, finding their way through to the kitchen Autumn fixes herself a drink, they then go for a walk through the house where they attempted to find a place to socialise.

Aaron and three of the boys from his baseball team showed up together at the party, their first destination was the kitchen to see what the party had to offer, a keg sat on the floor in front of the oven, each boy grabbing a cup and filled it to the brim, once satisfied with the drink they had acquired, they were off to discover the party. Aaron kept his eyes out for Francesca as he followed his teammate through the house.

Two of his friends went off to the beer pong table in the dining room while he and Zac from his team made their way to the back where the music was blaring. Stepping through the open glass door Aaron surveyed the back yard and the people in it, he wondered if Francesca was here. He looks to Zac when he receives a bump to his arm, Zac was taking a swing of his drink and once done he pointed to something ahead of them, Aaron followed his friends’ finger and noticed a familiar girl dancing with her friend.

Francesca and Autumn had found a nice cosy spot by the swimming pool in the back yard of the house, there was a little two seated couch that they parked themselves at, speaking to each other about how Autumn wants to find somebody to hook up with tonight and once Aaron arrives he has to introduce her to one of his baseball friends.

Halfway through her sentence Francesca stops to listen. ‘oh my god’ Francesca mouthed as she heard what song had just started playing, ‘Talking body’ by Tove Lo thumped through the sound system, Autumn stood with a swing of her alcoholic beverage and reach a hand out to Francesca, “Babe I know how much you love this song.” another swing of her drink as Francesca places her hand in her best friends, “So come dance.” Autumn finished, aiding in pulling her friend to her feet.

Two thirds into the song, Francesca had her body backed up against her best friends, swaying to the music as her friend runs her hands down the side of Francesca’s body. Autumn pulls Francesca’s hand forcing her to spin, the girls hold hands, rocking their body side to side to the music, their fingers entwined above their head, other hot bodies surrounded them on the makeshift dance floor. Francesca quizzically looks to Autumn when she says, “In coming.” Into her friends ears and not even five seconds later Francesca feels a tap on the shoulder and at the same time Autumn turns and begins dancing with a guy on the dance floor in front of her.

Half turning to see behind herself, Francesca noticed Aaron, finishing her turn to face him she grabs his hand, pulling him further into the dance floor. Francesca’s bottom lip between her teeth and she doesn’t stop dancing as she reaches for Aarons other hand, pulling him closer to her. Aaron wasn’t a big dancer, he usual sat around at parties drinking and talking but this was the closest they had been since the stair well earlier in the week and he was definitely not going to give up the opportunity to feel her body on his. Francesca brings Aaron’s hands down to hold onto her waist, as she sneaks hers around his neck.

Their bodies rocking in sync to the beat of the music, Francesca loved the small distance they had between them. Trying her best to act nonchalant as she moved in closer to him. His body was warm, his breath minty and finally she was in a situation where she could run her fingers through the curly mop on his head. Butterfly’s heavy in her stomach as she delicately pushes her finger through his hair, she rested her hand on the nape of his neck, fingers still wrapped in his hair, pulling his face closer to hers, hot breath washing over her.

Francesca found herself cursing the song as it came to an end, but it immediately was replaced by another, but Francesca and Aaron stopped dancing, Francesca moved her lips to Aarons ear, “Did you want to go sit?” Francesca made out a nod of his head, so reaching for his hand she took him in the direction for the couch she and Autumn had been on earlier.

“How long have you been here?” Aaron speaks into Francesca’s ear and he mentally thanked her for choosing a place so close to the sound system so that to talk they head to sit close together.

“Not long.” Her lips brushed Aaron’s ear and it caused goose bumps rise on his arms, a small giggle left Francesca’s mouth as she noticed and she rubbed her hands down his arms to put the bumps back in place, when Aaron met her eyes, she took her bottom lip between her teeth as their orbs penetrated each other’s, if only she knew the effect that one movement had on him. “What about you?” Aaron reached up and cupped her chin, using his thumb he pulled her bottom lip from between her teeth, he couldn’t focus while she had it trapped there because if he was being completely honest with himself, he wanted to be the one biting her lip.

“Don’t do that.” He tells her, Francesca’s lips purse into a tight line, her eyes looking down at where their knees are millimetres from touching, a blush rises to her cheeks. If only he knew how much she enjoyed being this close to him. It was no news to anyone that this wasn’t the first time Francesca had been in an intermit situation like this with a guy but as the blush in her cheeks burns, she knew this was the first time it had meant this much to her.

Francesca studied Aaron’s face; His pink lips so inviting, Francesca couldn’t keep her eyes from them, and his blemish less skin held all her envy, he was beautiful. She couldn’t think of any other way to explain those blue eyes and that killer jaw, hard and straight, it had the butterflies working overtime in her stomach. Francesca shyly looks away; her eyes falling to her hands resting in her lap. How could anybody possibly be this attractive, she thought, and she wondered why someone like him was here, wasting time on her, she thought she was hardly the glamour. Autumn on the other hand, she was someone that looked the part for Aaron, not this pale, freckled face girl that she saw in the mirror.

Aaron reached over as Francesca watched her hands in her lap, tucking a fallen strand of hair behind her ear, catching her shy eyes with his once again, Aaron recognised the wide green eyes staring back at him as the ones from his dreams, he couldn’t get those eyes out of his mind. Involuntarily, both teens began leaning in, Francesca’s heart was racing, the butterflies kept ragging in her stomach, Aarons skin pricked with sweat, he was about to kiss the one girl he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about since the night she mended his wounds, two weeks earlier.

“Wow guys.” An obnoxiously loud voice speaks, plopping down half on Francesca’s lap, scooting between the two. Autumn. “What are we up to over here?” she looks to her best friend, wriggling her perfectly shaped eyebrows, a satisfied smirk spreads over her lips when Francesca purses her lips, gathering her thoughts. When nobody gives her an answer to her question she goes on, “Mhmm, that’s what I thought.” Turning to face Aaron, Autumn speaks again. “So, Aaron. I hear some of your baseball friends are single.” She runs her fingers through the top of her long blonde locks. Aaron nods, in the dim light a pink colour had formed on his cheeks.

“Yeah, there are a few.” he shoves his damp curls from his forehead, the breeze cooling his sweaty skin.

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